Meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting

Convened at 2012-06-18 17:30:01.990351 by nuvolari in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[17:30:01] STARTED (nuvolari)
[17:30:52] TOPIC: welcome (nuvolari)
[17:40:25] TOPIC: Review previous minutes (inetpro)
[17:44:39] TOPIC: Administrativia & Announcements (inetpro)
[17:58:33] AGREED: sflr and volunteers to meet on irc and solve the multiple site conundrum (maiatoday)
[18:05:26] REJECTED: Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO (nuvolari)
[18:10:40] AGREED: discuss team reporting at next meeting (nuvolari)
[18:11:17] TOPIC: Ubuntu Experience (nuvolari)
[18:11:49] AGREED: maiatoday will find out about team reports and how it works now (maiatoday)
[18:21:40] AGREED: get some input from members on stories on involvement (nuvolari)
[18:22:23] TOPIC: events (nuvolari)
[18:25:27] AGREED: convince UDS attendants to provide some feedback for the website (nuvolari)
[18:28:05] AGREED: queery1985 to send pics to maiatoday on june 2nd Ubuntu Hour (nuvolari)
[18:32:09] AGREED: add remaining topics to next meeting's agenda (nuvolari)
[18:33:12] TOPIC: next meeting (nuvolari)
[18:34:04] AGREED: topics carried over to next meeting: install fests, revival of LPI classes at #linux-studies (nuvolari)
[18:35:14] ACCEPTED: next meeting July 16, 2012 (nuvolari)
[18:35:53] ENDED (nuvolari)


Raw Log

[17:30:01] <nuvolari> Maaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting
[17:30:01] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[17:30:11] <Banlam> maaz, i am gareth cawood
[17:30:11] <Maaz> Banlam: Sure
[17:30:13] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[17:30:13] <Maaz> nuvolari: Done
[17:30:14] <queery> Maaz: i am Dewald
[17:30:14] <Maaz> queery: Righto
[17:30:17] <Kilos> Maaz, welcome
[17:30:17] <Maaz> Welcome to tonights meeting everyone
[17:30:17] <Mezenir> @ magespawn i didnt knnow that, would be interesting
[17:30:18] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[17:30:18] <Maaz> inetpro: Okay
[17:30:32] <Kilos> Maaz, I am Miles Sharpe
[17:30:32] <Maaz> Kilos: Alrighty
[17:30:36] <maiatoday> Maaz I am Maia Grotepass
[17:30:36] <Maaz> maiatoday: Sure
[17:30:49] <magespawn> Maaz: I am Greg Eames
[17:30:49] <Maaz> magespawn: Alrighty
[17:30:52] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic welcome
[17:30:52] <Maaz> Current Topic: welcome
[17:31:00] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[17:31:00] <Maaz> superfly: Yessir
[17:31:11] <plustwo> Maaz: i am Oupa Mokhine
[17:31:11] <Maaz> plustwo: Sure
[17:31:15] <nuvolari> yeah, so it seems like there are some new faces!
[17:31:28] <nuvolari> welcome to every new person
[17:31:38] <sflr> Maaz: I am Steven Scheffler
[17:31:38] <Maaz> sflr: Righto
[17:31:42] <goar> Maaz: I am Marius van Zyl
[17:31:42] <Maaz> goar: Okay
[17:31:46] <charl> Maaz: i am Charl van Niekerk
[17:31:46] <Maaz> charl: Alrighty
[17:31:50] <Kilos> yeah we hope to see you more often
[17:31:54] <nuvolari> I'm sure we would want to be more active, but thanks for everyone hanging around
[17:32:01] <Mezenir> Maaz: i am Neil du Preez
[17:32:01] <Maaz> Mezenir: Okay
[17:32:11] <superfly> magespawn, queery: no, it isn't. It uses some of the BSD and some of the Linux userland tools, but it's another Unix derivative called Darwin
[17:32:19] <nuvolari> oh my word, we have a lot of people tonight
[17:32:31] <inetpro> nuvolari: is that a record?
[17:32:33] <maiatoday> woohoo
[17:32:35] <Kilos> yeah lekker
[17:32:38] <queery> true
[17:32:59] <inetpro> I guess it would be close
[17:33:03] <nuvolari> dunno about a record, but it's surely more than last time, I think
[17:33:18] <Kilos> methinks we one short if memory serves
[17:33:27] <magespawn> It is a lot, and some have not id'd.
[17:33:31] <Kilos> when drubin was here still
[17:33:33] <superfly> magespawn, queery: Darwin's kernel is a monolithic-microkernel hybrid, whereas both BSD and Linux are monolithic
[17:33:52] <nuvolari> I'm not good with hello's and goodbyes, so please help me out if we need some other welcome steps :P
[17:33:57] <superfly> nuvolari: might I suggest you actually get started?
[17:34:08] <HawkiesZA> superfly, I believe Linus had something to say about hybrid kernels at one stage
[17:34:36] <maiatoday> The to things I agreed to do on the minutes I did :D
[17:34:39] <queery> HawkiesZA: did you identify yourself?
[17:34:43] <inetpro> looks like highvoltage has not yet returned from lunch
[17:34:45] <tumbleweed> Maaz: I am Stefano Rivera
[17:34:45] <Maaz> tumbleweed: Okay
[17:34:45] <Kilos> nuvolari, you still here
[17:34:47] <superfly> HawkiesZA: yeah, I think he said they were stupid - I don't think it really matters, but how they get things done would hurt my brain
[17:34:55] <maiatoday> I got the pretoria release party pics and blogged and I made a list for cd distribution
[17:35:24] <HawkiesZA> Maaz: I am Gerrit Vermeulen
[17:35:24] <Maaz> HawkiesZA: Righto
[17:35:25] <nuvimob> Hrr
[17:35:37] <Kilos> ah wb nuvimob
[17:35:59] <nuvimob> Did I get to change the topic?
[17:36:10] <inetpro> great to see so many users around, nuvolariare we going to keep it below an hour?
[17:36:11] <queery> to the new guys, just say "Maaz: i am <name>
[17:36:17] <nuvolari> superfly: good point
[17:36:20] <HawkiesZA> superfly, Yeah, he pretty much said they were marketing ploys. People using them were just trying to get out of the bad marketing wrap that monolithic kernels were getting ;)
[17:36:20] <queery> "
[17:36:39] <SmilyBorg> Maaz: I am Una Karlsen
[17:36:39] <Maaz> SmilyBorg: Yessir
[17:36:50] <nuvimob> Maaz: current topic
[17:36:50] <Maaz> nuvimob: Sorry...
[17:36:57] <aurelia> Maaz: I am Aurelia Drummer
[17:36:57] <Maaz> aurelia: Done
[17:37:04] <SmilyBorg> grr, that's ma'am not sir
[17:37:09] <maiatoday> oops sorry nuvolari i jumped the gun and started giving feedback on the meeting minutes, sorry.
[17:37:10] <superfly> nuvimob: I think you need to use your normal nick
[17:37:17] <Kilos> superfly, maybe nuvo needs help
[17:37:21] <Kilos> he on fone now
[17:37:31] <nuvimob> Sorry guys, fighting with my connection
[17:37:46] <maiatoday> Kilos, you wanna try your hand at chairing?
[17:37:55] <amanica> Maaz: I am Marius Kruger
[17:37:55] <Maaz> amanica: Sure
[17:37:57] <Kilos> no ty maiatoday
[17:38:07] <Kilos> inetpro, was ready to do it
[17:38:15] <maiatoday> oh ja
[17:38:17] <maiatoday> ok then
[17:38:34] <Kilos> inetpro, hop onna chair
[17:38:50] <inetpro> hmm... I'll do it if necessary, but I don't have the rights
[17:38:54] <superfly> Maaz: grant inetpro chairmeeting
[17:38:54] <Maaz> superfly: Excuse me?
[17:39:15] <Kilos> HawkiesZA, wb
[17:39:17] <magespawn> @
[17:39:26] <HawkiesZA|> Apologies, looks like Compiz and I are going to have some fun tonight
[17:39:28] <inetpro> Maaz: permissions
[17:39:28] <Maaz> inetpro: Permissions: chairmeeting
[17:39:43] <HawkiesZA|> Now on my tablet
[17:39:43] <inetpro> ahh... looks like I can do it
[17:39:55] * inetpro taking the hot seat
[17:40:02] <Kilos> haha
[17:40:09] <inetpro> topic Review previous minutes
[17:40:19] <inetpro> oops
[17:40:22] * maiatoday hands inetpro a refreshing mint
[17:40:25] <inetpro> Maaz: topic Review previous minutes
[17:40:25] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review previous minutes
[17:40:31] <Kilos> rofl
[17:40:36] <inetpro> thanks maiatoday
[17:40:41] <maiatoday>
[17:40:44] <highvoltage> inetpro: I was back from lunch but had some emergency admin to tend to :)
[17:41:16] <inetpro> Ok, I was not at that meeting, anything special there?
[17:41:18] <Kilos> np highvoltage login with Maaz please
[17:41:31] <nuvolari> tsk :(
[17:41:32] * highvoltage has no idea how to do that
[17:41:48] <Kilos> maaz I am Name
[17:41:48] <Maaz> Kilos: Okay
[17:41:55] <maiatoday> the two actions were for me to get the release party photos and and to get a list of people who want cds
[17:41:57] <highvoltage> Maaz: I am Jonathan Carter
[17:41:57] <Maaz> highvoltage: Alrighty
[17:41:59] <magespawn> Lol
[17:41:59] <maiatoday> I did both
[17:42:02] <highvoltage> cool, I think that did it :)
[17:42:20] <Kilos> yip
[17:42:43] <maiatoday> here's the agenda
[17:43:00] <queery> ok you now have my address
[17:43:03] <nuvolari> so was there a lot of ubuntu-hours?
[17:43:09] <inetpro> ok, has everybody read through the Agenda?
[17:43:16] <nuvolari> I don't know when we'll get together for one here in kzn
[17:43:33] <maiatoday> The cds are here, I have given the stellenbosch people some, I have the addresses, i need to go to the post-office with a heap of padded envelopes. I hope I'll get it done this week.
[17:43:51] <nuvolari> looking so much forward to one but we don't get around to actually getting together
[17:43:59] <maiatoday> I didn't do an ubuntu hour, but you had one queery?
[17:44:16] <inetpro> hang on nuvolari, we're still on the previous meeting
[17:44:20] <inetpro> shall we move on?
[17:44:39] <inetpro> Maaz: topic Administrativia & Announcements
[17:44:39] <Maaz> Current Topic: Administrativia & Announcements
[17:44:40] <queery> you but isn't that a topic on it's owbn
[17:44:44] <nuvolari> eh? I'm talking about the missed opportunities :P not discussing new ones
[17:44:48] <maiatoday> ok sorry ja
[17:45:08] <sflr> On administrativa..
[17:45:08] <inetpro> it's been nice to meet sflr on this channel
[17:45:09] <maiatoday> I see you have an item
[17:45:29] <inetpro> sflr: can you introduce yourself with your fine ideas for the future
[17:45:30] <sflr> The twitter account was created to serve us as communication channel
[17:45:41] <maiatoday> yay for the twitter account
[17:45:42] <nuvolari> so, who's running ubuntu-za twitter? :P
[17:45:58] <inetpro> nuvolari: you back and stable?
[17:46:03] <sflr> currently Kilos mamaging it, but we need 2-3 more ppl who willing to tweet
[17:46:09] <nuvolari> inetpro: for now it seems
[17:46:23] <inetpro> cool, you're welcome to continue
[17:46:25] <sflr> Yeah, hi! I'm Steven Scheffler from Cape Town
[17:46:49] <nuvolari> hello Steven Scheffler from Cape Town
[17:46:50] <nuvolari> :P
[17:46:58] <superfly> I think we need a separate twitter client or interface, cause otherwise we post "personal" stuff by mistake
[17:46:58] <magespawn> What topics do we cover in the twitter account?
[17:47:12] <sflr> that's for twitter. please let us know who would be interested in twitter.
[17:47:20] <superfly> sflr: where in cpt are you located, btw?
[17:47:32] <maiatoday> I'll tweet on the twitter account, I am not such an active tweeter but I'll post the bubuntu announcements I know of
[17:47:35] <sflr> @ubuntuza is only for the Loco Community announcements. no personal stuff
[17:47:39] <nuvolari> I can tweet after hours generally
[17:47:44] <sflr> I am in Cape Town CBD
[17:47:46] <inetpro> I think that account should be as low volume as possible
[17:47:56] <sflr> the twitter accounts should be low traffic. high followers :)
[17:48:02] <nuvolari> just a question, do we have an identica account as well?
[17:48:11] <sflr> yeah inetpro
[17:48:14] <nuvolari> and who's still on
[17:48:14] <magespawn> Okay so only official ubuntu-za stuff?
[17:48:32] <inetpro> hmm... I'm still there somewhere
[17:48:37] <sflr> yes, only official stuff. as a communication channel
[17:49:05] <magespawn> Maybe we could draw up a set of guidlines?
[17:49:07] <sflr> ok, someone offered. I can also do twitter responsability
[17:49:13] <superfly> it might be nice to forward tips and tricks from sites like omgubuntu and webupd8
[17:49:18] <nuvolari> yeah, would be really helpful for notifications, as we don't get to be on IRC 24/7 :P
[17:49:24] <inetpro> sflr: I think we can all agree that it's a good idea to set it up and then move on to do it afterwards, any objections?
[17:49:27] <sflr> yes, we need that magespawn. but its not in the scope of the meeting. so we can do that some other time?
[17:49:38] <magespawn> Yup
[17:49:43] <sflr> yes, I agree. moving on...
[17:49:55] <sflr> Website updates:
[17:49:57] <nuvolari> NPO registration
[17:50:10] <sflr> Website updates: :)
[17:50:21] <sflr> we have few portals, but most of them seems outdates
[17:50:25] <sflr> outdated
[17:50:36] <maiatoday> yeah they are outdated
[17:50:40] <nuvolari> oh, sorry
[17:50:40] <sflr> I was thinking we can focus and updated the local one
[17:50:53] <sflr> like there is "forum" and "wiki", do you use those?
[17:51:11] <nuvolari> we don't use the forum afaik
[17:51:12] <maiatoday> the wiki is for when we need to do approval
[17:51:15] <tumbleweed> there is an ubuntu-za part of the forum, but nobody really cares about it
[17:51:16] <nuvolari> and we discussed it once
[17:51:25] <maiatoday> sometimes there are forum posts but no-one hangs out there much
[17:51:33] <sflr> wiki: - has lots of info, but needs to be updated
[17:51:42] <sflr> ok, then we should remove links to the Forum
[17:51:48] <nuvolari> oh, I remember, we debated forum vs mailing list
[17:51:52] <maiatoday> no we only update that page when we are up for reaproval
[17:51:59] <inetpro> drubin used to be very active on the forums
[17:52:03] <sflr> ok
[17:52:03] <maiatoday> so we don't update that page now, that was our previous reapproval
[17:52:18] <sflr> we need to include latest distros
[17:52:25] <sflr> yes, i understand about the wiki
[17:52:27] <tumbleweed> there's no reason the forums couldn't see more activity, but clealy the current members don't spend so much time on them...
[17:52:30] <maiatoday> the people that run the loco ask us to put together a report for re-approval verery 2 years
[17:52:48] <sflr> Events link on the site shows 1970. needs to be fixed.
[17:52:55] <sflr> plus add a twitter feed.
[17:53:00] * nuvolari gets out his cane
[17:53:03] <sflr> how is running with the website updates and changes?
[17:53:23] <sflr> ok maiatoday, its clear now
[17:53:27] <maiatoday> do you mean the ubuntu-za website? I update there when I remember, but I think not lots of people do
[17:53:51] <sflr> tumbleweed: i think there is lots of sites I think. We cant keep updating so many
[17:54:05] <sflr> yes maiatoday ,
[17:54:30] <sflr> ok, these are some observations and suggestions. Action can be taken outside this meeting.
[17:54:38] <goar> i think it would be easier if there was one main site
[17:54:42] <sflr> A group of ppl who want to be involved and action it
[17:54:50] <inetpro> I think everybody should be able to contribute in one way or the other on our websites
[17:54:57] <inetpro> even if it's just feedback
[17:55:04] <queery> can't they?
[17:55:18] <maiatoday> one main site is good but we still feedback into the main ubuntu community and they may want different things in different places
[17:55:19] <queery> did I get special priv?
[17:55:40] <magespawn> I'll make an effort to go past the forums regularly.
[17:55:41] <sflr> yes inetpro to contribute. but for example after every meeting the sites should be updated with latest info
[17:55:48] <superfly> I have an alert on the ZA forums, and I try to answer questions when they arise
[17:56:18] <superfly> sflr: I'm "in charge" of the web site
[17:56:21] <sflr> thats good to hear. we should review the forums then. eyes like superfly and magespawn can keep an eye on activity there
[17:56:23] <inetpro> sflr: perhaps we should ask everyody who is willing to help to stick around in the channel in the next few days so we can take it forward
[17:56:42] <sflr> yes, we can go through the minutes tomorrow and take it from there
[17:56:59] <sflr> moving on?
[17:57:08] <nuvolari> yeah
[17:57:13] <maiatoday> ok also sflr mail me if you need more info and if I can help
[17:57:24] <inetpro> anything actions for the minutes?
[17:57:24] <superfly> nuvolari: are you maintaining the meeting with Maaz?
[17:57:43] <nuvolari> superfly: yeah, but inetpro helped when I got disconnected
[17:57:51] <sflr> yes, action from minutes
[17:58:00] <sflr> next on: Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO to secure sponsorships for projects, marketing, and secure booths at big events.
[17:58:15] <sflr> we were talking here about it the other night
[17:58:27] <sflr> to make it a legal entity to be able to raise sponsorship
[17:58:33] <maiatoday> maaz agreed sflr and volunteers to meet on irc and solve the multiple site conundrum
[17:58:33] <Maaz> Agreed: sflr and volunteers to meet on irc and solve the multiple site conundrum
[17:58:41] <sflr> and there are other benefits to be an NPO
[17:58:53] <Banlam> i want to make a comment, it'll be a lot of admin, and if we're struggling to keep websites and things updated...
[17:58:56] <inetpro> Maaz: agree that we will focus on updating websites
[17:58:56] <Maaz> inetpro: *blink*
[17:58:59] <sflr> there is lots of prep and paperwork involved, but it seems its worth it
[17:59:20] <sflr> Yes Banlam. I was thinking about that:
[17:59:22] <tumbleweed> what sponsorship are we chasing?
[17:59:24] <Kilos> agreed inetpro
[17:59:26] <inetpro> yikes... to many chairs is confusing
[17:59:28] <tumbleweed> and what are we planning to use it for?
[17:59:51] <maiatoday> also the people involved in ubuntu-za sometimes change so I don't know if we will be able to maintain an npo
[17:59:51] <sflr> we can do yearly rolling committees. as chairmen, etc
[18:00:08] <magespawn> To spread ubuntu, foss and provide support etc
[18:00:13] <Banlam> it's fine to manage an npo with changing committees
[18:00:16] <nuvolari> mind if I try again inetpro ?
[18:00:20] <Banlam> you just have to constantly have a committee
[18:00:28] <maiatoday> sflr we have trouble getting people to step up to do the monthly reports for a year
[18:00:41] <superfly> sflr: slow down mate, let nuvolari control the meeting, he is chairing, after all
[18:00:41] <nuvolari> oh, nvm, does it fall under what maiatoday said inetpro?
[18:00:43] <inetpro> nuvolari: go for it
[18:00:47] <sflr> yes. the idea is to recruit more people, so there should be a bigger ppol
[18:00:18] <sflr> a year commitment shouldnt be a problem?
[18:01:25] <tumbleweed> so, CLUG is a section 21 organisation, with a bunch of money in the bank. But it hardly spends anything because nobody organises events. how would we expect this to be any different?
[18:01:07] <sflr> sorry. just sharing my thoughts :) novulari. pls
[18:01:49] <Banlam> clug is cape town lug?
[18:01:53] <tumbleweed> yes
[18:01:47] <inetpro> nuvolari: I'll just comment with my thoughts as well
[18:02:04] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: when did clug become a section 21 organisation?
[18:02:05] <nuvolari> ok inetpro
[18:02:14] <tumbleweed> CLUG buys the pizza for many Ubuntu-ZA events in CPT
[18:02:34] * maiatoday thanks clug for pizza :D
[18:02:33] <tumbleweed> highvoltage: years ago, when we were raising money for computer faires. bbut they are all over now
[18:02:42] <magespawn> We need to do this for the right reasons, we also need to know what those are.
[18:02:49] <queery1985> hmmmmm vodacom!!!!
[18:02:53] <sflr> tumbleweed: they should get to the ICT expo rather. and organize events for SEMs
[18:02:57] <queery1985> Maaz: i am queery
[18:02:57] <Maaz> queery1985: Okay
[18:02:59] <nuvolari> feel your pain queery1985
[18:03:01] <highvoltage> tumbleweed: I never realised that :)
[18:03:09] <tumbleweed> sflr: right, but who's going to do that?
[18:03:21] <HawkiesZA> SEMs are?
[18:03:36] <inetpro> nuvolari: I must be honest that I'm still a bit sceptical about the idea of a NGO but I'm willing to let us discuss it in the next few weeks
[18:03:55] <tumbleweed> sflr: I'd rather get the event organisation rolling first. If we need to form a legal entity to support it, we can do it when we have a strong motivation for it
[18:04:02] <queery> where are we?
[18:04:07] <nuvolari> yeah, I don't want to be out of line, but I think we should be able to run meetings smoothly before going that way
[18:04:10] <magespawn> Come with some concrete ideas about what we want to do.
[18:04:14] <nuvolari> or am I wrong? :P
[18:04:18] <sflr> ok tumbleweed, lets organize events, and if we need money we look into it again
[18:04:26] <superfly> sflr: at the moment it's a struggle to organise an Ubuntu Hour, which involves not much more than pitching up at a coffee shop - how would we get much more done?
[18:04:27] <Banlam> or just ask CLUG for money :P
[18:04:30] <sflr> some agreement?
[18:04:38] <Mezenir> lol
[18:04:43] <Mezenir> just hold it at lyra :D
[18:04:53] <nuvolari> queery: # 3
[18:04:56] <magespawn> Okay tumblewed
[18:05:04] <sflr> that's cool. no NPO then
[18:05:19] <sflr> I didnt know about the money in the bank and the pizzas. lol
[18:05:26] <nuvolari> Maaz: rejected Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO
[18:05:26] <Maaz> Rejected: Idea of registering UbuntuZA as NPO
[18:05:27] <tumbleweed> paperwork for paperwork's sake isn't why we are here :P
[18:05:34] <queery> I meant which topic? nuvolari
[18:05:43] <inetpro> +1
[18:05:45] <sflr> lets move one. time is running. thanks for listening
[18:05:50] <maiatoday> we are actually here for the cake
[18:05:57] <nuvolari> next is team reports
[18:06:01] <nuvolari> (before next topic)
[18:06:04] <queery> haha
[18:06:16] <maiatoday> team reports are really easy
[18:06:20] <magespawn> Brb putting fish to bed.
[18:06:20] <nuvolari> so is there anyone that volunteers to summarize activities each month?
[18:06:24] <maiatoday> I just forget to do them
[18:06:45] <inetpro> nuvolari: just remember to tell Maaz when you change topic
[18:06:50] <nuvolari> maiatoday: fish to bed? fish don't sleep do they?
[18:06:55] <maiatoday> they have to be on the wiki though because that's where they feed into the ubuntu system from there
[18:07:04] <nuvolari> inetpro: should I advance topic on sub-elements too?
[18:07:19] * nuvolari wasn't sure
[18:07:20] * maiatoday has no fish
[18:07:23] <sflr> cant we have an automated way compiliing/submitting reports?
[18:07:35] <inetpro> nuvolari: could be worthwile for the minutes, but don't stress about it
[18:07:40] <nuvolari> sflr: automated in wich way?
[18:07:41] <Kilos> magespawn, s kids are called fish 1+2
[18:08:25] <sflr> I dont know. Automate maia's manual work :)
[18:08:33] <inetpro> sflr: it's almost just a matter of copying and pasting but somebody has to do it
[18:08:38] <maiatoday> the wiki doesn't have an api
[18:08:40] * nuvolari view s team report requirements
[18:08:54] <queery1985> ffs
[18:08:56] <sflr> ok
[18:09:05] <goar> *python scripts :)*
[18:09:12] <Banlam> where does one generally get info about all the events from?
[18:09:22] <superfly> goar: music to my ears ;-)
[18:09:22] <nuvolari> are you volunteering goar ?
[18:09:33] <goar> no its just an idea
[18:09:38] <nuvolari> oh :P
[18:09:41] <maiatoday> Banlam, I just write what I remember, I am sure I miss alot
[18:09:56] <inetpro> perhaps we should drop the topic for next meeting and just try to arrange it anyway
[18:10:03] <superfly> maiatoday: but we need to write one each month, hey?
[18:10:05] <Banlam> ok, but would it be possible to get other people to submit to a system when they have evnets someting happens?
[18:10:06] <maiatoday> yes
[18:10:11] <Banlam> or are the people not reliable enough?
[18:10:14] <nuvolari> yeah
[18:10:20] <goar> for instance to add a minute item, maybe indicate some tag in the irc chat, then a bot will log the item somewhere in a file
[18:10:26] <maiatoday> I always ask and mostly nobody updates the report
[18:10:38] <inetpro> highvoltage: are people at Ubuntu still looking at reports?
[18:10:40] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed discuss team reporting at next meeting
[18:10:40] <Maaz> Agreed: discuss team reporting at next meeting
[18:10:40] <maiatoday> anybody with a launchpad login and member of ubuntu-za team can update them
[18:10:41] <Banlam> maiatoday, ok :/
[18:10:57] <nuvolari> can we move on?
[18:11:04] <maiatoday> the monthly reports feed into the weekly newsletter automatically I think
[18:11:05] <inetpro> nuvolari: +1
[18:11:12] <highvoltage> inetpro: yep, there's been talk of changing how reporting works, I'm not sure what's happening to that though
[18:11:17] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Ubuntu Experience
[18:11:17] <Maaz> Current Topic: Ubuntu Experience
[18:11:31] <maiatoday> ok I know we have moved on but ..
[18:11:49] <maiatoday> maaz agreed maiatoday will find out about team reports and how it works now
[18:11:49] <Maaz> Agreed: maiatoday will find out about team reports and how it works now
[18:11:56] <maiatoday> ok move on
[18:12:03] <inetpro> thanks maiatoday
[18:12:03] <nuvolari> ok cool
[18:12:27] <nuvolari> Have anyone been involved it anything lately?
[18:12:40] <superfly> no :-/
[18:12:47] <superfly> *has
[18:12:49] <inetpro> :-)
[18:12:55] <nuvolari> besides ubuntu hours and such
[18:13:01] <nuvolari> thanks superfly
[18:13:02] <Kilos> lol was waiting for that
[18:13:17] * nuvolari struikel oor sy engels
[18:13:27] <Kilos> np nuvolari
[18:13:35] <superfly> just doing my bit in general for OSS via blog(s)
[18:13:40] <Kilos> superfly, editor and spell checker
[18:13:58] <nuvolari> +1 for superfly :D
[18:14:05] * maiatoday uses ubuntu almost exclusively
[18:14:07] <nuvolari> anyone else, or can we move this forward?
[18:14:14] <maiatoday> what do we want to do with the stories
[18:14:20] <nuvolari> doesn't seem to be much activity
[18:14:46] <nuvolari> well, I suppose we can spread the word in a positive way
[18:14:58] <inetpro> nuvolari: let's allow people to think about any other stuffs while we move to the next sub-topic
[18:15:13] <nuvolari> it's becoming hard to promote ubuntu and provide support for new people :-/
[18:15:51] <sflr> what do you find hard about it?
[18:15:52] <nuvolari> inetpro: there is no next sub topic in current topic :P
[18:16:03] <queery1985> why?
[18:16:06] <nuvolari> sflr: time-wise
[18:16:17] <queery1985> why is it becomming gard?
[18:16:19] <inetpro> oops... I'm on Events already, sorry :-)
[18:16:22] <nuvolari> It's probably not the same for everyone
[18:16:55] <sflr> are we at topic 4.a ?
[18:17:17] <inetpro> sflr: yep, I guess so
[18:17:18] <nuvolari> for one I know William W. is very active in KZN in schools and helping out with repos
[18:17:27] <nuvolari> sflr: affirmative
[18:17:48] <sflr> maybe William W. can share his story regarding the schools?
[18:17:57] <superfly> nuvolari: he *sounds* very active
[18:18:00] <sflr> we can learn somet things and try to replicate it in other parts
[18:18:02] <magespawn> I did not know that, is he on the list?
[18:18:05] <inetpro> I think superfly is doing a really great job with openlp and anybody who wants to learn how to do thinks could learn some stuffs from this guy
[18:18:14] <superfly> I don't know that he actually is, beyond being very enthusiastic about it
[18:18:50] <Kilos> william walter kinghorn is on our lists
[18:19:01] <queery1985> who
[18:19:14] <inetpro> and I'm sure he is very greatful for all the help from tumbleweed
[18:19:16] <sflr> superfly would you mind sharing then your story? not in the meeting
[18:19:45] <magespawn> I'll drop him a mail, thats somethin I am interested in too.
[18:19:51] <superfly> sflr: not much of a story, but you're welcome to ask
[18:20:15] <inetpro> sflr: it's a long term story of awesomeness
[18:20:31] <queery1985> so do we have something for Maaz to agree?
[18:20:46] <magespawn> I did post that link to part about christians in foss, i think that was the title.
[18:20:50] <sflr> i thoughts so. we should get these stories together. its achievement of individuals in the community
[18:21:13] <magespawn> Links from ubuntu-za to their blogs?
[18:21:19] <inetpro> our chairperson still around?
[18:21:23] <magespawn> Tweets?
[18:21:27] <queery1985> our what?
[18:21:40] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed get some input from members on stories on involvement
[18:21:40] <Maaz> Agreed: get some input from members on stories on involvement
[18:21:50] * nuvolari lurks
[18:21:50] <queery1985> moving on?
[18:21:57] <Kilos> hehe
[18:21:58] <nuvolari> trying to keep track
[18:22:13] <maiatoday> we are on 5 I think
[18:22:14] <nuvolari> yeah, I suppose so, not going to make it in under an hour
[18:22:23] <inetpro> nuvolari: ok, Events?
[18:22:23] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic events
[18:22:23] <Maaz> Current Topic: events
[18:22:26] <sflr> 5) Events
[18:22:52] <nuvolari> who's been to UDS?
[18:23:01] <queery1985> ubuntu-za involvement & opportunities - Gustav H Meyer @ Thu, 14 June 2012 21:11 UTC
[18:23:01] <queery1985> Highlight projects where we know of ubuntu-za team member involvement and opportunities for further involvement
[18:23:01] <nuvolari> representing ZA in a pretty awesome way
[18:23:14] * inetpro nudges highvoltage and tumbleweed
[18:23:17] <sflr> highvoltage, tumbleweed?
[18:23:19] <nuvolari> queery1985: that was the last topic
[18:23:27] <nuvolari> *previous
[18:23:32] <queery1985> oh
[18:23:59] <queery1985> but the toppic just changed to 5???
[18:24:09] * queery1985 queeries
[18:24:16] <nuvolari> lol
[18:24:23] * nuvolari gives queery1985 some glasses
[18:24:25] <goar> lol
[18:24:33] <Kilos> hehe
[18:24:43] <queery1985> ok so are we at ubuntu hours
[18:24:45] <nuvolari> so will we ask them for a short story for feedback on the website?
[18:24:50] <nuvolari> queery1985: not yet
[18:24:56] <inetpro> nuvolari: looks like the guys have moved on to other stuffs
[18:24:59] <sflr> yeah. agree for a story :)
[18:25:03] <nuvolari> ok
[18:25:23] <sflr> with pictures
[18:25:27] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed convince UDS attendants to provide some feedback for the website
[18:25:27] <Maaz> Agreed: convince UDS attendants to provide some feedback for the website
[18:25:31] <inetpro> perhaps we should just ask them to blog something for us
[18:25:33] <tumbleweed> sorry, was busy reading something
[18:25:42] <inetpro> ahh
[18:25:51] <nuvolari> next sub-topic,: ubuntu hours
[18:26:10] <sflr> you got some homework tumbleweed
[18:26:48] <inetpro> I think it's great that we had some action in Gauteng for a change
[18:26:59] <nuvolari> JHB UH:
[18:27:03] <inetpro> HawkiesZA / queery1985: anything you can tell us?
[18:27:09] <maiatoday> thanks queery
[18:27:13] <HawkiesZA> There was coffee
[18:27:18] <nuvolari> any feedback? (link from queery1985)
[18:27:18] <queery1985> well action was a bit low
[18:27:23] <Squirm> good evening
[18:27:28] <inetpro> we even had guys on the channel saying that all the action is happening in Gauteng
[18:27:30] <nuvolari> welocme Squirm
[18:27:33] <queery1985> I will send pics to maiatoday
[18:27:34] <nuvolari> identify to Maaz
[18:28:00] <HawkiesZA> And next time, there will be cake
[18:28:02] <queery1985> I went with cryptichorizon and met HawkiesZA
[18:28:05] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed queery1985 to send pics to maiatoday on june 2nd Ubuntu Hour
[18:28:05] <Maaz> Agreed: queery1985 to send pics to maiatoday on june 2nd Ubuntu Hour
[18:28:18] <queery1985> we need more people
[18:28:33] <maiatoday> queery1985: low action is better than no action
[18:28:34] <HawkiesZA> Honestly, it was my first time at an event like it, so I'm not really sure if I'm the right guy to be answering questions ;)
[18:28:38] <queery1985> The spot is good since there is Wifi and it's close to the gautrain
[18:29:04] <inetpro> Maaz: queery1985++ [for arranging the Ubuntu Hour]
[18:29:06] <Kilos> Squirm, login with maaz
[18:29:20] <queery1985> thanx HawkiesZA for advertising on his podcast
[18:29:27] <HawkiesZA> I will attempt to convert MOAR people to join for the next one :)
[18:29:48] <nuvolari> hmm, maybe we should leave some of the topics or the remaining topics for the next meeting? We did have an active meeting after all.
[18:29:48] <sflr> Rosebank Mall, nice! we should get some billboards and stickers to hand out
[18:29:53] <HawkiesZA> Not mine, but no problems
[18:29:57] <queery1985> i will create and advertise the next one in this week
[18:30:08] <HawkiesZA> Will be happy to spread the word again. Maybe give some more time next time
[18:30:18] <queery1985> cool will do
[18:30:28] * highvoltage morphs in
[18:30:29] <magespawn> Stardayes?
[18:30:38] <magespawn> Stardates?
[18:30:40] <queery1985> what days do you braudcast? HawkiesZA
[18:30:54] <HawkiesZA> If you can get it up and running before Wednesday evening I'll add it to the show notes
[18:30:56] <inetpro> I don't mind continuing but agree that we should try to stick to the hour as far as possible
[18:30:56] <sflr> nuvolari is right. we running out of time. should we postpone some items to next meeting?
[18:31:12] <queery1985> ok
[18:31:14] <HawkiesZA> Let's Talk Geek airs every Wednesday at ~19h30 on
[18:31:16] <maiatoday> If we are going to leave the rest of the topics, the CPUT talk topic doesn't need discussion it is just to notify people who didn't see this on the mailing list, anyone can volunteer
[18:31:33] <queery1985> please guys chack it out
[18:31:39] <smile> bye :)
[18:31:42] <inetpro> maiatoday: +1
[18:31:52] <sflr> ok
[18:31:52] <HawkiesZA> Thanks queery1985
[18:32:04] <queery1985> ok we can move on
[18:32:09] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed add remaining topics to next meeting's agenda
[18:32:09] <Maaz> Agreed: add remaining topics to next meeting's agenda
[18:32:13] <Kilos> cheers smile
[18:32:15] <maiatoday> if anyone needs info about the cput topic mail me or search the mailing list
[18:32:18] <smile> Kilos: good night! :)
[18:32:45] <inetpro> I'm sure people won't mind listening some of what highvoltage can tell us, even it's at the end of the meeting?
[18:32:57] <sflr> yeah. when is the next meeting?
[18:32:58] <highvoltage> inetpro: when's that, now? :)
[18:33:03] <magespawn> Not at all.
[18:33:12] <inetpro> nuvolari: you are the chair
[18:33:12] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic next meeting
[18:33:12] <Maaz> Current Topic: next meeting
[18:33:27] <highvoltage> inetpro: I'm kind of in an out so sorry if there's some lag
[18:33:33] <Kilos> 15 july methinks
[18:33:46] <inetpro> Kilos: thanks
[18:33:51] <Kilos> yw
[18:33:52] <queery1985> 16
[18:34:00] <sflr> thats sunday 15
[18:34:04] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed topics carried over to next meeting: install fests, revival of LPI classes at #linux-studies
[18:34:04] <Maaz> Agreed: topics carried over to next meeting: install fests, revival of LPI classes at #linux-studies
[18:34:13] <Kilos> oh sorry 16th
[18:34:26] <inetpro> highvoltage: perhaps you can summarise something for us in a blog?
[18:34:50] <nuvolari> ok, so the 16th it will be
[18:35:02] <sflr> ok
[18:35:14] <nuvolari> Maaz: accepted next meeting July 16, 2012
[18:35:14] <Maaz> Accepted: next meeting July 16, 2012
[18:35:20] <maiatoday> thanks for all the reminders for this meeting it really helps
[18:35:23] <nuvolari> or was that greed?
[18:35:28] <inetpro> ok, that was quite a hectic meeting
[18:35:36] <Kilos> very hectic
[18:35:40] <magespawn> But cool.
[18:35:42] <queery1985> ok end the meeting...
[18:35:44] <inetpro> nuvolari: thanks for chairing and sorry for the confusion
[18:35:44] <nuvolari> thanks for attending the meeting everyone
[18:35:50] <maiatoday> good job chairs
[18:35:53] <nuvolari> Maaz: end meeting