Meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting

Convened at 2012-08-20 17:30:06.668219 by nuvolari in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[17:30:06] STARTED (nuvolari)
[17:32:39] TOPIC: 1. Welcoming and introduction (nuvolari)
[17:34:50] TOPIC: 2. Review previous minutes (nuvolari)
[17:39:32] TOPIC: 3. Administrativia & Announcements (nuvolari)
[17:44:35] ACCEPTED: nlsthzn is doing well (nuvolari)
[17:45:29] TOPIC: 4. Events (nuvolari)
[18:06:59] TOPIC: 5. Elect chairperson for next meeting (nuvolari)
[18:08:34] AGREED: next meeting chair nuvolari (nuvolari)
[18:08:56] AGREED: next meeting date September 17, 2012 (nuvolari)
[18:11:04] TOPIC: 6. Closing (nuvolari)
[18:14:05] ENDED (nuvolari)


Raw Log

[17:30:06] <nuvolari> Maaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting
[17:30:06] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[17:30:14] <Kilos> yay
[17:30:14] <nuvolari> yup. dit werk :>
[17:30:21] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[17:30:21] <Maaz> nuvolari: Alrighty
[17:30:31] <nuvolari> Howdy everyone
[17:30:39] <Kilos> Maaz, I am Miles Sharpe
[17:30:39] <Maaz> Kilos: Alrighty
[17:30:39] <nuvolari> welcome to tonight's meeting
[17:30:47] <Kilos> Maaz, welcome
[17:30:47] <Maaz> Welcome to tonights meeting everyone
[17:30:55] <nuvolari> we're not that high in numbers, but we are here
[17:30:59] <nuvolari> we are sparta!
[17:31:01] <nuvolari> :P
[17:31:05] <Kilos> hehe
[17:31:23] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[17:31:23] <Maaz> superfly: Done
[17:31:31] <Kilos> bakuman, Banlam login
[17:31:40] <Kilos> hi superfly
[17:31:55] <nuvolari> There isn't much planned for the meeting, so I guess tonight will be a quick meeting (depending on surprises)
[17:32:00] <Kilos> Trixar_za, come on login
[17:32:12] <nuvolari> welcome superfly :>
[17:32:32] <Trixar_za> Login?
[17:32:33] <nuvolari> oh dear
[17:32:39] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic 1. Welcoming and introduction
[17:32:39] <Maaz> Current Topic: 1. Welcoming and introduction
[17:32:50] <nuvolari> we're acutally kind of past point 1 :P
[17:33:17] <nuvolari> Trixar_za: introduce yourself to Maaz
[17:33:30] <nuvolari> if you want to
[17:33:34] <jrgns> Maaz: I am Jurgens du Toit
[17:33:34] <Maaz> jrgns: Sure
[17:33:39] <HawkiesZA> Maaz: I am Gerrit Vermeulen
[17:33:39] <Maaz> HawkiesZA: Yessir
[17:33:48] <Kilos> just type maaz i am full name Trixar_za
[17:33:52] <superfly> Kilos: it's not logging in, it more like signing a register
[17:34:01] <Kilos> sorry
[17:34:07] <Trixar_za> Maaz: I am Brenton Scott
[17:34:07] <Maaz> Trixar_za: Okay
[17:34:18] <bakuman> Maaz, i am Jedri Visser
[17:34:18] <Maaz> bakuman: Righto
[17:34:24] <nuvolari> roukol - I don't know the english for that
[17:34:28] <Trixar_za> Not my full name, because it's Brenton Edgar Scott and that's a little long
[17:34:29] <Trixar_za> :P
[17:34:50] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic 2. Review previous minutes
[17:34:50] <Maaz> Current Topic: 2. Review previous minutes
[17:34:56] <Kilos> lol like saying sign the register
[17:34:57] <nuvolari>
[17:35:32] <nuvolari> where's not_found?
[17:35:33] <plustwo> Maaz: I am Oupa Mokhine
[17:35:33] <Maaz> plustwo: Alrighty
[17:35:39] <nuvolari> he's missing out tonight
[17:36:03] <Kilos> yeah he said he would be here
[17:36:07] <nuvolari> alternatively, the txt log:
[17:36:36] <nuvolari> ah
[17:36:39] * nlsthzn is late... sorry
[17:36:41] <Kilos> welcome nlsthzn
[17:36:43] <nuvolari> nlsthzn: we were just talking about you
[17:36:46] <nlsthzn> lol
[17:36:50] <nuvolari> all good things
[17:36:53] <kbmonkey> hello all! o/
[17:36:53] <nuvolari> don't worry
[17:36:54] <nlsthzn> Maaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen
[17:36:54] <Maaz> nlsthzn: Alrighty
[17:36:58] <nlsthzn> ;)
[17:36:59] <nuvolari> apie is hier!
[17:37:02] <nuvolari> lo kbmonkey
[17:37:08] <Kilos> hi kbmonkey sign in please
[17:37:21] <kbmonkey> Maaz, I am Wesley Werner
[17:37:21] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Righto
[17:37:22] <nuvolari> Kilos: sign attendance :P
[17:37:34] <Kilos> that thing ya
[17:37:37] <kbmonkey> nuvolari, :)
[17:38:13] <nuvolari> does anyone want to bring up something from the last meeting?
[17:38:22] <Kilos> nice to see you again kbmonkey
[17:39:05] <nuvolari> no?
[17:39:07] <nuvolari> ok
[17:39:32] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic 3. Administrativia & Announcements
[17:39:32] <Maaz> Current Topic: 3. Administrativia & Announcements
[17:39:56] <kbmonkey> thankyou Kilos. thanks for the reminder mail
[17:40:06] <Kilos> anytime
[17:40:12] <nuvolari> There's nothing administrative that I'm aware of
[17:40:30] <nuvolari> everything seems to be hunky dory
[17:41:20] * nuvolari is bad at monologues
[17:41:36] <Kilos> hehe
[17:42:00] <Kilos> superfly, anything to add?
[17:42:02] <nlsthzn> I am responsible for "reporting"
[17:42:14] <nlsthzn> so I added the last meeting and sent out one e-mail...
[17:42:18] <Kilos> gonna be an easy one nlsthzn
[17:42:21] <nlsthzn> not sure what else I was to do
[17:42:46] <nuvolari> I think that's covering the bases?
[17:42:56] <Kilos> no one has had UH or anythint
[17:42:59] <Kilos> g
[17:43:18] <nuvolari> as long as we do not not do it
[17:43:32] <nlsthzn> k... just don't want to drop the ball and miss anything and make us look bad :p
[17:44:35] <nuvolari> Maaz: accepted nlsthzn is doing well
[17:44:35] <Maaz> Accepted: nlsthzn is doing well
[17:44:38] <Kilos> we can never look bad, we too cute
[17:44:45] <nuvolari> ack. with the reporting...
[17:44:47] <nuvolari> :P
[17:45:02] <nlsthzn> thx nuvolari , lol @ Kilos
[17:45:04] * jrgns drops off. Thanx all
[17:45:03] <Kilos> ty nlsthzn
[17:45:29] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic 4. Events
[17:45:29] <Maaz> Current Topic: 4. Events
[17:45:53] <nlsthzn> I saw there was a call for some Jams again...
[17:46:37] <nuvolari> Right, the windy month is here and everything seems blown topsy turvy, but if there's a jam or 2 tha would be good
[17:46:58] <nlsthzn>
[17:47:00] <nuvolari> I know the durban people are discussing a Raspberry-Jam
[17:47:08] <nlsthzn> and pi?
[17:47:12] <nuvolari> lol
[17:47:14] <nuvolari> yeah
[17:47:17] <kbmonkey> i'm back, ssh hung :p
[17:47:19] <nlsthzn> awesome
[17:47:27] <nlsthzn> wb kb
[17:47:28] <nlsthzn> wb kbmonkey
[17:48:00] <nuvolari> I'm not into the Raspberry thing yet, but I've seen an awesome post on google+
[17:48:24] <nuvolari> let me try to find it
[17:48:48] <nuvolari> hi magespawn
[17:48:50] <nuvolari> welcome
[17:48:53] <Kilos> hi magespawn
[17:49:03] <nlsthzn> o/ magespawn
[17:49:12] <Kilos> tell the bot your here
[17:49:17] <superfly> sorry Kilos busy making and eating supper
[17:49:26] <Kilos> np superfly
[17:49:34] <nlsthzn> o/ superfly
[17:49:35] <magespawn> Howdy
[17:49:56] <nuvolari> here we go:
[17:49:56] * magespawn waves tp the room o/
[17:50:32] <Kilos> magespawn, sing in with maaz
[17:50:36] <kbmonkey> the Pi looks like a fun project
[17:50:36] <Kilos> sign
[17:50:37] <nuvolari> I think that's a very cool thing to do and the new features! I can only imagine
[17:50:46] <nuvolari> hi mazal
[17:50:56] <mazal> Evening all
[17:50:59] <Kilos> hi mazal
[17:51:06] <nuvolari> ah, it's called the Camera Pi
[17:51:07] <plustwo> o/ mazal
[17:51:20] <mazal> It's meeting yes ?
[17:51:41] <Kilos> yes mazal sign in with maaz
[17:51:42] <nuvolari> mazal: affirmative
[17:51:50] <mazal> Maaz, I am Wikus van Dyk
[17:51:50] <Maaz> mazal: Righto
[17:52:25] <nuvolari> hmm, events topic is flatlining this month
[17:52:43] <Kilos> yip everyone just too busy
[17:52:45] <nlsthzn> busy time of year?
[17:52:57] <magespawn> Maaz I am Greg Eames
[17:52:57] <Maaz> magespawn: Sure
[17:53:28] <nuvolari> Any last words, thoughts, wishes before we move to electing the next meeting chair and closing?
[17:53:44] <Trixar_za> I vote for nuvolari as next chair
[17:53:45] <Trixar_za> :P
[17:53:47] * Trixar_za runs
[17:54:01] <mazal> Done already :-(
[17:54:04] <queery> hi
[17:54:08] <nuvolari> why are you running away like a li'l girl Trixar_za? :P
[17:54:21] <queery> maaz i am dewald
[17:54:21] <Maaz> queery: Done
[17:54:35] * nlsthzn might be able to stay awake @ work tomorrow :)
[17:54:42] <nuvolari> mazal: yeah :-/ there wasn't much on the agenda and everyone seems busy this month
[17:54:58] <queery> ok my adsl is not working so im on my phone, sorry for any delay
[17:54:58] <mazal> k
[17:55:12] <nuvolari> mazal: except if you have something exciting? :D
[17:55:15] <magespawn> Strange but seems to be a busy time ofnye
[17:55:16] <Kilos> np queery
[17:55:21] <nlsthzn> o/ queery / mazal
[17:55:22] <Kilos> ty for coming back
[17:55:24] <magespawn> Of year even
[17:55:28] <mazal> Not for the meeting no
[17:55:36] <nuvolari> we're open for any last topics
[17:55:37] <nlsthzn> so no other Jams :/
[17:55:39] <mazal> But I do have an interesting stat
[17:55:54] <queery> ubuntu hour
[17:56:09] <queery> we had one and it was fun
[17:56:22] <nuvolari> good :> we're still on events
[17:56:36] * nlsthzn just remembers reading about it *face-palm* it wasn't added to the report (or it still needs to be added in any event)
[17:56:56] <kbmonkey> nuvolari, how bout an impromptu ubuntu hour this weekend? :D
[17:57:02] <nlsthzn> queery, link with photo's ... I think Maia posted a blog post yes?
[17:57:02] <Kilos> aw queery did you guys get picks
[17:57:09] <nuvolari> queery: growing in numbers, or not yet?
[17:57:14] <kbmonkey> is the meeting over? my ssh keeps lagging too badly
[17:57:15] <queery> she did
[17:57:15] <Kilos> and you can report on it to nlsthzn
[17:57:34] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: I don't have anything planned and it's a good weekend
[17:57:37] <nlsthzn> queery, thanks... will add it etc. within the next week (first some sleep and work)
[17:57:38] <queery> we had 2extra
[17:57:46] <nuvolari> except for saSaturday morning
[17:57:48] <nuvolari> *saturday
[17:58:05] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: I'm in if you're in
[17:58:15] <nuvolari> should contact the others too
[17:58:35] <Kilos> nuvolari, try get william invloved
[17:58:38] <nuvolari> it seems that this way is the only way we ever get anything done :P
[17:58:59] <kbmonkey> okay, i'm in. yey.
[17:59:03] <nuvolari> Kilos: he's always up for it oom! it's us young ones that can't get around
[17:59:11] <Kilos> lol
[17:59:18] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: gateway, durbs?
[17:59:19] <Kilos> good to here
[17:59:23] <Trixar_za> bbl - Amazing Race time
[17:59:24] <Kilos> hear as well
[17:59:24] <queery> now how do you test a telefone line withpoit a phone
[17:59:35] <Trixar_za> Somehow I'm only addicted to it and Survivor
[17:59:43] <Trixar_za> everything else sucks
[17:59:59] <Kilos> queery, just push the wires in the 220
[18:00:06] <nlsthzn> >.<
[18:00:12] <Kilos> they will come see what happened soon and fix it
[18:00:12] <nuvolari> queery: depends on what kind of testing it needs :P (as long as an actual connection isn't required)
[18:01:24] <nuvolari> magespawn: you're not around this weekend are you?
[18:01:44] <queery> i just want tot know if there is a dial tone
[18:02:04] <Kilos> Trix[a]r_za, record it
[18:02:11] <magespawn> I do have to come down to Durbs, but was going to be on Wednesday
[18:02:24] <queery> its not the isp it has to be hellkom
[18:02:36] * nlsthzn was wondering if any of the IRC lurkers wouldn't mind lurking in #ubuntu-ae cause we are struggling to build critical mass for technical help (even if it just points people to #ubuntu-beginners or #ubuntu)
[18:02:57] <Kilos> when nlsthzn
[18:03:01] <Kilos> all the time
[18:03:03] <Kilos> ?
[18:03:10] <nlsthzn> basically... when ever on IRC
[18:03:13] <magespawn> nuvolari I will let you know if that changes
[18:03:22] <mazal> What's the ae stand for ?
[18:03:30] <nlsthzn> United Arab Emirates
[18:03:37] <nuvolari> magespawn: ok good
[18:03:45] <nlsthzn> building up and sustaining a LoCo is hard work :/
[18:03:47] <kbmonkey> gateway is fine, we can even to umdloti (some cafes by the seaside)
[18:03:53] <nuvolari> noooo
[18:04:01] <nuvolari> the netz are broken!
[18:04:18] <kbmonkey> do you need manouvoureability, nuvolari
[18:04:46] <nuvolari> what do you mean by that kbmonkey ?
[18:04:56] <nuvolari> I like the idea of umdloti
[18:05:00] <nuvolari> been there once only
[18:05:24] <kbmonkey> oh i mean, you have a car to get around nuvolari :)
[18:06:01] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: oh ya, I'm good on that part :>
[18:06:15] <Kilos> wb magespawn
[18:06:40] <magespawn> Did not even see myself go lol
[18:06:48] <Kilos> nuvolari, move on if there no more events
[18:06:59] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic 5. Elect chairperson for next meeting
[18:06:59] <Maaz> Current Topic: 5. Elect chairperson for next meeting
[18:07:08] <nlsthzn> +1 for nuvolari
[18:07:10] <Kilos> nuvolari, ++
[18:07:11] <nlsthzn> ;)
[18:07:20] <mazal> +++
[18:07:21] <nuvolari> righto, ok, I'm up for it :)
[18:07:28] <Kilos> ty
[18:07:51] <Kilos> wb magespawn
[18:07:55] <Kilos> hehe
[18:07:57] <nuvolari> what's the date, the 2nd last monday?
[18:08:03] <nuvolari> whoa! deja-vu
[18:08:05] <Kilos> good connection you have there
[18:08:19] <magespawn> Lol
[18:08:20] <Kilos> 17th
[18:08:34] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed next meeting chair nuvolari
[18:08:34] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting chair nuvolari
[18:08:40] <kbmonkey> I think nuvolari does a good job, thanks buddy XD
[18:08:46] <nlsthzn> +1
[18:08:56] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed next meeting date September 17, 2012
[18:08:56] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting date September 17, 2012
[18:08:56] <Kilos> not second last either
[18:09:12] <magespawn> Thats a glich in the matrix, they have changed something
[18:09:38] <bakuman> oh no!
[18:09:52] <nuvolari> wait, what did I miss?
[18:09:54] <Kilos> what bakuman ?
[18:10:17] <bakuman> a glitch in the matrix is always bad
[18:10:19] <magespawn> [20:07] (nuvolari) whoa! deja-vu
[18:10:22] <nlsthzn> Gangnam Style?!
[18:10:25] <Kilos> hehe
[18:10:41] <magespawn> [20:09] (magespawn) Thats a glich in the matrix, they have changed something
[18:10:46] <nuvolari> lol
[18:11:04] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic 6. Closing
[18:11:04] <Maaz> Current Topic: 6. Closing
[18:11:17] <nuvolari> So, that was that for tonight
[18:11:22] <nuvolari> thanks for attending everyone
[18:11:26] <Kilos> ty nuvolari went smoothly
[18:11:30] <nlsthzn> thanks guys
[18:11:36] <nlsthzn> have an awesome month :)
[18:11:41] <nlsthzn> oh and don't forget -
[18:11:41] <Kilos> ty all attendees
[18:11:49] <nuvolari> Not as exciting as the last 2 times, but not dull either!
[18:12:29] <nuvolari> Be good in the community and practice Ubuntu to your fellow users :)
[18:12:45] * nlsthzn goes for a shower and bed... good night ZA land... m/ rock on...
[18:12:50] <mazal> Thanks all
[18:12:54] <mazal> Sleep well
[18:12:58] <Kilos> nuvolari, do you guys see the message from christel?
[18:12:59] <mazal> God bless
[18:13:10] <nuvolari> We'll see veeryone at the next meeting! Thanks for attending again!
[18:13:17] <Kilos> night nlsthzn
[18:13:22] <Kilos> sleep tight
[18:13:32] <kbmonkey> gn nls !
[18:13:41] <Kilos> nuvolari, have you closed
[18:13:54] <nuvolari> not yet oom
[18:13:57] <nuvolari> night nlsthzn
[18:14:05] <nuvolari> Maaz: end meeting