Meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting

Convened at 2012-10-15 17:30:00.540911 by nuvolari in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[17:30:00] STARTED (nuvolari)
[17:34:57] TOPIC: close to end of welcoming (nuvolari)
[17:35:28] TOPIC: review previous minutes (nuvolari)
[17:43:22] TOPIC: Administrativia & Announcements (nuvolari)
[17:54:37] TOPIC: Events (nuvolari)
[17:59:28] ACCEPTED: Durban Meeting for Ubuntu 12.10 ( (nuvolari)
[18:17:11] TOPIC: Extras (nuvolari)
[18:19:26] AGREED: queery will organise events on te mailing list (nuvolari)
[18:23:39] AGREED: nuvolari will ask maiatoday about obtaining and distributing cds (nuvolari)
[18:25:20] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (nuvolari)
[18:27:27] AGREED: nuvolari to chair next meeting (nuvolari)
[18:28:42] AGREED: inform not_found on the details for reporting purposes (nuvolari)
[18:29:11] TOPIC: closing (nuvolari)
[18:30:35] AGREED: next meeting November 19, 2012 (nuvolari)
[18:33:10] ENDED (nuvolari)


Raw Log

[17:30:00] <nuvolari> Maaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting
[17:30:00] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[17:30:03] <Kilos> inetpro, can you give nuvolari maaz permissions
[17:30:10] <queery> Maaz: i am Dewald Noeth
[17:30:10] <Maaz> queery: Sure
[17:30:11] <Kilos> oh his ready
[17:30:17] <nuvolari> I have them, just not part of the help for some reason
[17:30:33] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[17:30:33] <Maaz> nuvolari: Okay
[17:30:38] <hubx> Maaz: I am Hubert Hesse
[17:30:38] <Maaz> hubx: Done
[17:30:39] <magespawn> Maaz: I am Greg Eames
[17:30:39] <Maaz> magespawn: Sure
[17:30:39] <charlvn> Maaz: i am Charl van Niekerk
[17:30:39] <Maaz> charlvn: Done
[17:30:40] <Kilos> Maaz, I am Miles Sharpe
[17:30:40] <Maaz> Kilos: Okay
[17:30:50] <not_found> Maaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen
[17:30:50] <Maaz> not_found: Yessir
[17:31:01] <nuvolari> Hi everyone, welcome to tonight's meeting
[17:31:05] <nuvolari> welcome zeref
[17:31:19] <zeref> Hi guys
[17:31:19] <Kilos> superfly, you here?
[17:31:26] <Kilos> tumbleweed, ?
[17:31:48] <queery> Maaz: coffee on
[17:31:48] * Maaz flips the salt-timer
[17:31:56] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[17:31:56] <Maaz> inetpro: Done
[17:31:56] <nuvolari> thanks for making the time to be here - I'm sure the year is just getting faster to the end
[17:31:56] <queery> Maaz: coffee for all
[17:31:56] <Maaz> Come on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already
[17:32:13] <Kilos> Maaz, coffee please
[17:32:13] <Maaz> Kilos: Done
[17:32:26] <superfly> sorta
[17:32:40] <Kilos> tell the bot please superfly
[17:32:42] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[17:32:42] <Maaz> superfly: Okay
[17:32:46] <inetpro> nuvolari: faster than a supersonic Felix?
[17:32:49] <nuvolari> welcome to our newest member, hubx
[17:32:50] <Kilos> and keep an eye out on us
[17:32:59] <not_found> hi and welcome hubx
[17:33:03] * superfly has a baby to deal with
[17:33:11] <nuvolari> inetpro: indeed! I can't believe I'm planning my year end leave already
[17:33:13] <hubx> glad I could join :)
[17:33:18] <Kilos> thats fine superfly
[17:33:28] <inetpro> nuvolari: true
[17:33:30] <nuvolari> yeah, family comes first
[17:33:32] <Kilos> use hands for baby and one eye for us
[17:33:37] <nuvolari> lol
[17:33:59] <nuvolari> ok, anyone want to mention something from the past meeting?
[17:34:08] <nuvolari> I wasn't able to make it, sorry for that
[17:34:13] <not_found> Me neither
[17:34:26] <nuvolari> and thanks to magespawn for running chair!
[17:34:26] <charlvn> me neither
[17:34:32] <magespawn> hope the notes make some sort of sense
[17:34:35] <magespawn> np
[17:34:38] <Kilos> ask magespawn was his first chair
[17:34:43] <nuvolari> eish, forgot the topic
[17:34:47] <not_found> lol
[17:34:48] <queery> not much went on
[17:34:57] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic close to end of welcoming
[17:34:57] <Maaz> Current Topic: close to end of welcoming
[17:35:13] <inetpro> nuvolari: I linked to the previous month in July
[17:35:22] <inetpro> in the agenda
[17:35:28] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic review previous minutes
[17:35:28] <Maaz> Current Topic: review previous minutes
[17:35:28] * not_found did updare the report with the MoM :p
[17:35:48] <Maaz> Coffee's ready for queery and Kilos!
[17:35:57] <queery> Maaz: ty
[17:35:57] <Maaz> You are welcome queery
[17:36:02] <Kilos> Maaz, danke
[17:36:02] <Maaz> Bitteschön
[17:36:04] <nuvolari> inetpro: I saw that, I struggled to find one for the actual last meeting. Should we rather review that one?
[17:36:17] <inetpro> maybe quickly look at
[17:37:00] <hubx> what about that one:
[17:37:21] <queery> much better
[17:37:47] <nuvolari> ok, so did we get release party info?
[17:37:59] <inetpro> hubx: ahh, I didn't even see that, thanks
[17:38:00] <nuvolari> we're quite busy for a party in durbs this time
[17:38:02] <not_found> I saw on the mailing list
[17:38:10] <hubx> found it on twitter: @ubuntuza
[17:38:14] <amanica> Maaz, I am Marius Kruger
[17:38:14] <Maaz> amanica: Okay
[17:38:21] <Kilos> and the gauteng guys
[17:38:26] <queery> I only have info from the JHB guys
[17:38:32] <nuvolari> welcome amanica
[17:38:37] <queery> I know Durbs is trying but no info
[17:38:43] <Kilos> haha i did something right
[17:38:45] <amanica> hi all
[17:38:45] <queery> Bloem is dead
[17:38:47] <nuvolari> hmm, release parties will be discussed under events
[17:38:55] <nuvolari> just checking minutes quickly
[17:38:59] <queery> CT - still waiting on maia and JP
[17:39:23] <nuvolari> bloem isn't dead, they just lack the knowledge of IRC and the will to join a bigger community
[17:39:26] <queery> I did ask maia for the contact list and got it and started to contact people
[17:39:28] * tumbleweed waves
[17:39:33] <queery> haha
[17:39:36] <nuvolari> howdy tumbleweed
[17:39:37] <queery> hi tumbleweed
[17:39:39] <inetpro> wb tumbleweed
[17:39:53] <queery> so are you throwing a release party tumbleweed
[17:39:58] <Kilos> hi tumbleweed
[17:40:00] <tumbleweed> I'm not :)
[17:40:07] <tumbleweed> I was kind of hoping someone in stellenbosch would
[17:40:08] <queery> ai
[17:40:11] <not_found> :(
[17:40:28] <nuvolari> Bloem isn't so much for a community, they are like "we can do it better" in all the small groups :-/ I tried...
[17:40:35] <queery> Im trying to get maia and JP to organise something, but maia is a bit busy at this time
[17:40:42] <Tonberry> Maaz I am Hendrik van Wyk
[17:40:42] <Maaz> Tonberry: Alrighty
[17:40:53] <Kilos> hi Tonberry welcome
[17:40:59] * inetpro excited about the Hack4house event in Centurion
[17:41:00] <Tonberry> dont think jp will make it to this meeting
[17:41:02] <queery> ahh Tonberry
[17:41:05] <inetpro> sadly I can't make it
[17:41:08] <nuvolari> SFD? that's past already?
[17:41:30] <queery> wil you inform him of my disappointment Tonberry
[17:41:36] <Tonberry> ok
[17:41:48] <queery> than
[17:41:49] <queery> x
[17:42:10] <nuvolari> anything anyone want to bring up from the last meeting?
[17:42:13] <nuvolari> welcome Vince-0
[17:42:21] <queery> do you know if he has organised anything for the ubuntu release party?
[17:42:25] <queery> Tonberry:
[17:42:27] <Kilos> hi Vince-0
[17:42:36] <Vince-0> Haai
[17:42:45] <Tonberry> i dont think so
[17:42:45] <Kilos> Vince-0, tell the bot who you are
[17:43:10] <queery> "maaz I am insert name"
[17:43:22] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Administrativia & Announcements
[17:43:22] <Maaz> Current Topic: Administrativia & Announcements
[17:43:23] <Vince-0> Maaz: I'm Vince-0 but my friends call me Vincent
[17:43:23] <Maaz> Vince-0: Excuse me?
[17:43:35] <Vince-0> Maaz: I'm Vincent
[17:43:35] <Maaz> Vince-0: What?
[17:43:36] <Kilos> hehe
[17:43:36] <nuvolari> Vince-0: "I am"
[17:43:52] <hubx> yay, release party? Finally, an occasion where I can where my geek shirts ;)
[17:43:54] <Vince-0> Maaz: I am Vince-0 but my friends call me Vincent
[17:43:54] <Maaz> Vince-0: Yessir
[17:44:01] <Vince-0> Hello Maaz
[17:44:10] <nuvolari> hubx: you mean you can't wear it to work?
[17:44:11] <Vince-0> Maaz: you foolish bot
[17:44:11] <Maaz> Vince-0: *blink*
[17:44:12] <queery> hubx: what area are you in?
[17:44:21] <nuvolari> lol, my boss has a t-shirt: I'm not here to make friends"
[17:45:12] <nuvolari> .
[17:45:20] <nuvolari> awkward quietness
[17:45:27] <queery> haha
[17:45:37] <nuvolari> did I say something wrong?
[17:45:41] <Kilos> tumbleweed, you in the know. i dont know if maia is gonna have time to order cds
[17:45:48] <hubx> I'm working in Pretoria (Faerie Glen)
[17:45:49] <Kilos> or are they dvds now
[17:45:50] <queery> it's funny cause it's true...
[17:45:52] <magespawn> queery there is a party for durbs
[17:46:05] <magespawn> the details where mailed
[17:46:16] <Kilos> yay another Pta guy
[17:46:17] <tumbleweed> Kilos: if she isn't, then someone else should
[17:46:26] <queery> when, I never got details just that they are working on it
[17:46:32] <tumbleweed> I suggest someone mails her and asks
[17:46:35] <nuvolari> ok, so does not know about our twitter handle?
[17:46:40] <queery> hubx: there is a gausing party close to you
[17:46:52] <who_da_fly> something seriously wrong with my internet
[17:46:58] <Kilos> wb who_da_fly
[17:47:05] <Kilos> uh oh
[17:47:05] <queery> she is not answering whatsapp
[17:47:42] <tumbleweed> then assume that she isn't organising anything
[17:47:50] <nuvolari> I miss @ubuntuza's tweets because there's so much noise these days :P
[17:47:57] <inetpro> nuvolari: I guess we can say +1 to Kilos again for running that service for us
[17:47:58] <nuvolari> I need to trim down on everyone I follow
[17:48:04] <Kilos> queery, of topic some but later tell me how to get whatsapp on ubuntu please
[17:48:14] * not_found hasn't checked twitter in ages because of that :/
[17:48:29] <queery> haha no idea...
[17:48:30] <nuvolari> Maaz: ++ Kilos for running @ubuntuza
[17:48:30] <Maaz> nuvolari: Excuse me?
[17:48:35] <nuvolari> c'mon maaz
[17:48:42] <Kilos> haha
[17:48:48] <inetpro> not_found: did you at least see the G+ event?
[17:49:02] <not_found> sure.. it spams me :p
[17:49:19] <queery> hubx:
[17:49:24] <nuvolari> Maaz: Kilos ++ for running @ubuntuza
[17:49:24] <Maaz> nuvolari: *blink*
[17:49:28] <inetpro> not_found: lol, I don't hink it's that bad
[17:49:29] <nuvolari> hrrr
[17:49:32] <Kilos> hi Cantide
[17:49:33] <inetpro> think*
[17:49:36] <Cantide> hello '-'
[17:49:46] <nuvolari> Maaz: karma for Kilos
[17:49:46] <Maaz> nuvolari: Kilos has karma of 7
[17:49:51] <Kilos> tell the bot who you are Cantide
[17:49:56] <Cantide> umm
[17:49:59] <queery> ok so Durban... please email me the details again
[17:50:00] <Cantide> how do i do that?
[17:50:00] <hubx> queery, yes I hope I can make it there :)
[17:50:01] <nuvolari> Maaz: kilos ++ [for running @ubuntuza]
[17:50:10] <nuvolari> hah, it worked
[17:50:15] <nuvolari> Maaz: karma for Kilos
[17:50:15] <Maaz> nuvolari: Kilos has karma of 8
[17:50:17] <Cantide> oh, has the Durban meet been decided?
[17:50:20] <nuvolari> \o/
[17:50:26] <not_found> :)
[17:50:26] <nuvolari> Cantide: yeah
[17:50:35] <nuvolari> aren't you on the mailing list?
[17:50:39] <Cantide> umm
[17:50:44] <nuvolari> or Google+
[17:50:49] <nuvolari> I'm not sure where it was confirmed
[17:50:49] <queery> <queery> "maaz I am insert name"
[17:50:52] <Cantide> I am on the mailing list now
[17:50:59] <Cantide> but i don't recall seeing it
[17:51:21] <queery> Cantide: "maaz I am insert name"
[17:51:26] <Kilos> you are supposed to read mails not skim them like when studying
[17:51:32] <nuvolari> for anyone interested, you can always join discussions on the mailing lists
[17:51:32] <magespawn> Maaz: I am "real name"
[17:51:32] <Maaz> magespawn: Alrighty
[17:51:44] <nuvolari> hubx: if you're interested:
[17:51:45] <queery> ai magespawn
[17:51:48] <not_found> more than half of mail goes to gmail spam btw
[17:51:51] <magespawn> Maaz: I am Greg Eames
[17:51:51] <Maaz> magespawn: Okay
[17:51:59] <queery> not mine
[17:52:03] <inetpro> ok anyone preferring G+ as a reference point for ubuntu-za can go to
[17:52:10] <nuvolari> we're not much into forums, so our main medium is the mailing list
[17:52:17] <Cantide> Kilos, I skim everything all the time :)
[17:52:23] <Cantide> Too much multitasking ._.
[17:52:24] <Kilos> not_found, you gotta go tell gmail it isnt spam a few times
[17:52:38] <queery> ok back to topic??
[17:52:47] <not_found> (some of it does seem like spam sometimes >.> )
[17:52:50] <nuvolari> wai,t I'm off my trolley here
[17:53:16] <nuvolari> Cantide: durban's meeting was arranged on the durban linux users group list
[17:53:30] * inetpro shall try to keep ubuntu-za alive on G+ while keeping traffic low
[17:53:46] <Cantide> not_found, Kilos, oh yeah, here it is in my spam folder ._.
[17:53:57] <not_found> :p
[17:54:05] <Kilos> hehe
[17:54:33] <Kilos> gmail lets some real junk through and blocks some serious stuff
[17:54:37] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Events
[17:54:37] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[17:54:58] <nuvolari> not for me oom Kilos
[17:55:04] <who_da_fly> meh. Never got any bites for a lunch-time Ubuntu hour
[17:55:27] <nuvolari> lunch (half) hours are hard to manage :-/
[17:55:27] <who_da_fly> if I see sflr again I'll see if we can do it even if it is just the two of us
[17:55:28] <Kilos> nuvolari, as part of events find someone to order cds
[17:55:54] <queery> We won't get CD's in time
[17:55:54] <nuvolari> Did anyone host events the past while?
[17:55:56] <Kilos> is he ok who_da_fly
[17:56:08] <who_da_fly> Kilos: Irunno
[17:56:10] <queery> but I have the 12.04 that I will take to the release
[17:56:19] <who_da_fly> I only ever talk to him in IRC
[17:56:24] <hubx> How many cds do you need? Just burn them ourselves then?
[17:56:30] <Kilos> ah
[17:56:52] <Kilos> the genuine article is so much nicer
[17:56:54] <queery> hubx: it's nice to have the official ones so and as a loco we can get
[17:56:57] <Cantide> Maaz: I am Karl Wortmann
[17:56:57] <Maaz> Cantide: Okay
[17:56:58] <Cantide> >_<
[17:57:05] <queery> yeai
[17:57:11] <nuvolari> anyone?
[17:57:26] <Kilos> ask tumbles
[17:57:26] <nuvolari> report on some events please, we didn't do nothing, did we?
[17:57:41] <who_da_fly> nuvolari: nothing I'm afraid... been a bit too busy
[17:57:45] <queery> nope
[17:57:46] <plustwo> Maaz: I am Oupa (plustwo)
[17:57:46] <Maaz> plustwo: Righto
[17:57:50] * inetpro is not aware of major events in the past month
[17:57:52] <amanica> ok so as mentioned earlier and on the mailinglist we are planning a release party in centurion on 27 October
[17:57:53] <queery> did anyone do something for SFD
[17:58:10] <hubx> Yes, for marketing purposes that's true. I thought you just wanted to share, so not anybody has to download it
[17:58:14] <nuvolari> hmm, ok, so future events then :P
[17:58:24] <who_da_fly> true, there was SFD
[17:58:26] <nuvolari> we're officially having a meeting for durban next weekend
[17:58:33] <inetpro> ahh SFD!
[17:58:41] <amanica> yeah I also talked at SFD
[17:58:47] <amanica> and had a stand :)
[17:58:48] <queery> nuvolari: please send me the details
[17:58:54] <Cantide> nuvolari, next weekend as in the 27th?
[17:59:01] <Cantide> send them to me, too, please
[17:59:02] <inetpro> amanica: nice!
[17:59:07] <queery> amanica: did you take pics?
[17:59:14] <amanica> I have some pics
[17:59:20] <queery> who does the report these days
[17:59:26] <Kilos> not_found,
[17:59:28] <nuvolari> Maaz: accepted Durban Meeting for Ubuntu 12.10 (
[17:59:28] <Maaz> Accepted: Durban Meeting for Ubuntu 12.10 (
[17:59:34] * not_found is updating it when he has info :p
[17:59:40] <nuvolari> queery: Cantide ^^
[17:59:42] <queery> thanx
[17:59:43] <nuvolari> magespawn: ^^
[17:59:50] <Kilos> send info to not_found guys
[17:59:53] <inetpro> I got some good feedback from guys who were at the SFD
[17:59:56] <nuvolari> hmm, can you guys get to the link? I see it's a private event :-/
[18:00:11] <Cantide> I can't access it either
[18:00:13] <nuvolari> or is it just private as in not a public event, but publicly visible?
[18:00:15] <queery> where was it held inetpro amanica
[18:00:21] <nuvolari> hrr :-/
[18:00:25] <amanica> query: wits
[18:00:32] * not_found goes now... pls find a way to get the info to me and I will update the needed... night all
[18:00:42] <queery> oh ok
[18:00:48] <Kilos> ty not_found sleep tight
[18:00:57] <nuvolari> give me a second or 2, I need to find some proper links
[18:00:58] <queery> nuvolari: link not workin...
[18:01:01] <queery> hehe
[18:01:25] <Cantide> do i need to have a g+ account to view it?
[18:01:28] <Cantide> I have one, but i never use it
[18:01:31] <magespawn> those links not good
[18:01:40] <nuvolari>
[18:01:45] <nuvolari> queery: Cantide ^^
[18:02:08] <queery> must be a member to view...
[18:02:19] <nuvolari> oh fudge :(
[18:02:23] <queery> hehe
[18:02:26] <nuvolari> I'm not managing that :-/
[18:02:29] <nuvolari> sorry guys
[18:02:47] <queery> just send me the details and Ill create the event on the loco page
[18:02:49] <nuvolari> I'll forward it quick
[18:02:55] <queery> thanx
[18:03:37] <nuvolari> is it OK if I forward the mail from dlug to ubunutu-za's list?
[18:03:48] <queery> jip
[18:03:53] <inetpro> SFD event was at:
[18:04:04] <amanica> queery: btw. it seems the Centurion Release party will not be a bring and braai any more because there were not enough gas braaier volunteers. Will send then new arangements through once it's confirmed.
[18:04:11] <amanica> last year?
[18:04:25] <queery> ok
[18:04:49] <queery> we can always do hotdogs if we have a nice RSVP list
[18:05:06] <queery> do you have a list of your own amanica?
[18:05:13] * smileE17 says: Anyone will use E17. Repeat after me: I will use E17 as my primary window manager
[18:05:16] <smileE17> :P
[18:05:28] <queery> do you still need repos amanica?
[18:05:36] <smileE17> :p
[18:05:48] <inetpro> smileE17: haha
[18:06:05] <amanica> queery: what list? Nico did a post to the house4hack group.
[18:06:07] <Cantide> smileE17, haha, i'm currently talking to a Finn about the Awesome WM
[18:06:12] <smileE17> inetpro: do you like it? :)
[18:06:22] <smileE17> Cantide: cool! :)
[18:06:46] <Cantide> how many people are expected to show up at the Durban meet?
[18:06:47] * inetpro is happy with the Kubuntu wm
[18:06:49] <hubx> haha, just waited for the first wm discussion to begin ;)
[18:07:00] <nuvolari> oh shoot
[18:07:02] <nuvolari> thunder
[18:07:11] <inetpro> eish!
[18:07:14] <magespawn> brb fish two asleep on the couch
[18:07:21] <Kilos> aw
[18:07:31] <nuvolari> oh ffs lol, I forwarded "durban ubuntu moot"
[18:07:34] <nuvolari> lol
[18:07:35] <amanica> queery: I don't think we have somebody with the full repo. If you have it it will be great. I'll need to readup on how to get/use it otherwise.
[18:07:49] <smileE17> inetpro: E17 is amazingly fast :p
[18:08:05] <nuvolari> Cantide, queery
[18:08:10] <queery> doesn't H4h have uncaped interwebs
[18:08:16] <Cantide> thanks nuvolari :)
[18:08:21] <amanica> queery nope.
[18:08:25] <queery> ill see what I can do amanica
[18:08:27] <smileE17> Lol, i'm using 6% cpu & 760 megabyte of ram :p
[18:08:32] <amanica> queery: it is fast but not uncapped
[18:08:34] <inetpro> smileE17: I guess we shall give nuvolari a chance to continue and discuss that later
[18:08:51] <smileE17> I could be using raspberry pI :P
[18:08:55] <queery> ok I have webafrica
[18:09:01] <smileE17> inetpro: big hug :P
[18:09:03] <nuvolari> eek, power gone :-/
[18:09:16] <amanica> queery: I have 2Mbps uncapped at home, so if I know how to get it, I don't mind either
[18:09:17] <queery> smileE17: do you know that its the monthly meeting?
[18:09:30] <nuvolari> am I still here?
[18:09:33] <nuvolari> ok good
[18:09:38] <nuvolari> continuing in darkness
[18:09:39] <Kilos> yes nuvolari
[18:09:44] <smileE17> no, queery
[18:09:47] <smileE17> :(
[18:10:05] <queery> hehe
[18:10:07] <nuvolari> ok, durban confirmed for a meeting
[18:10:10] <queery> so identify and join
[18:10:12] <nuvolari> any other official meetings?
[18:10:20] <nuvolari> I might have missed them now
[18:10:25] <inetpro> nuvolari: wow, on battery? I guess you'll have to be quick then...
[18:10:27] <queery> not that I am aware of
[18:10:45] <nuvolari> inetpro: will be able to go for about an hour, or a bit more
[18:10:50] <smileE17> #ubuntu-za-meeting ? :)
[18:10:55] <queery> jip
[18:10:58] <inetpro> ok, good
[18:10:59] <Kilos> yip smileE17
[18:11:06] <nuvolari> eek, my browser is on my other screen, now to get it back...
[18:11:07] <inetpro> smileE17: yep
[18:11:09] <nuvolari> brb
[18:11:16] <queery> amanica:
[18:11:32] <smileE17> inetpro: why no one is there :P
[18:11:32] <nuvolari> ooh :> gotta love a tiling window manager
[18:11:33] <amanica> queery: thanks
[18:11:40] <queery> tumbleweed used to set this up at our CT/STB parties
[18:11:50] <queery> where is he
[18:11:52] <nuvolari> ok, so are we done with events?
[18:12:02] <queery> no
[18:12:15] <inetpro> +1
[18:12:16] <queery> we need to do more ubuntu hours
[18:12:22] <nuvolari> cool, I'll site here in the corner
[18:12:31] <queery> hehe
[18:12:50] <charlvn> nuvolari: +1
[18:13:00] <queery> I have no issue organising it in JHB/Centurion but need people to actually attend...
[18:13:11] <who_da_fly> ditto
[18:13:18] <queery> who in durbs did the last one?
[18:13:26] <Kilos> queery, collect guys at the release party
[18:13:29] <smileE17> maybe #ubuntu-meeting is better :p
[18:13:41] <Cantide> i missed the last one in Durbs
[18:13:52] <queery> smileE17: please type "Maaz i am RealName"
[18:13:54] <nuvolari> it was nice
[18:13:56] <Kilos> no man smileE17 this is our official ubuntu-za channel meet
[18:13:56] <Cantide> good news this time - i'm not working on the 27th (at least not that i know of yet)
[18:13:58] <nuvolari> a bit crowded :P
[18:14:03] <Cantide> nuvolari :D
[18:14:05] <nuvolari> we had a good growd going
[18:14:17] <queery> great
[18:14:22] <queery> when is the next one?
[18:14:33] <smileE17> he is not replying :p
[18:14:38] <queery> I have to organise one for Movember
[18:14:38] <nuvolari> saw some raspberrypi's and a Nexus 7
[18:14:54] <nuvolari> queery: durban meet?
[18:15:09] <queery> durban Ubuntu hour for Movember?
[18:15:11] <Vincent_> ubuntu release
[18:15:13] <Vincent_> ha
[18:15:24] <nuvolari> ah, we only have the release party planned for now
[18:15:42] <Vince-0> Im in DBN
[18:15:55] <inetpro> smileE17: #ubuntu-meeting is for official stuff, this is just for our local community
[18:15:56] <nuvolari> hmm, can we start to close off the events section now?
[18:16:00] <queery> how about a concecutive Ubuntu hour arround the country?
[18:16:03] <nuvolari> need to move along :P
[18:16:15] <smileE17> oo :p
[18:16:19] <smileE17> !Maaz
[18:16:23] <smileE17> Maaz: awake
[18:16:23] <Maaz> smileE17: What?
[18:16:29] <smileE17> Maaz: I said awake
[18:16:29] <Maaz> smileE17: *blink*
[18:16:37] <smileE17> Maaz: I like you
[18:16:37] <Maaz> smileE17: Huh?
[18:16:59] <queery> ok ill org it on the mailing list
[18:17:01] <Banlam> is this meeting still on?
[18:17:01] <Kilos> move on nuvolari
[18:17:05] <Banlam> i just got in
[18:17:11] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Extras
[18:17:11] <Maaz> Current Topic: Extras
[18:17:11] <Kilos> es Banlam
[18:17:19] <queery> please agree on it
[18:17:22] <Banlam> maaz i am gareth cawood
[18:17:22] <Maaz> Banlam: Righto
[18:17:24] <queery> nuvolari:
[18:17:38] <smileE17> Maaz: I am Geoffrey De Belie
[18:17:38] <Maaz> smileE17: Done
[18:17:51] <queery> well done
[18:17:54] <nuvolari> shucks, sorry queery
[18:17:57] <nuvolari> agree on what?
[18:18:04] <nuvolari> oh
[18:18:50] <nuvolari> queery: ok for " queery will organise events on the mailing list"?
[18:19:06] <queery> yea
[18:19:11] <queery> it will do
[18:19:12] <queery> hehe
[18:19:26] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed queery will organise events on te mailing list
[18:19:26] <Maaz> Agreed: queery will organise events on te mailing list
[18:19:48] <nuvolari> sorry about that :)
[18:19:56] <nuvolari> ok so now, Extras or last words?
[18:20:05] <Kilos> extras
[18:20:16] <Kilos> who is gonna order cds
[18:20:25] <nuvolari> I vote oom Kilos for president
[18:20:32] <queery> ok battery on 10%
[18:20:32] <Kilos> nee man
[18:20:57] <nuvolari> hmm, maia usually does that
[18:20:59] <Kilos> and who can host a deb-delta server
[18:21:05] <nuvolari> I wonder if she'll be able to help again?
[18:21:10] <Kilos> maia is too busy it seems
[18:21:35] <amanica> I'm planning to get some ubuntu stickers printed for the centurion release party. It seems that I'll have to order 550-750 stickers. Will send out to the mailing list when I have more details.
[18:21:40] <Cantide> should i download 12.10 and burn it to disk to bring along to the Durban meet?
[18:22:12] <nuvolari> Cantide: afaik Una and William already said they will have mirrors available
[18:22:20] <Cantide> okay
[18:22:20] <nuvolari> (not just stock ubuntu)
[18:22:21] <inetpro> amanica: you should perhaps talk to drubin as well to get the design for laptop stickers
[18:22:58] <queery> my laptop will die in 10 min
[18:23:01] <amanica> inetpro: o ok, last time Maia said that she just used the official logos, and it looks fine to me
[18:23:08] <nuvolari> I'll ask maia about the CD process
[18:23:28] <drubin> inetpro: amanica
[18:23:34] <drubin> but I have to go now
[18:23:39] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed nuvolari will ask maiatoday about obtaining and distributing cds
[18:23:39] <Maaz> Agreed: nuvolari will ask maiatoday about obtaining and distributing cds
[18:23:53] <inetpro> thanks drubin
[18:24:00] <Kilos> ty drubin
[18:24:21] <amanica> drubin: I had one of those once!
[18:24:52] <inetpro> amanica: we should print some more of those
[18:25:01] <nuvolari> ok, we need to move on people :P running out of time
[18:25:20] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[18:25:20] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[18:25:31] * queery will be offline in 4 min
[18:25:38] <inetpro> +1 for nuvolari
[18:25:40] * Kilos says nuvolari if he can
[18:25:44] <nuvolari> I'm open for chairing if I'm around for the next meeting :>
[18:25:54] <queery> second
[18:25:56] <Kilos> you better be
[18:26:04] <Kilos> we know where you live
[18:26:08] <nuvolari> ok queery thank's for attending tonight
[18:26:13] <who_da_fly> I should be able to backup if necessary
[18:26:15] <nuvolari> have a good evening
[18:26:18] <queery> sorry for nagging
[18:26:31] <charlvn> ciao queery
[18:26:32] <Kilos> ty who_da_fly
[18:26:39] <nuvolari> queery: someone needs to do it :P
[18:26:41] <Kilos> cheers queery
[18:27:23] <Cantide> bye queery :)
[18:27:24] <inetpro> nuvolari: so does that mean not_found will do the report again?
[18:27:27] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed nuvolari to chair next meeting
[18:27:27] <Maaz> Agreed: nuvolari to chair next meeting
[18:27:51] <amanica> initpro: The place I'm looking at does vinyl stickers which I think is fine. drubin's look like aluminium which may be more expensive..
[18:27:55] <Kilos> yes inetpro we gotta keep him informed though
[18:27:56] <nuvolari> inetpro: hmm, we need to confirm, but I understood he's ok with it
[18:28:42] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed inform not_found on the details for reporting purposes
[18:28:42] <Maaz> Agreed: inform not_found on the details for reporting purposes
[18:29:11] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic closing
[18:29:11] <Maaz> Current Topic: closing
[18:29:25] <nuvolari> right, the next meeting will be Movember 19th
[18:29:40] <nuvolari> I hope to see you all again on that date!
[18:29:49] <nuvolari> Maybe try to invite someone to the meeting?
[18:29:50] <Cantide> I won't make it :(
[18:29:53] <Kilos> thanks for chairing nuvolari
[18:29:58] <nuvolari> aw :-/
[18:30:07] <smileE17> byebye :)
[18:30:07] <nuvolari> Plesier oom Kilos :)
[18:30:15] <Kilos> bye smileE17
[18:30:35] <nuvolari> Maaz: Agreed next meeting November 19, 2012
[18:30:35] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting November 19, 2012
[18:30:46] <inetpro> hmm... I'll excuse meself from the next meeting now already
[18:30:55] <nuvolari> Righto, thanks for attending everyone
[18:31:06] <nuvolari> it was a productive meeting methinks
[18:31:07] <Kilos> and inetpro will set up the topic
[18:31:16] <Kilos> yeah
[18:31:17] <inetpro> Kilos: asap
[18:31:26] <Kilos> dankie inetpro
[18:31:48] <nuvolari> So see everyone at the next meeting!
[18:31:48] * plustwo thinks the meeting was very kwl
[18:32:04] <nuvolari> All of the best until then :)
[18:32:09] <nuvolari> ++ plustwo
[18:32:09] <Kilos> nee man nuvolari steel paar minute elke dag
[18:32:09] <inetpro> wb plustwo
[18:32:33] <inetpro> nuvolari: did you end the minutes yet?
[18:32:40] <nuvolari> plustwo: you can still introduce yourself before I close off the meeting
[18:32:44] <Kilos> net om te groet en se hoe gaan dinge by jou
[18:32:44] <nuvolari> inetpro: negative
[18:32:47] <inetpro> ah
[18:33:00] <plustwo> Maaz: I am Oupa (plustwo)
[18:33:00] <Maaz> plustwo: Alrighty
[18:33:10] <nuvolari> Maaz: end meeting