Meeting about Monthly IRC meet June 2013

Convened at 2013-06-24 17:34:16.324448 by kbmonkey in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[17:34:16] STARTED (kbmonkey)
[17:36:49] TOPIC: Welcome (kbmonkey)
[17:44:09] TOPIC: Announcements and Admin (kbmonkey)
[17:48:27] TOPIC: Review previous minutes (kbmonkey)
[17:57:40] AGREED: track events on G+ via the Ubuntu-ZA community at (kbmonkey)
[17:59:11] TOPIC: Events (kbmonkey)
[18:27:55] TOPIC: next meeting (kbmonkey)
[18:29:25] AGREED: Wesley to chair next meeting on 15 July (kbmonkey)
[18:30:50] ENDED (kbmonkey)


Raw Log

[17:34:16] <kbmonkey> Maaz, start meeting about Monthly IRC meet June 2013
[17:34:16] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[17:34:36] <Kilos> Maaz, I am Miles Sharpe\
[17:34:36] <Maaz> Kilos: Okay
[17:34:36] <nlsthzn> Maaz, my name is Neil Oosthuizen
[17:34:36] <Maaz> nlsthzn: I already know stuff about my name
[17:34:42] <nlsthzn> fffuuuuuuuu
[17:34:51] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[17:34:51] <Maaz> nuvolari: Alrighty
[17:34:56] <nlsthzn> Maaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen
[17:34:56] <Maaz> nlsthzn: Alrighty
[17:34:59] <Kilos> apologies from inetpro and superfly
[17:35:02] <kbmonkey> Maaz, I am Wesley Werner
[17:35:02] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Alrighty
[17:35:05] <theblazehen> Maaz, I am Jeandre Henderson
[17:35:05] <Maaz> theblazehen: Righto
[17:35:18] <Vince-0> Maaz, I am Vincent Swart
[17:35:18] <Maaz> Vince-0: Righto
[17:35:25] <HawkiesZA> Maaz: I am Gerrit Vermeulen
[17:35:25] <Maaz> HawkiesZA: Righto
[17:35:33] <SmilyBorg> Maaz: I am Una Karlsen
[17:35:33] <Maaz> SmilyBorg: Done
[17:36:03] <Kilos> Maaz, welcome
[17:36:03] <Maaz> Welcome to tonights meeting everyone
[17:36:12] <nuvolari> we're doing something wrong
[17:36:26] <nuvolari> why aren't the events showing up on
[17:36:27] <Kilos> what?
[17:36:33] <kbmonkey> the fact that we don't have an agenda nuvolari ?
[17:36:39] <nuvolari> oh, past meetings
[17:36:49] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Welcome
[17:36:49] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcome
[17:36:54] <nuvolari> <- looks better :P
[17:37:06] <kbmonkey> Welcome every one, ladies and gents
[17:37:23] <nlsthzn> alo all
[17:37:37] <Kilos> ty mr chair
[17:37:47] <kbmonkey> I will add the agenda items as we go, the loco pages are a bit slow so bear with us :)
[17:37:48] <nuvolari> oh hi nlsthzn
[17:37:59] <nuvolari> hmm, not just the loco pages
[17:38:07] <nuvolari> the interwebs in general is slow tonight
[17:38:12] * nuvolari blames 8ta
[17:38:34] <kbmonkey> the agenda url lives at
[17:38:57] <kbmonkey> so while I distract everyone with these bananas, I will add the next item...
[17:39:05] <Kilos> hehe
[17:39:07] <nlsthzn> om nom nom
[17:39:19] <HawkiesZA> BANANA!
[17:39:32] <kbmonkey> exactly that :)
[17:39:38] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: I'm updating the meeting details
[17:39:40] <HawkiesZA> An alien's favourite fruit
[17:39:43] <nuvolari> wonder if that will mess things up
[17:40:06] <kbmonkey> it's a race condition :D
[17:40:13] <Kilos> ya he has a pottasium shortage so lives off nanas
[17:40:24] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: what's your loco name?
[17:40:32] <nuvolari> login name
[17:41:01] <kbmonkey> it is wesley-werner nuvolari
[17:41:41] <kbmonkey> so the public holiday threw us off, shall we refer to the meeting before for the minutes?
[17:42:02] <nlsthzn> never shall it be mentioned again...
[17:42:02] <Kilos> yip
[17:42:03] <nlsthzn> :p
[17:42:13] <nuvolari> :-/ wesley-werner isn't in the list
[17:43:10] <kbmonkey> I can't seem to find a link to the previous minutes, only the chat log
[17:43:17] <nuvolari> found it
[17:44:07] <nuvolari> will get it now kbmonkey
[17:44:09] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Announcements and Admin
[17:44:09] <Maaz> Current Topic: Announcements and Admin
[17:44:25] <kbmonkey> okay, so to announce, we are ahving an impromptu agenda today
[17:44:28] <nuvolari>
[17:44:31] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: ^^
[17:44:39] <kbmonkey> does anyone have a topic they like to discuss after the usual topics?
[17:45:10] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: SmilyBorg mentioned SFD on the list
[17:45:17] <kbmonkey> thanks nuvolari! I was looking there, that log link points to the chat log, and not one of the meeting either :p lol
[17:45:18] <nuvolari> or was id dlug o.O
[17:45:23] <nuvolari> can't remember
[17:46:01] <kbmonkey> oh dear, I have not read any email to see that. I am a terrible geek.
[17:46:18] <charl> sorry, a bit late
[17:46:27] <SmilyBorg> I mentioned SFD on the on the dbn-lug list
[17:46:27] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: yeah, dlug
[17:46:45] <Kilos> hi charl Cantide
[17:46:49] <charl> Maaz: i am Charl van Niekerk
[17:46:49] <Maaz> charl: Done
[17:46:50] <SmilyBorg> though it makes sense for others to know and get involved
[17:46:54] <charl> hi Kilos :)
[17:46:54] <Cantide> oh hi Kilos charl
[17:47:00] <charl> hi Cantide
[17:47:03] <Cantide> Maaz: I am Karl Wortmann
[17:47:03] <Maaz> Cantide: Alrighty
[17:47:09] <Cantide> sorry, forgot about the meeting :o
[17:47:15] <Cantide> just luck that i got here now :)
[17:47:16] <nuvolari> welcome Cantide
[17:47:25] <Cantide> hey nuvolari
[17:47:39] <kbmonkey> ah found them. okay previous minutes for May 20th live at
[17:47:40] <Kilos> kinda chaotic tonight
[17:48:04] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: link to the dbn-lug topic re. SFD:
[17:48:17] <kbmonkey> okay let's get this on
[17:48:27] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Review previous minutes
[17:48:27] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review previous minutes
[17:48:55] <kbmonkey> So I was tasked to update the team reports
[17:49:18] <kbmonkey> that did not happen, I am sad to say. I was not too sure on content to include.
[17:49:48] <kbmonkey> I need to help source some events or happenings to write about
[17:49:48] <nuvolari> *cough* nlsthzn halp? ^^
[17:49:54] <nlsthzn> *yawn*
[17:50:02] <Kilos> hehe
[17:50:13] <Kilos> when i doubt ask!
[17:50:17] <Kilos> in
[17:50:21] <Vince-0> Dnblug hangout this Thursday at 8pm
[17:50:29] <nlsthzn> like I asked last time.. we need some central place to record the stuff, like a google doc
[17:50:38] <nlsthzn> then it is easy for who ever to update
[17:50:41] <kbmonkey> fine. Thanks Vince-0, noted in events!
[17:51:14] <nlsthzn> I had the same issue finding what who did and where they recorded it
[17:51:32] <nuvolari> or did not record it
[17:51:34] <Vince-0> Don't have link right now, notes are under construction
[17:52:13] <nlsthzn> nuvolari, yup, what I did once was to blog it myself and link an ubuntu hour for record keeping
[17:52:18] <kbmonkey> nlsthzn, you dealt with this before. you know the problem is not collating the data, but getting it in the first place.
[17:52:28] <nlsthzn> kbmonkey, exactly
[17:53:16] <nuvolari> solution: we should just google+-event it :P
[17:53:33] <nlsthzn> might work but not all use google products
[17:53:33] <nuvolari> with a hangout
[17:53:36] <nlsthzn> lol
[17:53:53] <nuvolari> then have digital references to go back to in the form of a video :P
[17:54:01] <kbmonkey> I vote for that, there is bound to be one person with G+ access
[17:54:27] <kbmonkey> any way we can link it to the ubuntu-za group / page / tag to find it later?
[17:54:36] <nuvolari> I'm shocked that there are people out there that 'don't want to' use google products
[17:55:20] <Vince-0> Google is now a necessary evil
[17:55:21] <nlsthzn> NSA approives
[17:55:27] <nlsthzn> *aaproves
[17:55:30] <nlsthzn> *approvesdd
[17:55:33] <nlsthzn> *approves
[17:55:34] <kbmonkey> there is a ubuntu-za google group. who admins that?
[17:55:37] <nuvolari> ok, it might be something nice for once in a while to have a hangout for Ubuntu-ZA
[17:55:57] <Kilos> inetpro, methinks kbmonkey
[17:56:05] <nuvolari> but IRC still reigns king
[17:56:17] <magespawn> howdy all
[17:56:23] <Cantide> hi magespawn
[17:56:23] <nuvolari> howdy magespawn
[17:56:31] <magespawn> Maaz I am Greg Eames
[17:56:31] <Maaz> magespawn: Yessir
[17:56:46] <magespawn> sorry for being late
[17:56:54] <kbmonkey> hi magespawn
[17:56:57] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic
[17:56:57] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Sorry...
[17:57:02] <Kilos> hi magespawn
[17:57:13] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: current topic
[17:57:16] <nuvolari> er
[17:57:20] <nuvolari> Maaz: current topic
[17:57:20] <Maaz> nuvolari: Excuse me?
[17:57:24] <nuvolari> oh :-/
[17:57:40] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed track events on G+ via the Ubuntu-ZA community at
[17:57:40] <Maaz> Agreed: track events on G+ via the Ubuntu-ZA community at
[17:58:00] <kbmonkey> lets see how it goes using that...
[17:58:38] <kbmonkey> we are on Admin right now, move to Events?
[17:58:49] <nuvolari> +1
[17:59:11] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Events
[17:59:11] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[17:59:42] <nuvolari> I'm not aware of any events, but then again I'm quite disconnected :P
[18:00:08] <kbmonkey> okay, Dnblug hangout this Thursday at 8pm. Vince will post the details on this to the lists for us
[18:01:04] <kbmonkey> our meet up with the fly was pretty nice, there was no geekery with hardware though
[18:01:20] <Kilos> hehe
[18:01:36] <Cantide> kbmonkey, i missed that :'(
[18:02:29] <magespawn> like ways up here when he did his handbrake turn in hluhluwe
[18:02:39] <Cantide> lol
[18:02:51] <nuvolari> lol!
[18:02:53] <kbmonkey> now that is news worthy :)
[18:03:19] <nuvolari> the most action hluhluwe seen in a year
[18:03:25] <Kilos> hehe
[18:03:37] <kbmonkey> okay so it seems pretty quiet then
[18:03:44] <magespawn> in the geek/ubuntu-za/linux area for sure
[18:04:00] <kbmonkey> dang nabbit
[18:05:12] <kbmonkey> not much of a gamer, but anyone keen for a meetup to play a supertuxkart tourney?
[18:05:36] <Vince-0> Yar! Maybe an fps
[18:06:04] <Cantide> i bought the humble indie bundle 8 a few weeks ago :) some nice games there - and on Linux, too :)
[18:06:13] <kbmonkey> sure if it runs on my lappie
[18:06:21] <nlsthzn> kbmonkey, bring it on my tux kart rocks
[18:06:41] <nuvolari> ack, would you guys and ladies excuse me early please?
[18:07:00] <Kilos> yip nuvolari ty for coming in
[18:07:03] <nuvolari> sorry for being inconvenient :-/
[18:07:09] <kbmonkey> okay then we have a task: discuss some possible game tourneys. I feel too serious and don't play enough. I bet many others feel the same ;)
[18:07:14] <Kilos> life happens
[18:07:25] <kbmonkey> sure nuvolari, thanks for joining
[18:07:37] <kbmonkey> in fact, this is our last topic, there are no more after this
[18:07:45] <nuvolari> cheers everyone, have a nice evening, thanks for the meeting so far :)
[18:07:56] <Kilos> cheers nuvolari
[18:08:07] <Kilos> study hard
[18:08:49] <kbmonkey> Vince-0, I was thinking STK as you can play on the same machine with usb gamepads. so it can happen at a coffee shoppe or the like.
[18:09:00] <kbmonkey> I realize getting a venue is sometimes troublesome
[18:09:44] <Vince-0> Can use my office, nice broadband
[18:09:45] <kbmonkey> study hard meneer
[18:10:20] <kbmonkey> that would rock 'n roll Vince-0 :)
[18:10:38] <Cantide> :)
[18:10:40] <Cantide> where is this? haha
[18:11:13] <kbmonkey> something to think about indeed
[18:11:50] <kbmonkey> okay for the rest do you have event related info to add?
[18:11:53] * Cantide recommends humble indie bundles
[18:12:12] <kbmonkey> those are great Cantide
[18:12:28] <Cantide> yes, yes they are
[18:13:11] <kbmonkey> okay before we get off topic, can I close off this one?
[18:13:32] <Cantide> yes from me, not sure about others
[18:13:36] <Squirm> Maaz: I am Sinjin Swanepoel
[18:13:36] <Maaz> Squirm: Yessir
[18:13:40] <Kilos> yes
[18:13:44] <magespawn> i am good
[18:13:47] <kbmonkey> A reminder that the mailing list is still primary means of discussing events.
[18:13:49] <Kilos> hehe wb Squirm
[18:14:00] <kbmonkey> for those of us who even read our emails... *looks guilty*
[18:14:02] <Kilos> and here man
[18:14:18] <Squirm> yeah :/
[18:14:21] <nlsthzn> google spam detector munches 90% of mails from the list
[18:14:33] <Kilos> lol
[18:14:36] <Cantide> oh, i still seem to get a lot of them
[18:14:44] <magespawn> add the list email
[18:14:53] <kbmonkey> add the mailing list address to your contacts
[18:15:34] <kbmonkey> anyway, I want to thank everyone here for joining. It was interesting.
[18:15:38] <Cantide> yes, that's probably what i did and i have forgotten
[18:15:42] <Cantide> oh, i have something to add
[18:15:46] <Cantide> to the meeting
[18:15:55] <kbmonkey> go ahead Cantide :)
[18:16:17] <Cantide> just a thought
[18:16:33] <Cantide> and this hasn't been thought through very well, i might add, so it may be a bit silly
[18:16:36] <Cantide> but as a loco
[18:16:49] <Cantide> is it possible to do something for charity + ubuntu..
[18:16:58] <Cantide> like for example, donate some ubuntu disks somewhere
[18:17:31] <Cantide> 2 problems - finding the right place to donate them, and ensuring that it's not a waste of time
[18:17:35] <magespawn> for us to donate?
[18:18:24] <Cantide> yeah
[18:18:39] <Cantide> would be a nice way to spread Ubuntu
[18:18:47] <kbmonkey> Good idea Cantide, but to whom would we donate?
[18:18:53] <Cantide> that's the problem :p
[18:19:02] <Kilos> start with schools
[18:19:31] <kbmonkey> educationals already have contracts for OS's (mostly anyway)
[18:19:31] <Cantide> yeah, that is one possibility
[18:19:42] <kbmonkey> if we can find one that doesn't it is a plan
[18:19:44] <Cantide> but we'd not be able to donate hardware - too costly
[18:20:04] <Cantide> so just disks... but then setting it up etc. etc. etc.
[18:20:07] <magespawn> no they don't, at least not ms, they stopped the schools program
[18:20:21] <Cantide> so yeah, it's a nice idea, but it has some serious complications to work through first
[18:20:48] <Kilos> supply stckers on the dvds on where to get help
[18:21:04] <Kilos> stickers
[18:21:14] <Cantide> eh, us offering support would be tricky :p although we could grow our channel that way
[18:21:17] <magespawn> well i am sure we can come up with some ideas
[18:21:23] <kbmonkey> do pre-schools have a need for pc's?
[18:21:24] <Cantide> annnnnnnnyway, just a thought
[18:21:38] <kbmonkey> something to think on, thanks Cantide :)
[18:22:06] <Cantide> it would be cool to do something like that, if we could get over the initial hurdles
[18:22:22] <Cantide> Africa is a good place for that imho
[18:22:52] <Cantide> maybe someone on the mailing list would know of a place to donate
[18:22:59] <Cantide> for example
[18:23:27] <Cantide> then we each chip in a hundred or so, and someone volunteers to burn the disks, someone else in the region collects them and distributes them
[18:23:29] <kbmonkey> put some feelers out
[18:23:49] <Squirm> magespawn: we have the schools license
[18:24:31] <Cantide> hardware is probably much easier to donate than software, too -.-v
[18:24:33] <kbmonkey> what license is that Squirm ?
[18:24:49] <magespawn> not free anymore though Squirm
[18:24:56] <Squirm> I think the biggest issue with distributing disks, is the actual setup and time taken to teach
[18:25:02] <Squirm> kbmonkey: for MS?
[18:25:13] <Squirm> or was this for ubuntu
[18:25:22] <kbmonkey> ah. for ubuntu
[18:25:32] <Cantide> Squirm, yes, but perhaps we could get around that by finding a place that is willing to do that themselves, and join here for help, as an example
[18:26:05] <Cantide> if it's too difficult to do, then scrap it :p
[18:26:11] <Cantide> just thought it was a nice idea
[18:26:23] <Cantide> i will have some free time in a month
[18:26:49] <kbmonkey> some nice thoughts there
[18:27:08] <Squirm> I still want to set up a toaster :/
[18:27:11] <kbmonkey> Alright folks, just before we hit the hour mark we say goodbye.
[18:27:12] <Cantide> :p
[18:27:39] <Kilos> next meet 15th?
[18:27:55] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic next meeting
[18:27:55] <Maaz> Current Topic: next meeting
[18:28:26] <kbmonkey> the 15th is the 3rd Monday in July
[18:28:36] <Kilos> yip
[18:29:02] <nlsthzn> koobai
[18:29:12] <kbmonkey> Sounds good, the 15th it will be. I'll grab the chair.
[18:29:16] <Kilos> cheers nlsthzn sleep tight
[18:29:22] <Kilos> ty for being here
[18:29:25] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed Wesley to chair next meeting on 15 July
[18:29:25] <Maaz> Agreed: Wesley to chair next meeting on 15 July
[18:29:33] * nlsthzn not sleeping now... just saying koobai before the hour as asked
[18:29:42] <Kilos> lol
[18:29:51] <kbmonkey> if anyone wants to chair send us an email on the list
[18:30:00] <Kilos> ty for chairing at such short notice kbmonkey
[18:30:16] <kbmonkey> immediate notice ;)
[18:30:20] <Kilos> Vince-0, get 8ta
[18:30:29] <Kilos> hehe ya
[18:30:46] <kbmonkey> Thanks all! meeting over and out.
[18:30:50] <kbmonkey> Maaz, end meeting