Meeting about Monthly Ubuntu-ZA IRC meet

Convened at 2013-08-26 18:02:01.964535 by kbmonkey in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[18:02:01] STARTED (kbmonkey)
[18:02:14] TOPIC: Introductions and welcome (kbmonkey)
[18:07:43] TOPIC: Admin (kbmonkey)
[18:17:22] AGREED: Meeting time moved to 20:30 (kbmonkey)
[18:17:58] TOPIC: Review previous minutes (kbmonkey)
[18:23:18] TOPIC: Event - software freedom day 2013 (kbmonkey)
[18:25:45] AGREED: Durban team to plan SFD: kbmonkey, nuvolari, Vince-0 (kbmonkey)
[18:31:41] TOPIC: RMS talks (kbmonkey)
[18:44:06] TOPIC: Linux studies (kbmonkey)
[19:02:29] TOPIC: elect next chair and closing comments (kbmonkey)
[19:05:25] AGREED: next meeting on 24 Sep, chair: kbmonkey (kbmonkey)
[19:05:41] AGREED: next meeting on 23 Sep, chair: kbmonkey (kbmonkey)
[19:06:44] ENDED (kbmonkey)


Raw Log

[18:02:01] <kbmonkey> Maaz, start meeting about Monthly Ubuntu-ZA IRC meet
[18:02:01] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:02:03] <queery> Been waiting a week and one hour :p
[18:02:05] <nuvolari> yeah... running late
[18:02:07] <nuvolari> oh fudge!
[18:02:14] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Introductions and welcome
[18:02:14] <Maaz> Current Topic: Introductions and welcome
[18:02:18] <charl> los gehts
[18:02:30] <queery> Maaz in dewald
[18:02:30] <Maaz> queery: What?
[18:02:30] <kbmonkey> hello everyone, welcome to the meeting!
[18:02:33] <Kilos> Maaz, I am Miles Sharpe
[18:02:33] <Maaz> Kilos: Okay
[18:02:44] <queery> Maaz I am dewald
[18:02:44] <Maaz> queery: Okay
[18:02:45] <charl> Maaz: i am Charl van Niekerk
[18:02:45] <Maaz> charl: Sure
[18:02:51] <kbmonkey> please introduce yourself to the resident bot Maaz
[18:02:52] <theblazehen> Maaz I am Jeandre Henderson
[18:02:52] <Maaz> theblazehen: Okay
[18:02:55] <queery> Autocorrect....
[18:03:12] <SmilyBorg> Maaz: I am Una Karlsen
[18:03:12] <Maaz> SmilyBorg: Yessir
[18:03:23] <kbmonkey> Maaz, I am Wesley Werner
[18:03:23] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Yessir
[18:03:30] <DarkSurferZA> Maaz, I am Cailan Sacks
[18:03:30] <Maaz> DarkSurferZA: Okay
[18:03:39] <SmilyBorg> Maaz: thats ma'am
[18:03:39] <Maaz> SmilyBorg: Huh?
[18:03:49] <SmilyBorg> silly bot
[18:03:58] <kbmonkey> it is not sensitive enough :)
[18:04:18] <Cantide> Maaz, I am Karl Wortmann
[18:04:18] <Maaz> Cantide: Yessir
[18:04:21] <Kilos> haha @ SmilyBorg
[18:04:36] <SmilyBorg> had to correct people last week. I'm semi-used to it, but it gets old
[18:04:42] <kbmonkey> okay all, so what usually happens is we have and agenda and just talk about stuff. sometimes Kilos brings waffles.
[18:04:50] <Maaz> Coffee's ready for nuvolari!
[18:04:57] <Kilos> hehe
[18:05:17] <kbmonkey> excuse my typos, I type faster than this ssh connection can move the bytes
[18:05:28] <kbmonkey> our agenda for tonight lives at:
[18:05:55] <kbmonkey> I will give a minute for that to sink in
[18:06:07] * kbmonkey sips tea
[18:07:33] <Kilos> superfly, do you prefer 8.30?
[18:07:43] <kbmonkey> I added this new item:
[18:07:43] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Admin
[18:07:43] <Maaz> Current Topic: Admin
[18:08:05] <kbmonkey> Meeting Times - what says everybody on this?
[18:08:26] <Kilos> whatever suits the fly best
[18:08:41] <Kilos> inetpro, ping
[18:08:41] <kbmonkey> we listen to the people with kids - it is a lot of time management from what I hear!
[18:09:27] <theblazehen> agreed kbmonkey
[18:10:07] <kbmonkey> the fly suggested 8:30 or 7:30, I have no issues with either
[18:10:39] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[18:10:39] <Maaz> nuvolari: Okay
[18:10:56] <Kilos> if 7.30 he has to go at 8.00 anyway so i think 8.30 better
[18:11:08] <nuvolari> what's wrong with the webz tonight :/-/
[18:11:19] * nuvolari cries in the corner
[18:11:22] <theblazehen> nuvolari, why?
[18:11:25] <theblazehen> Fine here
[18:11:47] <nuvolari> vodacom is up to no good
[18:12:04] <nuvolari> tried for like 9 minutes to get connected again
[18:12:10] <theblazehen> ah. Wired line here
[18:12:22] <stegreen> whois nuvolari
[18:12:41] <nuvolari> its me
[18:12:43] <queery> Can we go on
[18:12:45] <nuvolari> :P
[18:12:47] <kbmonkey> okay, I dont see anyone objecting to 8:30pm meeting times
[18:12:55] <nuvolari> waaait
[18:13:00] <kbmonkey> lets give it a test run
[18:13:01] <nuvolari> why so late?
[18:13:03] <kbmonkey>
[18:13:13] <kbmonkey> the fly has to put the kids to bed at 8pm
[18:13:25] <Kilos> and pro
[18:13:33] * kbmonkey greps the last logs...
[18:13:35] <Cantide> neither time will help me soon T-T
[18:13:39] <Kilos> and magespawn
[18:13:50] <queery> Ok 830 next time
[18:13:54] <nuvolari> okay... it's 30 mins past my bed time
[18:13:54] <queery> Say I?
[18:13:55] <Kilos> cool
[18:13:56] <queery> I
[18:13:57] <nuvolari> :P
[18:14:06] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[18:14:06] <Maaz> inetpro: Righto
[18:14:17] <Kilos> ohi inetpro
[18:14:22] <Kilos> wb
[18:14:25] <inetpro> good evening
[18:15:04] <kbmonkey> okay, the logs show that our date coincided with the JoziLUG meetings
[18:15:05] <Kilos> new meeting time is 20.30 inetpro
[18:15:23] <inetpro> wow, that sounds even better than 20:00
[18:15:32] <kbmonkey> so since we changed our day, we can go back to 7:30 time if we like?
[18:15:40] <Kilos> hehe
[18:15:44] <inetpro> +1 from me
[18:15:55] <queery> Then we have 30 min for a meeting...
[18:16:06] <Kilos> nuvolari, have more coffee
[18:16:09] <kbmonkey> how is that queery ?
[18:16:22] <inetpro> you guys finished already?
[18:16:28] <queery> 8 is when the kids need to be put to bed
[18:16:33] <Kilos> 8.30 till all done
[18:16:39] <kbmonkey> understood - sorry
[18:16:57] <magespawn> Maaz I am Greg Eames
[18:16:57] <Maaz> magespawn: Alrighty
[18:16:58] <queery> I was talking about if the time was 730
[18:17:04] <Kilos> ya
[18:17:16] <Kilos> 8.30 +1
[18:17:22] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed Meeting time moved to 20:30
[18:17:22] <Maaz> Agreed: Meeting time moved to 20:30
[18:17:38] <queery> Ok neeeeeext
[18:17:39] <Kilos> sjoe
[18:17:42] <magespawn> +2
[18:17:47] <kbmonkey> thanks queery ;)
[18:17:58] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:17:58] <Maaz> superfly: Yessir
[18:17:58] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Review previous minutes
[18:17:58] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review previous minutes
[18:18:16] <kbmonkey> the log for this lives at:
[18:18:58] <inetpro> hmm... still not much that happened on G+
[18:19:07] <kbmonkey> We agreed to put more events up on G+
[18:19:18] <kbmonkey> inetpro, because we need more events ;)
[18:19:43] <magespawn> ah well then, the events have to be organised first than
[18:19:45] <magespawn> then
[18:19:53] <kbmonkey> and keep in mind software freedom day, which is in 25 days and is an event!
[18:19:57] <kbmonkey>
[18:20:17] <queery> Well....
[18:20:22] <inetpro> at least we have seen a lot of hypoe around SFD
[18:20:24] <queery> It's a day
[18:20:27] <inetpro> hype*
[18:20:36] <queery> An event needs to be organised
[18:20:58] <inetpro> let's hope that we'll see the people going in numbers
[18:21:10] <theblazehen> Hope so.
[18:21:17] <theblazehen> Estimate at how many people?
[18:21:21] <kbmonkey> for durbs myself and nuvolari and Vince-0 will need to throw around some ideas - I foresee cake
[18:21:37] <Vince-0> Maaz: I'm Vincent Swart
[18:21:37] <Maaz> Vince-0: Huh?
[18:21:45] <Cantide> if i am here, i will join :)
[18:21:48] <Vince-0> Maaz: I am Vincent Swart lool
[18:21:48] <Maaz> Vince-0: Righto
[18:22:02] <kbmonkey> cool Cantide !
[18:22:07] <Cantide> '-'
[18:22:40] <kbmonkey> and bomberman agreed to update the google calendar
[18:22:51] <kbmonkey> I don't think bomberman is here tonight
[18:22:59] <SmilyBorg> Hopefully I'll make it for Software Freedom Day, but I'm having surgery next week so will be out of commision for a while
[18:23:01] <Kilos> nope
[18:23:18] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Event - software freedom day 2013
[18:23:18] <Maaz> Current Topic: Event - software freedom day 2013
[18:23:23] <Kilos> good luck SmilyBorg
[18:23:26] <queery> Is there something in jhb
[18:23:29] <magespawn> SmilyBorg: get a wheel chair
[18:23:34] <charl> all the best SmilyBorg !
[18:23:35] <kbmonkey> we will think of you SmilyBorg :]
[18:23:47] <Kilos> queery, yes
[18:23:53] <SmilyBorg> thanks folks
[18:24:03] <DarkSurferZA> Good luck man. Hope it aint too bad
[18:24:09] <Kilos> theblazehen, give queery the link
[18:24:23] <theblazehen> queery
[18:24:29] <queery> Dankie
[18:24:33] <Kilos> DarkSurferZA, mam not man
[18:24:55] <SmilyBorg> nothing too major, just might not be able to drive for a few weeks
[18:25:01] <queery> Naaaas
[18:25:20] <DarkSurferZA> My bad. Was wrong once before so i expected to make another mistake at some stage
[18:25:29] <Kilos> lol
[18:25:33] <charl> DarkSurferZA: happens to everyone online :)
[18:25:45] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed Durban team to plan SFD: kbmonkey, nuvolari, Vince-0
[18:25:45] <Maaz> Agreed: Durban team to plan SFD: kbmonkey, nuvolari, Vince-0
[18:25:55] <inetpro> queery: the controversial yet very interesting Richard Stallman will be at SFD in JHB
[18:26:02] <Kilos> i thought the hen was a chick once too
[18:26:11] <theblazehen> Lol Kilos, why?
[18:26:15] <kbmonkey> any CT and JHB peeps who would like to plan something for SFD?
[18:26:18] <Kilos> hen
[18:26:25] <Kilos> should be rooster
[18:26:34] <theblazehen> Kilos, ah. kbmonkey such as?
[18:26:46] <queery> inetpro: weë will try and be there
[18:26:59] <queery> Is it on g+ yet?
[18:27:03] * inetpro not sure whether I can make it yet
[18:27:08] <inetpro> queery: no
[18:27:12] <kbmonkey> just pointing out, that RMS is not appearing during SFD
[18:27:18] <DarkSurferZA> The internet is thankfully un-sexed, and therefore cannot slap me across the table just now
[18:27:21] <inetpro> well not on ubuntu-za's g+
[18:27:25] <theblazehen> kbmonkey, He's not?
[18:27:27] <magespawn> Vince-0: is RMS still coming to Durban?
[18:27:34] <queery> Please create an event on g+ and fb
[18:27:37] <Vince-0> RSVP page
[18:27:37] <theblazehen> kbmonkey, why?
[18:27:43] <queery> Easier to share
[18:27:56] <kbmonkey> the date does not match up theblazehen, he appears a month before SFD, so perhaps he is going to discuss it
[18:27:59] <Vince-0> OR UKZN register
[18:28:21] <Vince-0> So far there are about 100 people
[18:28:33] <theblazehen> kbmonkey, ah yes
[18:28:56] <kbmonkey> should give some good insight to plan an event though :]
[18:29:39] <Vince-0> RMS Jo'burg is at Wits - official page here:
[18:29:43] <inetpro> oops, and I didn't even realise that SFD is actually only on 21 September
[18:30:28] <kbmonkey> nobody else for planning a SFD event?
[18:30:30] <Vince-0> the dates couldn't have coincided for RMS tour
[18:30:59] <queery> Is anyone putting all the on the Ubuntu-ZA site?
[18:31:14] <inetpro> queery: well we didn't arrange any of it
[18:31:22] <queery> So?
[18:31:30] <queery> We can promote it
[18:31:41] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic RMS talks
[18:31:41] <Maaz> Current Topic: RMS talks
[18:31:42] <theblazehen> true queery
[18:31:50] <theblazehen> Just in time!
[18:31:59] <queery> Arn't we activists for software freedom?
[18:32:11] <inetpro> sure
[18:32:12] <kbmonkey> so if you havenot yet hurd (he he) Richard Stallman is appearing in SA
[18:32:39] <kbmonkey> for the durban registration, you can visit Register for the event at
[18:32:53] * kbmonkey looks for the other region links...
[18:33:19] <inetpro> queery: I just don't want to take away from existing registered events on g+
[18:33:24] <queery> Please send all links and info to
[18:33:31] <smile> bye :)
[18:33:45] <Kilos> cheers smile
[18:33:45] <inetpro> will confuse people
[18:33:48] <kbmonkey> for JHB registration one can visit
[18:33:57] <queery> Ok then at least post the links in one spot
[18:34:17] <inetpro> that seems like a better idea
[18:34:50] <inetpro> anyone who has links is welcome to ask me to post on our ubuntu-za profiel
[18:34:51] <queery> Or send it to and I'll post it on Ubuntu-ZA
[18:34:58] <kbmonkey> is there a Cape Town registration link?
[18:35:11] <inetpro> profile*
[18:35:59] <DarkSurferZA> Soz guys. Gtg now. Promised family I would only be an hour. Will idle and log. Chat to you guys later. Hopefully i am online more
[18:36:16] <magespawn> cool DarkSurferZA
[18:36:24] <kbmonkey> come again DarkSurferZA
[18:36:37] <inetpro> and that counts for any future events, if you feel that an event or info is relevant to ubuntu-za feel free to highlight and talk to me
[18:36:41] <queery> I can't copy from g+......
[18:36:43] <Kilos> cheers DarkSurferZA dont be a stranger
[18:36:50] <DarkSurferZA> Ty. Cheers.
[18:36:59] <queery> @#?£!#@ g+
[18:37:04] * kbmonkey can't find the CT RMS link
[18:37:28] <queery> On Google plus just search for it
[18:38:11] <queery> "a free digital society"
[18:38:39] <nuvolari> ok, I give up
[18:38:52] <Kilos> wassup nuvolari ?
[18:38:55] <kbmonkey> while I wait for G+ to load, any ideas for activities on SFD?
[18:38:57] <nuvolari> I missed nearly all of the meeting
[18:39:01] <magespawn> nuvolari: internet not showing you the love?
[18:39:11] <Kilos> ai!
[18:39:21] <nuvolari> magespawn: yeah, we're in a love-hate relationship at this stage
[18:39:27] <Kilos> get 8ta man
[18:39:31] <nuvolari> it loves to hate me
[18:39:37] <magespawn> lol
[18:39:55] <nuvolari> oom Kilos, I depleted my 60Gb bundle in 4 months :-/
[18:40:08] <Kilos> wow
[18:40:12] <nuvolari> so I have a truckload of data for after 23:00
[18:40:16] <nuvolari> :P
[18:40:28] <queery>
[18:40:31] <nuvolari> it still worked out cheaper than what I used to pay per month
[18:40:33] <Kilos> we can make meets at 11.30
[18:40:34] <kbmonkey> The CT RMS event details live at
[18:40:36] <nuvolari> lol
[18:40:41] * Kilos hides
[18:40:43] <nuvolari> that's a plan oom Kilos !
[18:40:47] <magespawn> nothing from my side kbmonkey
[18:41:00] <queery> kbmonkey: snap
[18:41:20] <queery> And no oom kilos
[18:41:22] <nuvolari> crackle, pop?
[18:41:26] <magespawn> i am too far away
[18:41:31] <kbmonkey> I'm thinking a 2 hour hackathon to make free software
[18:42:05] <kbmonkey> or a game tourney - hotseat style
[18:42:11] <queery> So agreed all links will be sent to me?
[18:42:22] <theblazehen> good idea kbmonkey
[18:42:32] <kbmonkey> I will email those queery.
[18:42:48] <kbmonkey> to the list
[18:43:01] <queery> Please cc me
[18:43:08] <kbmonkey> sure :)
[18:43:36] <queery> Thanx
[18:43:49] <kbmonkey> good good. I think we move on?
[18:43:54] <queery> NEEEEXT
[18:44:06] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Linux studies
[18:44:06] <Maaz> Current Topic: Linux studies
[18:44:12] <queery> :p
[18:44:18] <kbmonkey> The #linux-studies channel is resurrected.
[18:44:44] <queery> So wanna do that
[18:44:47] <kbmonkey> a quick history: the channel was created as a study group for stuff
[18:45:03] <queery> But time and money and where?
[18:45:32] <kbmonkey> money is not so much needed if you have a pc
[18:45:36] <magespawn> just a study group to go through the LPIC 101
[18:45:39] <kbmonkey> there are plenty of online resources
[18:46:03] <magespawn> i wouldn't mind organising time etc
[18:46:05] <kbmonkey> who was it that resurrected this by the way?
[18:46:06] <queery> Yea lpic...
[18:46:41] <kbmonkey> I tried roganizing this last time, I moved cities and lost connectivity and it turned out not too good
[18:46:48] <kbmonkey> now seems a better time :)
[18:47:06] <magespawn> came about because of wanting to learn python from various people, me and Kilos, then thought it mught be better to start with the os
[18:47:15] <queery> Where do I find out where to take them and how much they are?
[18:47:19] <magespawn> s/mught/might
[18:47:39] <Kilos> queery, ?
[18:47:49] <kbmonkey> Id be happy to help too. it should be a group effort
[18:47:55] <magespawn> queery: i think the exam is about R1200 but stand under correction
[18:47:57] <Kilos> what do you wanna find
[18:48:11] <queery> See money
[18:48:19] <magespawn> maybe we could organise all the links on the wiki
[18:48:29] <kbmonkey> those details can be talked about within the group
[18:48:44] <magespawn> some of the dlug guys posted links on their mailing list to some more resources
[18:48:51] <Kilos> dont worry about the exam yet. classes havent even started yet
[18:49:03] <queery> Cool but maybe also put on webpage as a page
[18:49:06] <Vince-0> I have the info
[18:49:12] <kbmonkey> the wiki we have for it is at
[18:49:13] <magespawn> like i say i do niot mind be the coordinator for this
[18:49:22] <queery> Do I have to take classes?
[18:49:30] <kbmonkey> courtesey of superfly hosting inc :)
[18:49:30] <Vince-0> see these two blog posts about getting Comptia Linux+, LPI1 and Novel CLA(?) certs
[18:49:35] <Vince-0>
[18:49:36] <Vince-0>
[18:50:04] <magespawn> Vince-0: what was link from dlug? in the list?
[18:50:05] <kbmonkey> *notes links down for later*
[18:50:48] <kbmonkey> queery, the course material is free. you can opt for trainer led classes, those cost quite a sum, or you can self study. our group is self study
[18:51:03] <Vince-0> you want the latest version of materials, LPI1 was revised mid 2012
[18:51:13] <kbmonkey> if you feel you are not confident at the end, you can always take a course
[18:51:54] <Vince-0> or latest 2009?
[18:52:58] <kbmonkey> I suggest join the channel #linux-studies for a chat around this
[18:53:13] <inetpro> kbmonkey: I would say just go ahead and try make #linux-studies work
[18:53:44] <inetpro> lots of potential there, though it will always be difficult to keep everyone on the same track
[18:53:44] <kbmonkey> all these kinds of question queery we must note down into the wiki. it is good to have others ask the questions we do not think of
[18:53:48] <queery> Agreed
[18:54:56] <kbmonkey> I dont see it as too linear - you dont have to all stay on the same trackexactly
[18:55:07] <queery> magespawn: can you keep an eye on the wiki?
[18:55:19] <magespawn> sure no problem
[18:55:39] <queery> :D dankie oom
[18:55:41] <magespawn> kbmonkey: those who are more advanced can help those behind
[18:55:57] <kbmonkey> thanks for this magespawn :) we can even throw in some extra beginner programming if anyone wants
[18:56:03] <kbmonkey> exactly :)
[18:56:07] <theblazehen> good idea kbmonkey
[18:56:24] <magespawn> bash and then python
[18:56:35] <theblazehen> Agree with magespawn
[18:57:20] <kbmonkey> I am in the studies channel whenever I am online (not away)
[18:57:39] <kbmonkey> we just need to kick up some dirt and talk about it a bit more
[18:57:55] <magespawn> Vince-0: may I post the link from the dlug mailing list?
[18:58:02] <queery> Cool in the channel
[18:58:06] <Vince-0> ? gogo
[18:58:44] <magespawn>
[18:59:18] <Kilos> ty magespawn
[18:59:32] <kbmonkey> great but want to keep the irc meet a reasonable time. we can chat about this in detail at the other place
[18:59:44] <magespawn> agreed
[19:00:03] <kbmonkey> lots of good links here, I'm grabbing them all for the wiki
[19:00:22] <inetpro> kbmonkey: I suggest arranging a fixed meeting on a regular basis at #linux-studies
[19:00:41] <queery> Agreed
[19:00:55] <kbmonkey> I was more thinking to pop in once a day or every other day at a certain time
[19:01:11] <queery> Is this the last topic?
[19:01:23] <inetpro> kbmonkey: sure
[19:01:29] <kbmonkey> for casual talk, a schedule is a good idea!
[19:01:32] <kbmonkey> yes last topic
[19:01:53] <kbmonkey> I vote to close off the meeting
[19:02:04] <inetpro> +1
[19:02:08] <Kilos> second
[19:02:13] <magespawn> +3
[19:02:15] <kbmonkey> all interested learners: let us discuss this more after?
[19:02:29] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic elect next chair and closing comments
[19:02:29] <Maaz> Current Topic: elect next chair and closing comments
[19:02:31] <magespawn> in #linux-studies?
[19:02:42] <Kilos> cool
[19:02:50] <kbmonkey> yes, in the studies channel.
[19:03:07] <kbmonkey> I invite everyone interested to hear more to join us!
[19:03:12] <Kilos> interested peeps are there already
[19:03:26] <kbmonkey> even if it is brief to decide a time too meet again
[19:03:48] <Kilos> ty
[19:03:51] <queery> 23 Sep 830 next meet
[19:03:58] * inetpro suggests kbmonkey as chair for next meeting
[19:04:06] <Kilos> second
[19:04:11] <queery> 3rde
[19:04:17] <Kilos> ty kbmonkey good meet
[19:04:20] <theblazehen> 4thd
[19:04:32] <inetpro> hmm...
[19:04:32] <kbmonkey> chair vote: me!
[19:04:32] <kbmonkey> and Kilos second! ;)
[19:04:50] <queery> Amen
[19:04:56] <Kilos> hehe
[19:05:25] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed next meeting on 24 Sep, chair: kbmonkey
[19:05:25] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting on 24 Sep, chair: kbmonkey
[19:05:25] <kbmonkey> err, I am sure I hit 23 there ;p
[19:05:36] <inetpro> nee
[19:05:41] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed next meeting on 23 Sep, chair: kbmonkey
[19:05:41] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting on 23 Sep, chair: kbmonkey
[19:05:41] <queery> Hah
[19:05:52] <kbmonkey> can maaz correct?
[19:05:58] <inetpro> no
[19:06:24] <kbmonkey> thanks everyone!
[19:06:24] <kbmonkey> oh fiddlestick, nevermind :)
[19:06:31] <queery> Mkay
[19:06:36] <kbmonkey> no worries, just select max(next date)
[19:06:42] <inetpro> kbmonkey: the mistake is forever cast in stone :-)
[19:06:44] <kbmonkey> Maaz, end meeting