Meeting about Ubuntu-ZA Monthly LoCo Meeting - January 2014

Convened at 2014-01-28 18:31:37.501353 by nuvolari in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[18:31:37] STARTED (nuvolari)
[18:32:40] TOPIC: Welcoming and Introduction (nuvolari)
[18:38:53] TOPIC: Review previous minutes (nuvolari)
[18:42:42] TOPIC: Administrativia & Announcements (nuvolari)
[18:49:01] TOPIC: Events (nuvolari)
[18:52:24] TOPIC: New Local communities health check process (nuvolari)
[18:56:19] TOPIC: The current state of Internet in South Africa (nuvolari)
[19:23:52] AGREED: follow up at next meeting on the state of Internet in South Africa (nuvolari)
[19:27:15] AGREED: discuss release party planning at the next IRC meeting (nuvolari)
[19:28:10] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (nuvolari)
[19:29:25] AGREED: Chair next meeting: nuvolari (nuvolari)
[19:30:12] TOPIC: Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 25th, 2014 (nuvolari)
[19:31:27] TOPIC: closing (nuvolari)
[19:33:30] ENDED (nuvolari)


Raw Log

[18:31:37] <nuvolari> Maaz: start meeting about Ubuntu-ZA Monthly LoCo Meeting - January 2014
[18:31:37] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:31:58] <maiatoday> Maaz I am Maia Grotepass
[18:31:58] <Maaz> maiatoday: Righto
[18:31:59] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic: introduction
[18:31:59] <Maaz> nuvolari: Sorry...
[18:32:02] <nuvolari> argh
[18:32:08] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[18:32:08] <Maaz> inetpro: Righto
[18:32:16] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:32:16] <Maaz> superfly: Alrighty
[18:32:29] <theblazehen_mobi> Maaz, i am Jeandre Henderson
[18:32:29] <Maaz> theblazehen_mobi: Yessir
[18:32:32] <Kilos> Maaz, I am Miles Sharpe
[18:32:32] <Maaz> Kilos: Righto
[18:32:40] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Welcoming and Introduction
[18:32:40] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction
[18:32:47] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[18:32:47] <Maaz> nuvolari: Sure
[18:32:49] <Kilos> inetpro, ping
[18:33:03] <inetpro> Kilos: pong
[18:33:05] <nuvolari> Righto!
[18:33:11] <Kilos> meeting time
[18:33:16] <nuvolari> Hello, good evening everyone!
[18:33:20] <charl_> Maaz: i am Charl van Niekerk
[18:33:20] <Maaz> charl_: Done
[18:33:24] <inetpro> Kilos: uh, I signed already
[18:33:25] <nuvolari> It's nice to see you all again
[18:33:32] <inetpro> thanks nuvolari
[18:33:38] <nuvolari> If you are new here, a special welcome!
[18:33:40] * Kilos apologises for not reminding the lists
[18:34:20] <nuvolari> If this is your first meeting, please note that we do record the meeting and the minutes will be available afterwards
[18:34:25] <Kilos> oh sorry inetpro
[18:34:38] <inetpro> Kilos: you are welcome :-)
[18:34:45] <Kilos> hehe
[18:34:57] <nuvolari> also, please identify yourself to Maaz by telling him who you are (Maaz: I am <yourname>)
[18:34:58] <Kilos> Golynx, see this is what a bot must do
[18:35:02] <Kilos> not just chat
[18:35:48] <nuvolari> no worries oom Kilos, I hope the people's reminders did what it should do
[18:35:48] <Golynx> Maaz: I am Gerrit Pas
[18:35:48] <Maaz> Golynx: Righto
[18:35:59] <nuvolari> Maaz: meeting.agenda
[18:35:59] <Maaz> nuvolari: meeting.agenda is
[18:36:06] <Golynx> god Kilos
[18:36:14] <Golynx> good*
[18:36:26] <nuvolari> if you want to see what is up for discussion, please see the agenda
[18:37:10] <inetpro> eish!
[18:37:17] <nuvolari> and maybe mention something you would like to discuss under the Miscellaneous topic
[18:37:27] <nuvolari> met ys ja
[18:37:31] * inetpro just noticed an item brought over from last meeting
[18:37:52] <Kilos> hi parkerdo
[18:37:53] <superfly> nuvolari: I don't have a lot of time tonight, I need to go at about 21:30, can we try to keep things moving tonight?
[18:38:00] <inetpro> we always forget to follow up
[18:38:14] <parkerdo> Kilos: hi, how you doing man?
[18:38:28] <Kilos> good ty parkerdo and you
[18:38:31] <nuvolari> sure superfly
[18:38:40] <superfly> ta
[18:38:53] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Review previous minutes
[18:38:53] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review previous minutes
[18:39:10] <parkerdo> Kilos: no complaints except i have an issue with an installation i am trying to sort out, maybe you could help?
[18:39:11] <nuvolari> ok, is there anything anyone wants to bring up from the past meeting/minutes?
[18:39:25] <Kilos> after the meeting parkerdo
[18:39:33] <Kilos> you welcome to join in
[18:39:41] <maiatoday> I want to thank everyone for agreeing to move the meeting to Tuesday
[18:39:45] <nuvolari> parkerdo: welcome to our first IRC meeting for 2014 :)
[18:39:52] <parkerdo> Kilos: ok, will do and thanks
[18:39:59] <inetpro> maiatoday: good to see you here for a change
[18:40:02] <Kilos> we love you maiatoday its been sad outa you here
[18:40:09] <nuvolari> *first irc loco meeting for 2014
[18:40:21] <nuvolari> you're welcome maiatoday
[18:40:25] * maiatoday am happy to be back
[18:40:29] <parkerdo> nuvolari: glad to be back. unfortunately i have forgotten how to announce myself. who is taking minutes for this meeting?
[18:40:43] <nuvolari> we'll try to have a date that accomodate as many as possible
[18:40:57] <nuvolari> parkerdo: maaz does
[18:41:04] <Kilos> parkerdo, type in maaz I am Name
[18:41:05] <nuvolari> (Maa: i am parkerdo)
[18:41:11] <nuvolari> *Maaz
[18:41:18] <parkerdo> Kilos: thank you guys
[18:41:27] <nuvolari> ok, nothing from the previous meeting's minutes?
[18:41:41] <parkerdo> maaz I am Dominic
[18:41:41] <Maaz> parkerdo: Righto
[18:42:17] <nuvolari> moving on
[18:42:42] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Administrativia & Announcements
[18:42:42] <Maaz> Current Topic: Administrativia & Announcements
[18:43:06] <superfly> Just one item of administrativia from me.
[18:43:06] <nuvolari> Hmm, are there any announcements and admin stuff to discuss?
[18:43:17] <nuvolari> ok, we're listening
[18:43:21] <nuvolari> er, reading
[18:43:28] <inetpro> our followers on both G+ and Twitter are growing slowly but steadily
[18:43:28] <maiatoday> I want to thank all the old and new chairs of this meeting for doing a fantastic job
[18:43:32] <superfly> Folks, don't forget that this channel is an official Ubuntu channel, and is governed by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct
[18:43:46] <inetpro> superfly: good point
[18:44:14] <inetpro> we unfortunately had to deal with some nasty actions on Friday
[18:44:22] <superfly> By entering the channel, you agree to the CoC and are bound by it.
[18:44:48] <superfly> If you are unfamiliar with the CoC, you can read it on the Ubuntu site. I'll find the link for you.
[18:45:23] <superfly>
[18:45:26] <superfly> there you go.
[18:45:33] <inetpro> ty
[18:45:41] <nuvolari> what happened inetpro?
[18:45:48] <nuvolari> thanks superfly
[18:46:04] <nuvolari> Maaz: ucoc is
[18:46:04] <Maaz> nuvolari: I'll remember that
[18:46:55] <superfly> I'm not entirely sure what happened, I didn't study the logs, but someone in particular was acting clearly in contravention of the CoC, and inetpro and I had to ban him from the channel multiple times (he was using anonymous proxies)
[18:47:36] <nuvolari> :(
[18:47:45] <superfly> Anyway, it doesn't matter much now. Moving forward.
[18:47:54] <inetpro> +1
[18:47:57] <theblazehen_mobi> superfly, trender?
[18:48:03] <nuvolari> yeah, water under the bridge
[18:48:42] <nuvolari> any last points?
[18:48:47] <nuvolari> moving on
[18:49:01] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Events
[18:49:01] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[18:49:49] <superfly> I don't know of anything, to be honest.
[18:49:56] <Kilos> nope
[18:50:10] <maiatoday> The next release is an LTS isn't it?
[18:50:15] <Kilos> yes
[18:50:29] <maiatoday> so we can start planning release parties even though it is only in april
[18:50:31] <nuvolari> I think there is something for DBNLUG on the horizon, just a year starter somewhere in feb
[18:51:46] <inetpro> no events on my list at the moment
[18:51:50] <nuvolari> Feb 8th, for anyone in DBN area
[18:52:00] <nuvolari> ok, moving on
[18:52:14] <nuvolari> Maaz: New Local communities health check process
[18:52:14] <Maaz> nuvolari: Excuse me?
[18:52:22] <Kilos> Vince-0, did you log in here?
[18:52:24] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic New Local communities health check process
[18:52:24] <Maaz> Current Topic: New Local communities health check process
[18:52:36] <nuvolari> this topic was brought over from last year
[18:52:45] <nuvolari>
[18:52:55] <inetpro> maybe maiatoday knows a bit more about this?
[18:53:24] <Kilos> wb magespawn log in please
[18:53:30] <nuvolari> "Every team shall be known as a LoCoteam, teams that were previously known as an “Approved LoCoteam” shall be known as a “Verified LoCoteam”."
[18:53:31] <superfly> I read up on that. It basically just sounds like they're renaming things to sound more inclusive
[18:53:45] <maiatoday> still sounds like a check every two years
[18:53:56] <maiatoday> so we have some time, I should check the deadlines
[18:54:06] <inetpro> maiatoday: please do
[18:54:35] <maiatoday> Maaz action maiatoday will check when we have to do a loco health check again
[18:54:35] <Maaz> maiatoday: Got it
[18:55:51] <inetpro> nuvolari: now time for the hot topic?
[18:55:56] <inetpro> of the day
[18:55:57] <magespawn> Maaz I am Greg Eames
[18:55:57] <Maaz> magespawn: Okay
[18:56:04] <nuvolari> agreed
[18:56:19] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic The current state of Internet in South Africa
[18:56:19] <Maaz> Current Topic: The current state of Internet in South Africa
[18:56:26] <nuvolari> superfly: the floor is yours
[18:56:36] <Vince-0> Maaz, I am Vincent Swart
[18:56:36] <Maaz> Vince-0: Done
[18:56:54] <superfly> Right. Some quick questions, just 2 answers per question please.
[18:57:04] <Kilos> Xethron, login please
[18:57:13] <superfly> What was your first Internet connection, and when was that?
[18:57:30] * superfly looks for raised hands
[18:57:31] <inetpro> superfly: work or home?
[18:57:36] <superfly> inetpro: Either
[18:57:44] <Kilos> gprs 2008
[18:57:54] <magespawn> Dial up 1994
[18:58:04] <inetpro> mine was a 64k line at work I think in 1995 for something like 300 people
[18:58:18] <superfly> What do you currently use to get online?
[18:58:28] <Kilos> 3g
[18:58:39] * inetpro uses 3g via 8ta
[18:58:42] <nuvolari> joh, dialup, 56k modem, around 2002/3
[18:58:58] <nuvolari> currently using 3g via 8ta
[18:59:03] <magespawn> 3g adsl 1mb and 4mb uncapped unshaped
[18:59:19] <magespawn> The dial in 94 was 28.8
[18:59:27] <superfly> What are some of the other ways you got online?
[18:59:41] <Kilos> clee phone
[18:59:45] <Kilos> cell
[18:59:46] <nuvolari> mobile phone/opera mini :P
[19:00:00] <nuvolari> and irc, if that counts
[19:00:06] <inetpro> before the interwebs I used BBS dialup
[19:00:11] <superfly> talking connections here :-)
[19:00:13] <magespawn> Internet cafe at the shopping center
[19:00:19] <superfly> Wow, inetpro, old school
[19:00:34] <nuvolari> inetpro: what's that?
[19:00:41] <superfly> What do you primarily use the Internet for today?
[19:00:44] <inetpro> even hosted my own BBS server
[19:00:59] <Kilos> irc im and mail
[19:00:59] <Xethron> Maaz I am Bernhard
[19:00:59] <Maaz> Xethron: Okay
[19:01:01] <inetpro> Bulletin Board System
[19:01:01] <magespawn> I remember those
[19:01:04] <superfly> inetpro: rocking the geek points there
[19:01:10] <inetpro> just needed a phone line and a modem
[19:01:24] <Xethron> Yeah, I'm also on the 3G currently... Lines are too expensive :P
[19:01:40] <magespawn> Irc email file sharing vpn vps and webhosting
[19:01:48] <nuvolari> irc, mail, work(documents, documentation, development, research, apps), social networking
[19:01:56] <inetpro> and that was on a either 2400 or 9600 baud rate
[19:02:16] <inetpro> can't remember
[19:02:24] <maiatoday> yeah I seem to remember my first modem as also 9600 baud rate
[19:02:29] <superfly> In your current connection, what is most important to you: Speed, Cost or Bandwidth?
[19:02:41] <Kilos> cost
[19:02:51] <theblazehen_mobi> bandwidth
[19:02:59] <nuvolari> bandwidth
[19:03:16] <inetpro> stability, cost, bandwidth, speed - in that order
[19:03:38] <superfly> nuvolari: , theblazehen_mobi: So, 1 meg uncapped vs 10 meg capped at 10 gigs?
[19:03:38] <Kilos> what is bandwidth
[19:03:47] <superfly> Kilos: how much you can download
[19:03:56] <Kilos> ah ty
[19:04:05] <maiatoday> stability, cost, speed
[19:04:07] <theblazehen_mobi> superfly, 1 mbit
[19:04:10] <Kilos> limited only by cost
[19:04:40] <Xethron> cost, bandwidth, speed - in that order
[19:04:58] <superfly> inetpro and magespawn, since you guys have been online the longest, what do you think has changed the most?
[19:05:16] <inetpro> hmm.. tough question
[19:05:36] <nuvolari> well, to be honest, somewhere inbetween, but as I've realized, you can run out of bandwidth when you have a quick connection that's capped. I'll rather take something slower, but still acceptale, and as much bandwidth as that speed can consume in a time period
[19:05:44] <magespawn> speed and cost, so better value for money, and wider access
[19:06:39] <inetpro> thinking about this, obviously speed has improved by a lot, but price somehow got stuck somewhere
[19:06:58] <superfly> inetpro: you reckon the price could still come down?
[19:07:08] <inetpro> superfly: it has to
[19:07:27] <superfly> What about the relationship between ADSL and 3G ?
[19:07:31] <Xethron> Stability is also still a problem
[19:07:50] <Kilos> in mybroadband today they said telkom dropping adsl cost another 15%
[19:07:55] <superfly> according to the latest statistics, there are 1.1 million ADSL subscribers, and 12 million on 3G
[19:07:57] <inetpro> I think 3G has become very usable though not everywhere
[19:08:20] <inetpro> anything outside a large city is just about useless
[19:08:21] <superfly> Why are there more than 10 times the number of 3G subscribers?
[19:08:35] <Kilos> cellphones
[19:08:41] <Xethron> 3G is great because you don't need a telkom line and everything. So it works out cheaper when you're not torrenting...
[19:08:43] <inetpro> stolen landlines
[19:08:50] <superfly> Do you think that some of those 3G people might also have ADSL?
[19:08:59] <inetpro> cable theft
[19:09:12] <Xethron> Most people I assume don't use that much, so 3G is cheaper for the "average person"
[19:09:17] <nuvolari> IMO 3G moved mountains in terms of internet availability
[19:09:36] <inetpro> ADSL is cheaper
[19:09:39] <superfly> nuvolari: I agree. I had 3G for a long time (in compared to the time I've had ADSL)
[19:09:46] <inetpro> if you have a line
[19:09:57] <Kilos> not with phome line costs as well inetpro
[19:09:59] <magespawn> I have both
[19:10:04] <Kilos> phone
[19:10:29] <inetpro> you can get very decent uncapped packages on ADSL
[19:10:33] <magespawn> Just taken a new data contract with cell c
[19:10:37] <Xethron> Oh, and when renting an apartment, you need the owners permission to get a line installed, and you need to take out a contract with Telkom. 3G these days you don't even need a modem or contract. You can just do it from your phone...
[19:10:38] <Kilos> you gotta add the costs of having the telkom line before you even get adsl
[19:10:41] <nuvolari> I'm still renting a place, so for me to have a fixed line is a hassle
[19:10:55] <inetpro> uncapped on 3g is very pricey
[19:11:05] <superfly> Do you even get uncapped?
[19:11:11] <inetpro> yes
[19:11:16] <superfly> didn't know that
[19:11:30] <nuvolari> which provider?
[19:11:44] <Xethron> I know MTN had an uncapped deal. But it wasn't truly uncapped. However, if you cloned the sim, your 2nd sim will be uncapped. :P
[19:12:01] <Xethron> But the deal isn't available anymore
[19:12:10] <superfly> Last question from me: If you had to sum up Internet in SA in one sentence, what would you say?
[19:12:40] <inetpro> superfly: 3g uncapped is based on a FUP I think
[19:12:49] <inetpro> FUP = Fair Use Policy
[19:12:54] <Kilos> better than no internet
[19:13:10] <Kilos> my connecting is stable and not too slow
[19:13:41] <nuvolari> Internet in South Africa came a long way, but hefty prices prevents user happines.
[19:14:02] <inetpro> MTN had uncapped light at a very reasonable price but after 3GB they cut you down to 128kbps
[19:14:23] <superfly> nuvolari: Well put.
[19:14:31] <inetpro> unfortunately they also stopped that option as well
[19:14:33] <superfly> Anyone else want to veture their opinion?
[19:15:15] <Xethron> I think nuvolari said it best. And the internet is limiting growth and education esp if you are in the IT industry...
[19:15:17] <Kilos> Vince-0, some input here
[19:15:22] <magespawn> Stability for mobile and as always price
[19:15:35] <Vince-0> hmm
[19:15:43] <Vince-0> rip off? sums it up
[19:15:51] <Kilos> lol
[19:16:37] <superfly> Vince-0: Perhaps, but remember that most other countries were in our position at some or other stage. We're just lagging behind everyone as usual.
[19:16:43] <inetpro> Or am I jumping ahead again?
[19:16:43] <inetpro> superfly: nice set of questions, now what to do about this?
[19:16:58] <superfly> inetpro: I don't have any solutions, I'm afraid.
[19:17:06] <Vince-0> lagging like the middle ages
[19:17:06] <Golynx> For as long as there is corruption in SA there will be no stable growth for in the internet for all.
[19:17:38] <inetpro> I think we've come a long way but we could have gone further by now
[19:17:57] <Kilos> yip superfly solutions
[19:18:32] <Kilos> where do we get solutions and how
[19:18:33] <inetpro> while price of data may have come down a bit, voice calls have not come down enough
[19:18:37] <superfly> I think everyone will agree that we're getting there. Unfortunately a number of factors have held us back in the past, including the very government that is supposed to help us progress.
[19:19:04] <nuvolari> An observation: I am sure that a shortage in technical staff/knowledge is also helping with the lag of progress here. I might be wrong, but most of government jobs are for the money, not the advancement of the community.
[19:19:20] <Kilos> we need to email CEO's and ministers
[19:19:31] <superfly> But I think that voicing our opinions and reminding the government of how important ICT and Internet is will help to move things forward.
[19:19:46] <nuvolari> +1
[19:19:52] <Kilos> superfly, +1
[19:20:06] <inetpro> but data will have to come down significantly if we want our people to compete with international
[19:20:08] <Kilos> we gotta lobby the high ups
[19:20:33] <superfly> Alrighty, that's me done.
[19:20:40] <superfly> I don't have anything more to say :-)
[19:20:41] <Kilos> ty superfly
[19:21:07] <nuvolari> thanks for a great input superfly!
[19:21:42] <inetpro> hmm... I think a lot more needs to be said still
[19:22:10] <Kilos> pinpoint the powers that be and we can go further inetpro
[19:22:27] <Kilos> forget the peeps on the ladder
[19:22:50] <inetpro> perhaps a follow up at next meeting?
[19:22:55] <Kilos> yip
[19:23:03] <Kilos> or even in between
[19:23:04] <nuvolari> ok,
[19:23:32] <Kilos> those impromptu meets the monkey was supposed to start
[19:23:36] <nuvolari> Maaz: action follow up at next meeting on the state of Internet in South Africa
[19:23:36] <Maaz> nuvolari: What?
[19:23:41] <nuvolari> ack
[19:23:52] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed follow up at next meeting on the state of Internet in South Africa
[19:23:52] <Maaz> Agreed: follow up at next meeting on the state of Internet in South Africa
[19:24:13] <nuvolari> hmm, eyesonly is not present
[19:24:35] <nuvolari> does anyone want to discuss the topic "Ways to help the Ubuntu Community" that was requested by eyesonly?
[19:24:38] <Kilos> ok so its in everyones hand to pinpoint the peeps to approach about this
[19:25:00] <nuvolari> we're nearly running out of time
[19:25:42] <nuvolari> I don't have anything else to add under Miscellaneous
[19:25:52] <nuvolari> Anyone?
[19:25:52] <Kilos> nope
[19:26:02] <inetpro> next time
[19:26:20] <nuvolari> ok
[19:26:20] <Kilos> just think about release parties for next lts
[19:26:34] <nuvolari> ok, for the next meeting?
[19:26:53] <Trixar_za> You guys are having a metting? Oo
[19:27:07] <Kilos> lol hi Trixar_za
[19:27:11] <Kilos> read the logs
[19:27:15] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed discuss release party planning at the next IRC meeting
[19:27:15] <Maaz> Agreed: discuss release party planning at the next IRC meeting
[19:27:16] <inetpro> Trixar_za: you are late :-)
[19:27:31] <Trixar_za> I ask because normally nuvolari is as quiet as a bum
[19:27:35] <Trixar_za> :P
[19:27:39] <nuvolari> ok, moving on
[19:27:40] <Kilos> lol
[19:27:42] <nuvolari> ag voesek!
[19:27:44] <nuvolari> :P
[19:27:49] <magespawn> Brb
[19:28:10] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:28:10] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:28:16] <Kilos> Maaz, ty
[19:28:16] <Maaz> You are welcome Kilos
[19:28:31] * inetpro votes for nuvolari again
[19:28:32] <nuvolari> I'm happy to chair again, unless someone wants a try?
[19:28:32] <Kilos> Maaz, thanks man
[19:28:32] <Maaz> Kilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)
[19:28:53] <Kilos> yip[ nuvolari its yours
[19:29:05] <Trixar_za> Now only if Maaz was female... and human. Well, then we'd have a very silent channel.
[19:29:11] <Kilos> but more time during the month is good too
[19:29:12] <nuvolari> okies
[19:29:18] <inetpro> nuvolari: good job!
[19:29:21] <Trixar_za> I vote for nuvolari too
[19:29:25] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed Chair next meeting: nuvolari
[19:29:25] <Maaz> Agreed: Chair next meeting: nuvolari
[19:29:37] <inetpro> Kilos: maiatoday is still not herself?
[19:29:37] <Kilos> date?
[19:29:46] <inetpro> maiatoday: yo are way too quiet
[19:29:50] <Kilos> bit older now inetpro
[19:30:04] <maiatoday> I'm ok, just getting the hang of things again
[19:30:12] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 25th, 2014
[19:30:12] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 25th, 2014
[19:30:25] <nuvolari>
[19:30:32] <nuvolari> ^^ next meeting page
[19:30:42] <nuvolari> I need to add the agenda items
[19:30:46] <maiatoday> the google+ reminders really help me :D so thanks to people doing those admins too
[19:31:03] <inetpro> maiatoday: yw
[19:31:19] <nuvolari> Allrighty!
[19:31:27] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic closing
[19:31:27] <Maaz> Current Topic: closing
[19:31:33] <nuvolari> Thank you for attending everyone
[19:31:44] <nuvolari> we are running over time by a couple of seconds just now
[19:31:45] <Kilos> nuvolari, ty again for a good job
[19:31:51] <magespawn> back
[19:31:53] <nuvolari> so I think we did well :->
[19:31:57] <nuvolari> wb magespawn
[19:32:00] <Kilos> thanks for attending everyone
[19:32:02] <magespawn> ty
[19:32:02] <nuvolari> you're welcome oom Kilos
[19:32:03] <inetpro> that was a nice busy first meeting for 2014
[19:32:06] <maiatoday> thanks for chairing nuvolari
[19:32:11] <nuvolari> indeed inetpro
[19:32:11] <Kilos> yeah
[19:32:21] <nuvolari> my pleasure maiatoday :)
[19:32:44] <Kilos> nuvolari, rev the monkey too about his impromptu meets
[19:33:06] <Kilos> you durbanites are slacking off
[19:33:06] <nuvolari> Ok, that's it! Thank you everyone. All of the best and until next time!
[19:33:15] <maiatoday> thanks all
[19:33:24] <nuvolari> o/
[19:33:30] <nuvolari> Maaz: end meeting