Meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting for April 2014

Convened at 2014-04-29 18:31:50.419615 by kbmonkey in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[18:31:50] STARTED (kbmonkey)
[18:32:00] TOPIC: Welcoming and Introduction (kbmonkey)
[18:38:52] TOPIC: Review previous minutes (kbmonkey)
[18:46:42] TOPIC: Releases (kbmonkey)
[19:10:13] AGREED: Mention posting about the RMS UKZN Talk (kbmonkey)
[19:11:41] TOPIC: Events (kbmonkey)
[19:15:48] TOPIC: OBS HackFest 25 May (kbmonkey)
[19:18:54] AGREED: OBS HackFest and Robot Derby 25 May (kbmonkey)
[19:26:48] AGREED: KZN 14.04 Release party organization (kbmonkey)
[19:32:26] TOPIC: Minetest (kbmonkey)
[19:36:36] IDEA: Minetest server run by superfly (kbmonkey)
[19:37:53] TOPIC: Questions (kbmonkey)
[19:39:14] TOPIC: Elect chair for next meeting (kbmonkey)
[19:40:18] AGREED: kbmonkey to chair next meeting (kbmonkey)
[19:41:53] AGREED: Next meeting on the 27th May 2014 (kbmonkey)
[19:42:10] TOPIC: Closing (kbmonkey)
[19:43:12] ENDED (kbmonkey)


Raw Log

[18:31:50] <kbmonkey> Maaz, start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting for April 2014
[18:31:50] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:31:54] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[18:31:54] <Maaz> inetpro: Righto
[18:32:00] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Welcoming and Introduction
[18:32:00] <Maaz> Current Topic: Welcoming and Introduction
[18:32:10] <Kilos> Maaz I am Miles Sharpe
[18:32:10] <Maaz> Kilos: Sure
[18:32:17] <nuvolari> thank you thank you
[18:32:20] * nuvolari bows
[18:32:25] <kbmonkey> Hello everybody, to the April 2014 edition of our monthly meetings!
[18:32:29] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[18:32:29] <Maaz> nuvolari: Alrighty
[18:32:40] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:32:40] <Maaz> superfly: Alrighty
[18:32:49] <magespawn> Maaz I am Greg Eames
[18:32:49] <Maaz> magespawn: Alrighty
[18:32:51] <Kilos> bushtech tell the bot who you are
[18:33:07] <JabberwockyA19> Maaz: I am Willem Dreyer
[18:33:07] <Maaz> JabberwockyA19: Okay
[18:33:08] <bushtech> Maaz: I am Dries Laubscher
[18:33:08] <Maaz> bushtech: Righto
[18:33:11] <Golynx> Maaz: I am Gerrit Pas
[18:33:11] <Maaz> Golynx: Alrighty
[18:33:12] <kbmonkey> Please tell Maaz your name "maaz I am <your name>"
[18:33:32] <kbmonkey> Maaz, I am Wesley Werner
[18:33:32] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Yessir
[18:33:37] <Kilos> Spekko ^^
[18:33:56] <kbmonkey> Anyone is welcome to join in later during the meeting too
[18:34:07] <captine> maaz I am Bradley Putzier
[18:34:07] <Maaz> captine: Alrighty
[18:34:14] <inetpro> who is here for the first time?
[18:34:36] <kbmonkey> newcomers get a free banana
[18:34:37] <Kilos> bushtech and spekko
[18:34:50] <Kilos> haha
[18:35:06] * kbmonkey places a silver tray full of bananas on the table
[18:35:07] <inetpro> newcomers just stick up your hand like this o/
[18:35:16] <Vince-0> Maaz: I am Vincent Swart
[18:35:16] <Maaz> Vince-0: Done
[18:35:23] <Kilos> hi Vince-0
[18:35:30] <Vince-0> G'd eve
[18:35:48] <kbmonkey> Ah yes, the agenda for tonights meeting can be seen at
[18:36:03] <nuvolari> o/
[18:36:08] <inetpro> lol
[18:36:12] <kbmonkey> \0
[18:36:19] <nuvolari> ΓΈ
[18:36:43] <nuvolari> ^ compact format
[18:36:54] <Kilos> hehe
[18:37:10] <kbmonkey> Right, so for those who are unfamiliar (or have amnesia), we just talk our way through a few points.
[18:37:28] <kbmonkey> Oh and welcome again!
[18:37:36] <inetpro> this meeting should actually have happened last week... funny that nobody noticed
[18:38:07] <Spekko> hmm
[18:38:08] <kbmonkey> indeed inetpro! I see the minutes says it was planned for the 22nd
[18:38:10] <Spekko> someone called ?
[18:38:16] <kbmonkey> wonder what happened there
[18:38:18] <captine> i join when the meeting reminder shows up.. ;)
[18:38:18] * Kilos goes to mail
[18:38:26] <superfly> kbmonkey: holidays
[18:38:38] <kbmonkey> ^ ah yes
[18:38:46] <inetpro> captine: sorry, guess that was my fault for not registering it on g+ soon enough
[18:38:52] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Review previous minutes
[18:38:52] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review previous minutes
[18:39:44] <kbmonkey> So firstly I want to mention the success of the Randburg Ubuntu release party as posted on the mailing list
[18:39:46] <inetpro> glad that Kilos reminded us about the meeting ahead of today
[18:40:06] <inetpro> kbmonkey: you have pictures?
[18:40:22] <Kilos> there is one in the email
[18:40:23] <kbmonkey> About 16 people attended
[18:40:37] <kbmonkey> I do not inetpro, but the email on the list had a pic attached
[18:40:44] <inetpro> cool
[18:40:57] <captine> inetpro, all good. the reminder came and here I am. :)
[18:41:11] <kbmonkey> I guess some may be posted on G+ but I cannot confirm that
[18:41:35] <captine> so sorry I missed the party. Was really keen. Just didnt make it
[18:41:37] <inetpro> maia will be happy if she can see something posted online
[18:41:47] <inetpro> Kilos: where is maia?
[18:41:50] <kbmonkey> Congrats to Marius for organizing that one
[18:42:00] <Kilos> im waiting for a mail reply inetpro
[18:42:35] <superfly> oo, can I add something to the agenda?
[18:42:46] <Kilos> you okes need to work out a ping reminder on cellphones
[18:42:51] <inetpro> kbmonkey: sorry for the noise mr chairman
[18:42:51] * inetpro keeps quiet
[18:43:12] <Kilos> yes superfly please do
[18:43:13] <kbmonkey> no worries :)
[18:44:08] <kbmonkey> Next up is just a thought to kep in mind Software Freedom Day on the 20th September
[18:44:15] <kbmonkey> hmm, this shoudl be in Events topic..
[18:44:41] <kbmonkey> and then we are waiting for the Ubuntu DVD's
[18:44:51] <kbmonkey> We will catch up with maia later with this one
[18:45:22] <inetpro> kbmonkey: let's stick it under events for next meeting and add info as it comes
[18:45:49] <kbmonkey> Agreed!
[18:46:19] <kbmonkey> moving on from previous minutes...
[18:46:31] * inetpro still hates the fact that those links are not clickable in the agenda
[18:46:42] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Releases
[18:46:42] <Maaz> Current Topic: Releases
[18:47:16] <kbmonkey> so this is a new topic I like seeing
[18:48:07] * inetpro has seen a lot of very positive reviews of Trusty Thar
[18:48:28] <Vince-0> speeking of software freedom day
[18:48:36] <Vince-0> I have the recording of RMS at UKZN hosted:
[18:48:48] <kbmonkey> I have been bad at new releases and would love somebody to mention something noteworthy
[18:49:10] <Kilos> it works
[18:49:50] <kbmonkey> Ah excellent Vince-0! do you have a link for us yet?
[18:49:53] <Vince-0>
[18:50:03] <Vince-0> its 387mb
[18:50:12] <Vince-0> I could probably make it smaller res
[18:50:21] <Vince-0> but it will play directly in chrome
[18:50:24] <inetpro> eish!
[18:50:28] <kbmonkey> ah I have some data, I will see if I can transcode it to ogg
[18:51:14] <kbmonkey> Vince-0, I will mention this in an email to the list after the meeting, alright with you?
[18:51:34] <inetpro> Vince-0: will it stay up on the link?
[18:51:42] <Vince-0> its ogg vorbis
[18:51:47] <Vince-0> from .mov
[18:51:58] <Vince-0> sure, go ahead - that link will be up for some time
[18:52:44] <inetpro> Vince-0: thanks
[18:52:48] <kbmonkey> oh it is ogg too, fair enought. from mov nogal? heh :)
[18:53:09] <captine> kbmonkey, I too have tons of data and a digitalocean droplet I could put it onto... if needed
[18:54:01] <kbmonkey> thanks captine I will shout if needed!
[18:54:18] <kbmonkey> so... releases.
[18:54:29] <superfly> I can host it too
[18:54:30] <kbmonkey> Kilos, you are running 14.04 now, yes?
[18:54:32] <captine> running 14.04 on my mbp. VERY stable.
[18:54:36] <Kilos> yessir
[18:54:42] <superfly> got plenty of bandwidth on one of my servers
[18:54:43] <nuvolari> sorry :-/ municipal accounts to sort out
[18:54:45] <Kilos> very happy
[18:54:49] <captine> 14.04 server on some VM's too... for messing wtih
[18:54:57] <inetpro> Vince-0: you don't perhaps have a blog posting linking to that video?
[18:55:09] <nuvolari> on the topic of 14.04, I can't seem to upgrade from 12.04 LTS to 14.04 LTS :-/
[18:55:10] <kbmonkey> great superfly - so many great offers
[18:55:16] <nuvolari> unless I miss something
[18:55:25] <Vince-0> negative, I havn't posted much about it -
[18:55:30] <Kilos> apart from some seetings that need more work to set it is great
[18:55:31] <inetpro> np
[18:55:38] <Vince-0> still waiting on the uni to release the copyright but I have permission to share it
[18:56:04] <inetpro> cool
[18:57:08] <JabberwockyA19> I'm running 14.04 on my desktop with a new Radeon R9 gpu, open source and binary drivers working well, which is a first for me (coming from a nvidia prime background before)
[18:58:17] <kbmonkey> sorry I got some lag there
[18:58:35] <kbmonkey> okay logged into fine but I get an error when creating content -
[18:58:39] <superfly> I'm runing 14.04 Kubuntu at work, all good
[18:58:52] <superfly> kbmonkey: what error?
[18:59:04] <kbmonkey> It is great to hear such good feedback for 14.04 - think I should download a copy
[18:59:27] * inetpro wants to upgrade some ubuntu server installations asap
[18:59:31] <Vince-0> major features? I read about all the juju stuffs
[19:01:26] <kbmonkey> superfly,
[19:01:52] <inetpro> Vince-0: there's no big changes that I am aware of
[19:01:57] <kbmonkey> anyway, wil look at posting the RMS talk on the blog
[19:02:23] <captine> i am trying to learn a bit of juju and docker. very confusing for an accountant....
[19:02:24] <kbmonkey> well as I am aware they did not end up shipping Mir with 14.04 as intended
[19:02:42] <kbmonkey> the X display replacement
[19:02:49] <JabberwockyA19> I am glad they did not ship mir on the LTS
[19:02:50] <superfly> kbmonkey: ah yes, I need to update a module. shouldn't stop you from posting anything though
[19:03:14] <captine> correct. can test it though. esp when testing touch applications etc, as it is in the repos as only Mir sits on the touch device images... i think
[19:03:15] <kbmonkey> no worries superfly, thanks
[19:04:03] <kbmonkey> Utopic Unicorn? For real-real? Well I never...
[19:04:27] <inetpro> kbmonkey: yep
[19:04:47] <inetpro> that is no April fools joke
[19:04:53] <superfly> c'mon, you can't tell me you're suprised... after all the ones we've been through
[19:04:59] <superfly> hardy heron?
[19:05:10] <Kilos> hehe
[19:05:12] <inetpro> kbmonkey: see
[19:05:13] <kbmonkey>
[19:05:46] <kbmonkey> True, and it is not as crazy as the RHEL codenames
[19:06:18] <Golynx> unicorns are for girls :p
[19:06:31] <inetpro> unconstrained dreams :-)
[19:06:40] <kbmonkey> exactly Golynx !
[19:07:04] <Kilos> no man he says so is chocolate
[19:07:42] <kbmonkey> well I have 2 GB to use so think I will grab a copy tonight and try it out...
[19:08:26] <Vince-0> (Here's a blog post link for RMS rec:
[19:09:10] <inetpro> Vince-0: well done!
[19:09:59] * inetpro will see to it that this link is added to the next agenda as part of the SFD event
[19:10:13] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed Mention posting about the RMS UKZN Talk
[19:10:13] <Maaz> Agreed: Mention posting about the RMS UKZN Talk
[19:10:21] <kbmonkey> thanks plenty Vince-0 !
[19:10:24] <Vince-0> k
[19:10:47] <kbmonkey> Shall we move to Events topic...
[19:11:41] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Events
[19:11:41] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[19:12:02] <kbmonkey> Right, Ubuntu developer summit (UDS) is on 11-13 March
[19:12:11] <kbmonkey>
[19:12:45] <kbmonkey> it runs from 14h00 UTC - so that is 16h00 zulu time
[19:12:58] <captine> March?
[19:13:13] <superfly> not may?
[19:13:14] <kbmonkey> uuh... yeah
[19:13:15] <Kilos> lol
[19:13:31] <kbmonkey> the site says March... did this already happen?
[19:13:49] <kbmonkey> or is the site wrong? whoops
[19:14:41] <Kilos> message from maia
[19:14:45] <Kilos> Urk internet super dodgy struggling to get on.
[19:14:56] <inetpro> I know the last one was in March
[19:15:07] <kbmonkey> Okay the ubuntu site says UDS was March, so I guess this agenda item is wrong.
[19:15:20] <inetpro> next one can not be in May yet... so no detail of the next one yet... let's just move on
[19:15:48] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic OBS HackFest 25 May
[19:15:48] <Maaz> Current Topic: OBS HackFest 25 May
[19:16:19] <kbmonkey> This is a Robot Derby, Code Hack and Hacker Fair
[19:16:41] <inetpro> anyone else have more info?
[19:16:43] <kbmonkey> We are requesting support for the obligatory Ubuntu demo and hand out of free software to the public who will be attending combined Open Street Initiative and 100 things in 1 Day event.
[19:17:06] <kbmonkey>
[19:17:23] <kbmonkey> and for those who have facebook,
[19:17:39] <kbmonkey> that piratepad link has plenty of detail
[19:18:09] <inetpro> cool
[19:18:10] <kbmonkey> This sounds pretty amazing
[19:18:54] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed OBS HackFest and Robot Derby 25 May
[19:18:54] <Maaz> Agreed: OBS HackFest and Robot Derby 25 May
[19:19:08] <kbmonkey> adding items for the minutes...
[19:19:24] <kbmonkey> anyone think of going?
[19:19:45] <kbmonkey> I am too far away at the moment...
[19:20:30] <inetpro> VENUE: Gandalfs, Observatory for that Metal Flava
[19:20:34] <inetpro> where is that?
[19:21:17] <JabberwockyA19> Observatory
[19:21:31] <magespawn> lol
[19:21:31] <superfly> Cape Town
[19:21:32] <JabberwockyA19> south of Cape town
[19:22:05] <kbmonkey> Indeed
[19:22:16] <JabberwockyA19> kbmonkey: I'm thinking of going
[19:22:40] <kbmonkey> I certainly would if I was in Cape Town!
[19:23:07] <inetpro> ah
[19:23:24] <kbmonkey> Ah new item: release parties
[19:23:31] <kbmonkey> some of us still have to have one
[19:23:57] <Kilos> better to plan that when you have the dvds
[19:24:03] <Kilos> or lotsa data
[19:24:18] <kbmonkey> well if one person has the iso we can make copies
[19:24:23] <kbmonkey> I'
[19:24:38] <kbmonkey> I am to blame for kzn not having organized one
[19:25:10] <Vince-0> ha me2
[19:25:13] <kbmonkey> weekends have been taken up by family events, May is our party month I think
[19:25:27] <Vince-0> not much movement on the list
[19:26:15] <kbmonkey> so I will try get something going. I know William tried to organize
[19:26:48] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed KZN 14.04 Release party organization
[19:26:48] <Maaz> Agreed: KZN 14.04 Release party organization
[19:27:19] <kbmonkey> any other regions thinking about it?
[19:28:30] <inetpro> someone else also mentioned freedom toaster the other day
[19:28:30] <inetpro> reminds me of those days when we had lots of them around
[19:28:30] <inetpro> perhaps we should try to get more involved again
[19:28:40] <kbmonkey> (a couple of minutes left on the meeting clock)
[19:28:53] <Golynx> is there something like BUE (Black Ubuntu Empowerment) in SA ?
[19:29:16] <kbmonkey> you know inetpro maybe a usb toaster?
[19:29:34] <superfly> kbmonkey: what about my item?
[19:29:35] <kbmonkey> there are more usb's around than blank cd's
[19:29:47] <kbmonkey> we still getting to that superfly
[19:29:53] <superfly> mkay
[19:30:01] <superfly> meeting is progressing slowly tonight...
[19:30:03] <kbmonkey> sorry, was just waiting for other release party interests
[19:30:08] <kbmonkey> I guess there is none
[19:30:13] <Golynx> usb's are expensive
[19:30:17] * inetpro also has a terrible lag
[19:30:40] <kbmonkey> we got a larger agenda than usual superfly
[19:30:41] <Kilos> Golynx but you can use them over and over
[19:31:39] <kbmonkey> Golynx, I am not sure about BUE. Whether it applies to FOSS systems is a good question, because equality is already ensured by default
[19:31:57] <Golynx> Kilos right, but for single OS distribution wh will cough up that kinda cash
[19:32:07] <Golynx> who*
[19:32:26] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Minetest
[19:32:26] <Maaz> Current Topic: Minetest
[19:32:38] <Kilos> the toaster just puts the os on the stick
[19:32:43] <superfly> yay!
[19:32:45] <Golynx> kbmonkey yeah thats true
[19:32:50] <Kilos> each person brings their own
[19:32:52] * superfly grabs the limelight :-P
[19:33:06] <superfly> anyone else here play Minetest or Minecraft?
[19:33:21] <kbmonkey> Golynx, it will be a temporary thing then they can reclaim their usb, good point though
[19:33:44] <kbmonkey> superfly, No but I may be curious. Does it require a low latency connection ?
[19:33:52] * JabberwockyA19 googles minetest
[19:33:59] <superfly> I'm not sure. the rendering is all done client side
[19:34:11] <superfly> minetest runs as singleplayer locally
[19:34:20] <superfly> but I'm running a server
[19:34:34] <kbmonkey> I mean it is more an exploratory type game, and not one where quick reactions win?
[19:34:36] <superfly> if anyone is interested in playing on my server, just ping me and I'll send you the address
[19:34:45] <superfly> kbmonkey: it's like lego
[19:34:52] <kbmonkey> Awesome
[19:35:02] <kbmonkey> okay then I think I would like to try :)
[19:35:15] <superfly> it's in the repos
[19:35:20] <superfly> apt-get install minetest
[19:35:42] <superfly>
[19:35:45] <superfly> that's the basics of ir
[19:35:47] <superfly> *it
[19:35:51] <superfly> the wiki has more information
[19:35:51] <kbmonkey> I have family visiting from overseas tomorrow for a week, so may only be able to game after that
[19:35:55] <superfly> or you can just ask me
[19:36:03] * kbmonkey bookmarks link
[19:36:26] * superfly is done now
[19:36:34] <Golynx_> ai
[19:36:36] <kbmonkey> Maaz, idea Minetest server run by superfly
[19:36:36] <Maaz> Idea recorded: Minetest server run by superfly
[19:36:51] <kbmonkey> recorded if anyone needs to know who to contact
[19:37:13] <kbmonkey> I want to build a giant Tux :)
[19:37:36] <kbmonkey> Right, I believe that is our agenda done!
[19:37:53] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Questions
[19:37:53] <Maaz> Current Topic: Questions
[19:37:55] <Kilos> bushtech something is working
[19:37:56] <kbmonkey> any questions?
[19:38:24] <magespawn> superfly my son plays at home
[19:39:00] <JabberwockyA19> has anyone played starbound?
[19:39:14] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Elect chair for next meeting
[19:39:14] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chair for next meeting
[19:39:25] <kbmonkey> before we get game crazy...
[19:39:27] * Kilos votes for kbmonkey
[19:39:39] * kbmonkey waves a banana in the air
[19:39:41] <inetpro> +1 for kbmonkey
[19:39:41] <magespawn> kbmonkey +1
[19:39:59] <Kilos> ty kbmonkey nice job tonight
[19:40:03] <Golynx> kbmonkey 1+
[19:40:07] <JabberwockyA19> kbmonkey +1
[19:40:18] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed kbmonkey to chair next meeting
[19:40:18] <Maaz> Agreed: kbmonkey to chair next meeting
[19:40:26] <kbmonkey> excellent. oh wehn is the next meeting.. hmmm
[19:40:43] <kbmonkey> 26th May
[19:41:20] <inetpro> nuvolari: why so quiet?
[19:41:29] <kbmonkey> err, 27th - Tuesdays. almost forgot
[19:41:45] <inetpro> kbmonkey: yep, 27th
[19:41:53] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed Next meeting on the 27th May 2014
[19:41:53] <Maaz> Agreed: Next meeting on the 27th May 2014
[19:42:10] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic Closing
[19:42:10] <Maaz> Current Topic: Closing
[19:42:10] <inetpro> thanks kbmonkey
[19:42:23] <kbmonkey> Right that is it folks! I guess we got tired near the second half
[19:42:40] <Vince-0> whoot
[19:42:41] <kbmonkey> I award a banana sticker to everyone who was here tonight!
[19:42:49] <Kilos> hehe
[19:43:08] <Kilos> just now we call you kbnana
[19:43:12] <kbmonkey> Maaz, end meeting