Meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting (October 2014)

Convened at 2014-10-28 18:31:48.380354 by nuvolari in #ubuntu-za on freenode


[18:31:48] STARTED (nuvolari)
[18:32:01] TOPIC: welcoming and introduction (nuvolari)
[18:40:16] TOPIC: Review previous minutes (nuvolari)
[18:49:08] TOPIC: Releases (nuvolari)
[18:53:24] TOPIC: Events (nuvolari)
[19:04:44] AGREED: kbmonkey to take over loco contact from maiatoday (kbmonkey)
[19:18:24] AGREED: maiatoday will make the initial wiki page and send out link in email/irc (maiatoday)
[19:18:53] AGREED: everyone will update wikipage if they have something to add (maiatoday)
[19:39:19] TOPIC: Elect chairperson for next meeting (nuvolari)
[19:41:54] AGREED: nuvolari to chair November (nuvolari)
[19:42:26] AGREED: kbmonkey to chair December (nuvolari)
[19:47:02] TOPIC: Next meeting date (nuvolari)
[19:47:16] AGREED: next meeting date 25 November 2014 (nuvolari)
[19:47:27] ENDED (nuvolari)


Raw Log

[18:31:48] <nuvolari> Maaz: start meeting about Monthly IRC Meeting (October 2014)
[18:31:48] * Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles
[18:31:59] * nlsthzn will get coffee later then :)
[18:32:01] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic welcoming and introduction
[18:32:01] <Maaz> Current Topic: welcoming and introduction
[18:32:06] <Kilos> Maaz, I am Miles Sharpe
[18:32:06] <Maaz> Kilos: Done
[18:32:06] <nuvolari> welcome everyone :)
[18:32:13] <charl> Maaz: i am Charl van Niekerk
[18:32:13] <Maaz> charl: Sure
[18:32:14] <kbmonkey> Maaz, I am Wesley Werner
[18:32:14] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Yessir
[18:32:18] <nlsthzn> Maaz, I am Neil Oosthuizen
[18:32:18] <Maaz> nlsthzn: Sure
[18:32:22] <Maaz> Coffee's ready for magespawn!
[18:32:26] <gremble> Maaz: I am Jaco Stroebel
[18:32:26] <Maaz> gremble: Sure
[18:32:27] <magespawn> specifically when there is more work than time
[18:32:38] <magespawn> Maaz I am Greg Eames
[18:32:38] <Maaz> magespawn: Done
[18:32:55] <nuvolari> Maaz: I am Johan Mynhardt
[18:32:55] <Maaz> nuvolari: Alrighty
[18:32:57] <Kilos> inetpro, ping
[18:33:13] <Kilos> lol tomorrow hell say pong
[18:33:14] <kbmonkey> Hello #ubuntu-za
[18:33:15] <nuvolari> right, thank you everyone for making the effort to join us tonight
[18:33:23] <nuvolari> we've been very quiet at meetings lately
[18:33:32] <nuvolari> so we are trying to kick it up a notch
[18:33:34] <nlsthzn> hi all :)
[18:33:56] <nuvolari> also in light of the LoCo reapproval that we need to be more active IMO
[18:34:00] <nuvolari> hi nlsthzn :)
[18:34:16] <nuvolari> coffee. bbiass
[18:34:34] <theblazehen> Maaz I am Jeandre Henderson
[18:34:34] <Maaz> theblazehen: Done
[18:34:46] <superfly> Maaz: I am Raoul Snyman
[18:34:46] <Maaz> superfly: Sure
[18:35:10] <gremble> Ok, so what is on the agenda for tonight?
[18:35:16] <Kilos> aw where is maia?
[18:35:20] <nuvolari> oh hi superfly :)
[18:35:24] <nuvolari> welcome gremble
[18:35:28] <nuvolari> Maaz: meeting.agenda
[18:35:28] <Maaz> nuvolari: meeting.agenda is
[18:35:32] <nuvolari> gremble: ^^
[18:35:41] <kbmonkey> Thanks nuvolari
[18:35:43] <superfly> hi nuvolari, I'm just going to lurk
[18:35:57] <nuvolari> no problem superfly :)
[18:36:17] <nlsthzn> nice to see you too superfly
[18:36:12] <nuvolari> How is the baby fly doing? :D
[18:36:18] <nuvolari> she's so cute
[18:36:46] <kbmonkey> just like a baby Tux?
[18:36:53] <Kilos> lol
[18:37:08] <nlsthzn> uncle Kilos , you let everyone know on all the social media channels about today? I didn't check or didn
[18:37:11] <nlsthzn> didn't get
[18:37:20] <nuvolari> gremble: nice to meet you
[18:37:30] <nuvolari> I haven't met you before, have i?
[18:37:31] <Kilos> nope i didnt tweet or mail
[18:37:34] <Kilos> my bad
[18:37:39] * nuvolari isn't a regular any more :'(
[18:37:41] <gremble> We have met before nuvolari
[18:37:42] <gremble> :P
[18:37:59] <nlsthzn> no worries uncle Kilos it is a team effort and we dropped the ball
[18:38:01] * nuvolari is a non-attentive irregular
[18:38:04] <nuvolari> :P
[18:38:12] * nlsthzn wonders what that makes him
[18:38:19] <Kilos> lol
[18:38:50] <kbmonkey> we all work too much and don't play enough on our pc's, is what :)
[18:38:51] <nuvolari> whatever you feel like, I'm not calling anyone names
[18:39:09] <nuvolari> yeah, truth be talked by kbmonkey
[18:39:16] <nlsthzn> cool, a case of call me what you want as long as you call me :p
[18:39:19] <Kilos> but i answered maias mail so peeps that read lsit mails should know and make note
[18:39:36] <kbmonkey> I saw the email Kilos
[18:39:44] <nuvolari> it flew past me, let me try to find it
[18:39:45] * tumbleweed waves
[18:39:49] <nuvolari> wait, we're not on that topic yet
[18:39:52] <Kilos> ohi tumbleweed
[18:39:55] <nuvolari> oh hi tumbleweed :)
[18:39:57] <Kilos> long wave that
[18:40:11] <theblazehen> Hi tumbleweed
[18:40:16] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Review previous minutes
[18:40:16] <Maaz> Current Topic: Review previous minutes
[18:40:17] <nlsthzn> o/ tumbleweed
[18:40:36] <nuvolari> previous minutes:
[18:41:05] <Kilos> welcome maiatoday
[18:41:06] * nlsthzn wasn't in the last meeting that he can remember so has no idea how accurate it is
[18:41:11] <nuvolari> the only thing we do properly is reviewing previous minutes :P
[18:41:13] <nlsthzn> o/ maiatoday
[18:41:17] <Kilos> lovely to see you here
[18:41:19] <nuvolari> oh hi bytjie :)
[18:41:25] <maiatoday> hi everyone, sorry I am late
[18:41:32] <gremble> tsk tsk
[18:41:32] * nuvolari taps foot
[18:41:32] <maiatoday> Maaz I am maia grotepass
[18:41:32] <Maaz> maiatoday: Done
[18:41:35] <theblazehen> Hi maiatoday
[18:41:41] <nuvolari> tsk tsk, we've been waiting just for you
[18:41:43] <nuvolari> :P
[18:41:53] <maiatoday> :P
[18:41:58] <maiatoday> :D
[18:42:11] <theblazehen> I'm out, will catch up with the logs later
[18:42:12] <kbmonkey> 8D
[18:42:17] <nuvolari> nooooo :-/
[18:42:24] <nuvolari> y u drop us nao?
[18:42:26] <Kilos> no theblazehen
[18:42:42] <theblazehen> nuvolari: ok, fine... I'll stay for a bit longer...
[18:42:47] <nuvolari> \o/
[18:42:47] <nlsthzn> pfft, real life always getting in the way
[18:42:48] <Kilos> 40 mins more
[18:42:49] <charl> y u no stay
[18:42:51] <nuvolari> the power of deception
[18:42:53] <charl> :D
[18:42:55] <nuvolari> er, convincing
[18:42:59] <nlsthzn> peer pressure ftw
[18:43:20] <Kilos> you well maiatoday ?
[18:43:29] <nuvolari> oh! the new ubuntu..
[18:43:30] <Kilos> we miss you you know
[18:43:30] <maiatoday> very
[18:43:37] <maiatoday> thx Kilos
[18:43:40] <nuvolari> see we mentioned it last meeting
[18:43:52] <nuvolari> anyone been playing around?
[18:43:55] <maiatoday> does anyone have the minutes of the previous meeting
[18:43:58] <nuvolari> I haven't had a chance to catch up
[18:44:01] <maiatoday> where are we with this one?
[18:44:05] <kbmonkey>
[18:44:17] * nlsthzn was typing something about his unicorn but it didn't sound right :/
[18:44:23] <nuvolari> maiatoday: review previous meeting is the current topic
[18:44:25] <nuvolari> :P
[18:44:36] <nuvolari> lol nlsthzn
[18:44:46] <maiatoday> ok
[18:44:53] * nlsthzn is on Ubuntu Gnome 14.10 Gnome 3.14 installed
[18:44:55] <nuvolari> nlsthzn: don't make it about you, then it wouldn't sound as dodgy
[18:45:36] <nlsthzn> nuvolari, :D
[18:45:58] <kbmonkey> oh my hat. on topic I have not yet got the new Ubuntu
[18:46:28] <theblazehen> Ok, I stay until battery dies
[18:46:53] <Kilos> turn gui off and read the text
[18:47:02] <Kilos> or plug in a charger
[18:47:18] <theblazehen> Kilos: GUI on phone?
[18:47:30] <maiatoday> ok I am looking at the logs, I have nothing to add
[18:47:32] <nuvolari> yeah, where's your braille reader?
[18:47:33] <theblazehen> And charger at desk. /me in bed
[18:47:37] <nlsthzn> in the words of Monty Python, get on with it :p
[18:47:48] <theblazehen> nlsthzn: yeah!
[18:48:27] <nuvolari> it should be nifty to learn braille. I could never figure out the 'code' as a kid
[18:48:28] * nlsthzn suspects maiatoday was the only one to actually read the logs of the previous meeting
[18:48:42] <nuvolari> lies!
[18:48:44] <maiatoday> ok so what is the next topic/
[18:48:51] <nuvolari> I scanned nlsthzn
[18:49:08] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Releases
[18:49:08] <Maaz> Current Topic: Releases
[18:49:25] <nuvolari> we're out of place :-/
[18:49:46] * nlsthzn is still on 14.10
[18:49:53] <nlsthzn> even in this topic
[18:49:58] <nuvolari> nlsthzn? still?
[18:50:00] <kbmonkey> Also scanned through the mins, nothing to ad
[18:50:02] <Kilos> see maiatoday when you let the kids run loose they mess things up
[18:50:24] <nuvolari> :O
[18:50:33] <nuvolari> thanks for that oom Kilos
[18:50:33] <Kilos> hehe sorry
[18:50:42] * nuvolari cries in the corner
[18:51:10] <kbmonkey> hey hey boys don't cry
[18:51:37] <nuvolari> Maybe I should try 14.10 to see if this lappy's NVidia cards are properly supported
[18:51:52] * maiatoday hands out fizzers to everyone who has been keeping irc alive
[18:51:53] <nuvolari> kbmonkey: yeah, they don't. grown men with feelings do
[18:51:55] <nuvolari> :p
[18:51:56] <theblazehen> Am I supposed to be offended here too?
[18:52:15] * Kilos gonna wait till they have mir and systemd very stable
[18:52:16] * nlsthzn hasn't had a fizzer in years
[18:52:17] <theblazehen> Ty maiatoday!
[18:52:17] * maiatoday hands out more fizzers to grown men with feelings
[18:52:28] * nuvolari sees the freenode admins walking off with the fizzers "(
[18:52:29] <kbmonkey> yeeey!
[18:52:30] * maiatoday hands out insulin shots to those that need
[18:52:33] <nuvolari> *:'(
[18:52:44] <Kilos> hehe ty maiatoday
[18:52:45] <nlsthzn> \o/
[18:53:06] <Kilos> move on nuvolari
[18:53:17] <Kilos> the lady is busy
[18:53:24] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Events
[18:53:24] <Maaz> Current Topic: Events
[18:53:37] <nlsthzn> re-evaluation is an event
[18:53:38] <nuvolari> maiatoday: the floor is your's
[18:53:59] <maiatoday> ok I got an email saying it's time for re-evaluation
[18:54:05] * kbmonkey sits attentively
[18:54:27] <maiatoday>
[18:54:38] <maiatoday> so we have a bug open against ubuntu-za
[18:54:54] <maiatoday> we have to prep a wiki entry and present at the meeting.
[18:55:06] <maiatoday> So as team contact I have to pass this info on
[18:55:26] <maiatoday> So here's the thing, since I haven't been active, I feel weird making up the whole wiki page
[18:55:35] <nlsthzn> re-evaluation is easier than the initial request but the loco has not been performing as well as other years in what I can see...
[18:55:47] <maiatoday> I have received a summary from hilton about what he has been doing for stellenbosch
[18:56:17] <maiatoday> So if there are people who want to make the wiki page, I am willling to attend the council irc meeting and present as contact
[18:56:32] <maiatoday> but I don't have time to make the wiki
[18:56:35] <theblazehen> nlsthzn: what requirements do we need to remain a loco?
[18:57:02] <maiatoday> well we have to make the wiki page and then attend the meeting
[18:57:15] <theblazehen> maiatoday: if it can wait till December, then I can probably help a bit
[18:57:16] <maiatoday> then they decide our fate
[18:57:22] <nlsthzn> making wiki page is the easy part, need all the information
[18:57:24] <maiatoday> but here's the thing
[18:57:31] <theblazehen> nlsthzn: yeah
[18:57:33] <kbmonkey> No point in making up work. Best to be honest about activity, and maybe request some assistance with raising interest?
[18:57:33] <maiatoday> what are the benefits of being and official loco
[18:57:44] <maiatoday> we get LTS DVDs
[18:57:45] <theblazehen> kbmonkey: good idea
[18:57:53] <nlsthzn> maiatoday, not much else that we use
[18:58:00] <maiatoday> which the post office looses for us
[18:58:10] <Kilos> ai!
[18:58:11] <kbmonkey> :(
[18:58:12] <maiatoday> So I don't want to stand in anyone's way
[18:58:38] <maiatoday> if people feel strongly about this, I am happy to go to the meeting and present the wiki page
[18:58:45] <Kilos> maiatoday, are you in contact with them peeps
[18:58:45] * kbmonkey reads through the re-ve page
[18:58:47] <maiatoday> so it depends on everyone what the want to do
[18:59:03] <nlsthzn> we give what was done and they decide...
[18:59:04] <maiatoday> Kilos, contact is relative
[18:59:10] <maiatoday> I get the mailing list messages
[18:59:18] <maiatoday> I pass loco contact stuff on where I can
[18:59:27] <Kilos> i mean why they still going on with this re evalue thing
[18:59:32] <kbmonkey> maiatoday, if you feel the need we can talk about reassigning the loco contact even
[18:59:32] <nlsthzn> we have to decide was the loco doing what it needs to do or not, more important than verification IMO
[18:59:33] <theblazehen> Do we get to keep the name if we don't reverify? I'd assume not...
[18:59:35] <maiatoday> I don't really go to ubuntu council meetings or have time to hang out with you guyes
[18:59:35] <Kilos> we are a long time loco
[18:59:52] <maiatoday> If anyone wants to take the loco contact that's cool with me too
[18:59:54] <nlsthzn> we will still be a loco
[18:59:57] <nlsthzn> that will not change
[19:00:00] <maiatoday> we will be a loco
[19:00:06] <maiatoday> we will always be a loco
[19:00:19] <Kilos> hi Lionthinker you late
[19:00:28] <Lionthinker> Hi all apologies
[19:00:39] <Kilos> login with maaz please
[19:00:40] <nuvolari> welcome Lionthinker
[19:00:44] <maiatoday> So two things. 1: If anyone wants to drive the re-eval that's fine, I will help but I am not going to drive it
[19:00:51] <nlsthzn> IMO if there is enough happening to be verified than cool, get verification. The idea is the activities, not the "title"
[19:01:03] <Lionthinker> Hi, I'm Lionthinker
[19:01:07] <kbmonkey> hmm, you know I guess I wont mind taking over the loco contact role. I would like a break from the chair role, as you all know I failed at that the last few times. Need a change.
[19:01:09] <nlsthzn> hi Lionthinker
[19:01:22] <maiatoday> 2: if anyone wants to be loco contact let me know I will help you settle in, if not I'll carry on as I was doing just passing on messages
[19:01:25] <Kilos> Lionthinker, type in Maaz I am Name not nick
[19:01:40] <theblazehen> kbmonkey: or maybe kilos? He's always here
[19:01:42] <Lionthinker> Maaz I am Leon Marincowitz
[19:01:42] <Maaz> Lionthinker: Done
[19:01:49] <theblazehen> Kilos: ?
[19:01:57] <maiatoday> ok kbmonkey, we can discuss after meeting about hndover
[19:02:03] <Kilos> nopetheim too doff
[19:02:12] <kbmonkey> Kilos, is very bright :)
[19:02:24] <kbmonkey> sure thing maiatoday, Il be glad to help
[19:02:33] <Kilos> maiatoday, is the only one thats knows all the ins and outs. she just needs everyones support
[19:02:46] <gremble> What activities sort of activities should there be for us to be considered as active?
[19:02:56] <maiatoday> hehe the ins and outs change ... I have to read the wiki to remember
[19:03:12] <nlsthzn> good read -
[19:03:52] <Kilos> maiatoday, the pros are getting dvds, thats all?
[19:03:54] <maiatoday> ok can't remember the syntax ...
[19:04:01] <Kilos> what are the cons
[19:04:05] <Lionthinker> I'm sure we've done enough, launch parties, active irc/email list
[19:04:12] <maiatoday> Maaz agree kbmonkey to take over loco contact from maiatoday
[19:04:12] <Maaz> maiatoday: Huh?
[19:04:24] <maiatoday> bleargh deaf bot
[19:04:31] <Kilos> hehe
[19:04:33] <kbmonkey> he is a sillybot
[19:04:39] * Kilos kicks nuvolari
[19:04:44] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agreed kbmonkey to take over loco contact from maiatoday
[19:04:44] <Maaz> Agreed: kbmonkey to take over loco contact from maiatoday
[19:04:48] <nlsthzn> Kilos, basically there is some work involved setting up reporting and this re0evaluation etc...
[19:04:54] <inetpro> oops... evening as well
[19:04:54] <inetpro> Maaz: I am Gustav H Meyer
[19:04:54] <Maaz> inetpro: Sure
[19:04:54] <inetpro> good morning
[19:05:01] <Kilos> hi inetpro welcome
[19:05:12] <theblazehen> Hi inetpro
[19:05:30] * nuvolari gets kicked by oom Kilos
[19:05:30] <Kilos> so what do we lose if we arent an official loco anymore
[19:05:31] <nuvolari> ow
[19:05:44] * maiatoday sigh, should hang out here more often
[19:05:54] <Kilos> yeah
[19:06:00] <theblazehen> nuvolari: what you do?
[19:06:10] <nuvolari> lurk
[19:06:30] <nlsthzn> An approved team is a team that is fully up and running, has the required resources set up and has met the approval of the Ubuntu Community Council. As such, you can see approved teams as teams with a proven track record. Non-approved teams are typically teams that are still forming and if they continue to develop into a strong team, they will get approved status too.
[19:06:43] <nlsthzn> from the wiki
[19:07:00] <inetpro> we should get more active team captains again, someone who can lurk and or participate regularly at #ubuntu-meeting
[19:07:03] <maiatoday> so in theory we should get it
[19:07:07] <Kilos> we have been a team recognised for years
[19:07:22] <nlsthzn> re-evaluation is much easier like I said
[19:07:26] <Kilos> its time to drop the re evaluation thing
[19:07:30] <Lionthinker> Sorry to be a pain guys, are there any specific actions that need to be done to keep/maintain official status?
[19:07:31] <maiatoday> however I have attended those meeting and if there isn't any activity then they sometimes on't get it
[19:07:34] <nlsthzn> mailing list and IRC working, some events and your in
[19:07:52] <maiatoday> also there has been some debate about the re-eval process
[19:08:01] <maiatoday> yeah that's it
[19:08:02] <kbmonkey> Gone through the mails, I must be blind - when is our reverification due?
[19:08:03] * nlsthzn can't find any list of benifits anymore :/
[19:08:28] <charl> frankly i don't see the point either of this whole loco thing
[19:08:32] <maiatoday> so if we have minutes of monthly meetings and we have irc activity and one or two events and the blog posts about the dvds that should be good enough
[19:08:40] <Lionthinker> not sure its about benefits, its about being part of a global community
[19:08:41] <charl> surely open source is global and about supporting each other in various ways
[19:08:41] <nlsthzn> maiatoday, +1
[19:08:46] <kbmonkey> Lionthinker, details for re-eval are here:
[19:08:48] <maiatoday> but i agree, re benefits
[19:08:50] <Lionthinker> maiatoday, agreed
[19:08:51] <charl> why have all these pointless meetings then
[19:09:13] <theblazehen> charl: +1
[19:09:19] <nlsthzn> charl, perhaps we should start having meetings with a point then
[19:09:23] <Lionthinker> kbmonkey, thanks
[19:09:25] <kbmonkey> Excellent point Lionthinker
[19:09:30] <maiatoday> I have a feeling this irc channel will still be around approval or not
[19:09:39] <charl> nlsthzn: sure but what exactly do you want to meet about then ?
[19:10:01] <Kilos> proposal guys and gal
[19:10:11] * nlsthzn has seen this channel shrink steadily ... and activity outside IRC also drop...
[19:10:12] <charl> if somebody has an interesting project let's discuss it, otherwise why bother
[19:10:23] <Kilos> lets go for their approval this one last time
[19:10:23] <theblazehen> charl: maybe new releases, etc?
[19:10:24] <nlsthzn> so leave it until there is 5 people here doing nothing or do something else
[19:10:30] <charl> theblazehen: how is a new release a project?
[19:10:41] <Kilos> then if they dont drop the re evaluation we drop out next time
[19:10:44] <charl> unless somebody is going to stand at a public mall and hand out cds (for example)
[19:10:55] <Lionthinker> The last release party had a sizable turn out in Randburg
[19:10:55] <theblazehen> charl: could perhaps try and get new users?
[19:11:00] <nlsthzn> Why are there LoCos?
[19:11:00] <nlsthzn> LoCos are around to help promote or support Ubuntu and build communities in specific areas. Most LoCos have projects such as translating or customising Ubuntu for their specific area, which is one of the things that makes Ubuntu great. The LoCos are a very important part of the Ubuntu Community.
[19:11:07] <theblazehen> Yeah, exactly ;)
[19:11:14] <charl> everyone in the "sphere" knows about new ubuntu releases, it's the biggest linux distro
[19:11:39] <nlsthzn> promotion, support, that is what loco's do... if we do that we are a loco... if we don't so that we are not a loko
[19:11:42] <nlsthzn> *loc
[19:11:45] <nlsthzn> *loco >.<
[19:11:57] <charl> that looks more logical to me
[19:12:03] <Kilos> superfly, inetpro opinions please
[19:12:20] <inetpro> +1 to nlsthzn
[19:12:21] <maiatoday> ok just for some info here are the dates as quoted from the email:
[19:12:23] <maiatoday> Your team is set to expire out of ~locoteams-verified on: 2014-12-18.
[19:12:23] <maiatoday> Our December meeting is expected on 2014-12-16.
[19:12:23] <maiatoday> Our next regular meeting will be set for 2014-11-18.
[19:12:47] <kbmonkey> Thanks :)
[19:12:58] <maiatoday> so whoever wants to do re-approval we need a wiki page fo the meeting of 16-12-2014
[19:13:22] <charl> question is... what can be done about translations and customising ubuntu for south africa
[19:13:24] <maiatoday> if there is a wiki page and the loco wants to go for re-approval I will attend the meeting for us
[19:13:39] <maiatoday> if not, then not
[19:13:39] <Lionthinker> maiatoday, can't we just do it like last year, let everyone put down records of recent activity
[19:13:41] <inetpro> I say we keep it going and try to motivate new peeps to get involved
[19:13:41] <Kilos> ty maiatoday
[19:13:52] <theblazehen> charl: we have 11 languages..
[19:13:54] <kbmonkey> +1 inetpro
[19:13:56] <maiatoday> Lionthinker, we cant
[19:14:03] <maiatoday> oops Lionthinker we can
[19:14:07] <charl> theblazehen: uh, good luck with that :P
[19:14:07] <maiatoday> the t jumped out
[19:14:14] <theblazehen> inetpro: yeah, new people good
[19:14:30] <maiatoday> so I will find the wiki page and post it here and on the mailing list
[19:14:32] <theblazehen> charl: I'm sure we can handle Afrikaans..
[19:14:35] <maiatoday> then people can add stuff
[19:14:36] <kbmonkey> especially ones who can promote. I am bad at social interaction.
[19:14:45] <nlsthzn> charl, for SA someone may decide to help translate documents into afrikaans, zulu, xhosa... if someone wants to...
[19:14:52] <maiatoday> If by 16 dec the page is ok I'll go to the meeting and say here it is
[19:15:06] <charl> nlsthzn: well i think there is your problem.. none of that is happening right now
[19:15:11] <maiatoday> if not I'll go to the meeting and say we are questioning the benefit of being a loco
[19:15:12] <charl> that's why there's no projects
[19:15:17] <nlsthzn> charl, but it could be ;)
[19:15:30] <nlsthzn> but it doesn't have to be that...
[19:15:34] <charl> anything *could* be :P
[19:15:44] <kbmonkey> charl should we start dishing out homework?
[19:15:55] <theblazehen> kbmonkey: maybe...
[19:16:00] <nlsthzn> *scratch your own itch* TM
[19:16:08] <kbmonkey> :s/we/someone/
[19:16:32] * nlsthzn is off for another 11 days, will have a look at that wiki page thingy (did I ever mention I hate wiki mark-up language)
[19:16:38] <inetpro> many people started with ubuntu and have moved on to bigger projects outside of ubuntu, nothing wrong with that
[19:16:44] <Kilos> decide on who is going to do the wiki page so i can hound him till its done
[19:17:06] * kbmonkey dubs Kilos "The Hound"
[19:17:33] <inetpro> some of them are out there making lots of money already
[19:17:35] <Lionthinker> Okay so from what I see these are the definite actions, everyone update our wiki once links sent out on IRC and email tomorrow
[19:18:19] <nlsthzn> I will also talk a bit with some of the peeps about the benifit of being verified...
[19:18:24] <maiatoday> Maaz agreed maiatoday will make the initial wiki page and send out link in email/irc
[19:18:24] <Maaz> Agreed: maiatoday will make the initial wiki page and send out link in email/irc
[19:18:35] <kbmonkey> Ironically the purpose of a wiki is collaborative editing
[19:18:46] * nlsthzn will update the links on wiki to the irc meetings with the mom etc...
[19:18:52] <theblazehen> kbmonkey: haha, not all at once...
[19:18:53] <maiatoday> Maaz agreed everyone will update wikipage if they have something to add
[19:18:53] <Maaz> Agreed: everyone will update wikipage if they have something to add
[19:18:54] <nlsthzn> kbmonkey, +5
[19:18:55] <magespawn> nlsthzn, verified?
[19:19:15] <theblazehen> Might be worth doing a basic version together on
[19:19:26] <nlsthzn> magespawn, sorry you lost me ?
[19:19:37] <Lionthinker> Thanks everyone, will wait for it and then give my 3 cents (what with inflation it might be 4 cents). I have to be off
[19:19:47] <magespawn> <nlsthzn> I will also talk a bit with some of the peeps about the benifit of being verified...
[19:19:48] <nlsthzn> cheers Lionthinker
[19:19:58] <Lionthinker> Just thought I'd say hi and suppor the reverification or whatever its called now
[19:19:59] <Kilos> ty for popping in Lionthinker
[19:19:59] <kbmonkey> Ill chip in some wiki text - will hunt for things to add
[19:20:10] <nlsthzn> a verified / validated / awesome loco :p
[19:20:13] <Lionthinker> cheers all
[19:20:16] <magespawn> a right
[19:20:23] <nlsthzn> find out whats in it for us so to speak
[19:21:00] * nlsthzn can confirm there is no #ubuntu-loco channel on freenode :p
[19:21:50] <kbmonkey> well this is our loco chan
[19:21:52] <nlsthzn> randal ross just became community manager, I am sure he has LOTS to say on the subject
[19:23:07] <gremble> Cheers fella's. I have to be off.
[19:23:20] <nlsthzn> I know that for many countries it is a BIG deal to be verified, it gives them more credibility in their countries to have activities. people take them more serious etc...
[19:23:41] <kbmonkey> so activity through incentives even if they immaterial fun
[19:23:53] <nlsthzn> been epic long threads on loco's fighting over the changes to the loco rules in mailing lists
[19:24:13] <maiatoday> nlsthzn, yip
[19:24:14] <nlsthzn> sounds like promotion to me kbmonkey :)
[19:24:35] <kbmonkey> badges / achievements?
[19:24:46] <nlsthzn> no that would be fedora :p
[19:24:57] <kbmonkey> oh, they do that in fedora?
[19:25:04] <maiatoday> curses I haven't logged into the ubuntu wiki in so long that it doesn't recognise me anymore
[19:25:07] <nlsthzn> badges, yes :p
[19:25:13] <kbmonkey> :D
[19:25:18] <nlsthzn> :D
[19:25:25] <kbmonkey> maiatoday, let me try...?
[19:25:28] <nuvolari> I suggest 'PNL - Project New Life' - A Project to get new life into Ubuntu-ZA?
[19:25:33] <nuvolari> *I propose
[19:25:39] <nlsthzn> kbmonkey,
[19:25:50] <nlsthzn> sounds good nuvolari
[19:26:15] <nlsthzn> use launchpad SSO afaik
[19:26:16] <Kilos> spam coming
[19:26:22] <Kilos> From: Daniel Holbach <>
[19:26:23] <Kilos> Subject: Re: Ubuntu Online Summit: 12-14 Nov
[19:26:23] <Kilos> Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 10:55:11 +0100 (28/10/2014 11:55:11)
[19:26:23] <Kilos> To:,
[19:26:42] <nlsthzn> VUDS
[19:26:44] <Kilos> those peeps are talking about medals and badges and things
[19:27:09] <maiatoday> here is our previous approval page
[19:27:23] <nlsthzn> was it two years ago?
[19:27:32] <Kilos> yip
[19:27:42] <nlsthzn> feels like only the other day
[19:27:46] <magespawn> wow
[19:27:59] <nlsthzn> I see we had some goals on there ... not sure we met them
[19:28:05] <nuvolari> Maaz: forget meeting.agenda
[19:28:05] <Maaz> nuvolari: Alrighty
[19:28:05] <magespawn> yup did not realize i had been hanging around that much
[19:28:30] <nuvolari> Maaz: meeting.agenda is
[19:28:30] <Maaz> nuvolari: I'll remember that
[19:28:57] <nlsthzn> is it safe to say that we need to ensure we have our next meeting before the "presentation"?
[19:29:01] <theblazehen> Battery at 6%, bye in advance
[19:29:09] <Kilos> yip
[19:29:12] <nuvolari> yeah
[19:29:19] <kbmonkey> That helps maiatoday. Let me create the new page with some bare info, and Ill send out the link
[19:29:26] <Kilos> cheers then theblazehen ty for attending
[19:29:28] <maiatoday>
[19:29:28] <kbmonkey> thanks theblazehen for staying :)
[19:29:34] <maiatoday> I just made one kbmonkey
[19:29:39] <kbmonkey> too quick maiatoday !
[19:29:47] <nuvolari> thank you theblazehen
[19:29:49] <nlsthzn> so we will send it out on the mailing list too?|
[19:29:57] <nuvolari> have a good evening :)
[19:29:59] <maiatoday> nlsthzn, I'll do that now
[19:30:20] <Kilos> yip we have support from lots of the lug peeps too
[19:30:36] <nlsthzn> where would we be without maiatoday ?!
[19:30:47] <nlsthzn> still on the welcome agenda point I suspect
[19:30:48] <Kilos> many peeps use lists and not irc
[19:31:14] <nlsthzn> few of the peeps know we even have a sub section on the official ubuntu forum :p
[19:32:16] <Kilos> where is Squirm ?
[19:32:29] * nuvolari puts nlsthzn up for chair
[19:32:32] <nuvolari> :P
[19:32:47] <nuvolari> Kilos: probably packing
[19:32:55] <Kilos> oh ya
[19:32:57] <nuvolari> he's coming to CT over the weekend somewhere
[19:33:00] * nlsthzn thinks nuvolari forgets how seldom nlsthzn is at a meeting >.>
[19:33:28] <nlsthzn> and the fact that Maaz hates me :(
[19:33:28] <maiatoday> ok email sent
[19:33:42] <nlsthzn> thanks maiatoday
[19:33:44] <magespawn> nlsthzn, this is encouragement to come more often
[19:33:50] <Kilos> ty maiatoday you cant stay away now hey
[19:33:52] * maiatoday has a glitchy relationship with Maaz
[19:34:05] <nlsthzn> the issue is being at work and not being able to attend
[19:34:05] <Kilos> hehe
[19:34:34] <Kilos> nuvolari, you do a good job here you just need to leave gaming alone more
[19:34:44] <Kilos> and less series
[19:34:44] <magespawn> indeed, know how that feels
[19:35:00] <maiatoday> ok I have to task switch soon
[19:35:06] <maiatoday> We'll see where this goes
[19:35:11] <kbmonkey> Right, I will read through the re-eval page, and think of adding some sections to our wiki page this week
[19:35:29] <maiatoday> Also kbmonkey I'll mail you and I'll pass on hilton's info
[19:35:29] <Kilos> when it comes to support what more can we do than here on irc
[19:35:39] <kbmonkey> Excellent, thanks Maia
[19:36:02] * nlsthzn gives everyone virtual high fives for being awesome
[19:36:13] <nlsthzn> even for Rynomster
[19:36:18] <Kilos> hi Rynomster
[19:36:20] <maiatoday> thanks to the chair, kbmonkey ?
[19:36:22] <kbmonkey> Kilos, is our front line welcoming party. He is here more than most :)
[19:36:30] <maiatoday> gotta run
[19:36:39] <nlsthzn> bye maiatoday
[19:36:45] <Kilos> ty very much for being awesome maiatoday
[19:36:46] <nlsthzn> and special thanks to kbmonkey
[19:36:53] <magespawn> cheers maiatoday
[19:37:01] <inetpro> thanks maiatoday
[19:37:02] <kbmonkey> gn and go well!
[19:37:14] <Kilos> look after yourself and keep in touch
[19:37:24] <maiatoday> bye all
[19:37:35] <Kilos> sigh
[19:37:43] * Kilos sad now
[19:37:46] * kbmonkey pats Kilos on the shoulder
[19:37:51] <kbmonkey> "boys don't cry"
[19:37:53] <Kilos> hehe
[19:37:56] <nlsthzn> >.<
[19:38:02] <Rynomster> hi kilos.. about to go to bed :p
[19:38:12] <nlsthzn> so... it is almost midnight
[19:38:20] <kbmonkey> Maaz, topic
[19:38:20] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Huh?
[19:38:23] <inetpro> the meeting still on?
[19:38:27] <kbmonkey> I think so
[19:38:30] <Kilos> sleep tight Rynomster
[19:38:32] <kbmonkey> Maaz, agenda
[19:38:32] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Huh?
[19:38:36] <nlsthzn> 31 hours uptime
[19:38:38] <kbmonkey> Maaz, meeting agenda
[19:38:38] <Maaz> kbmonkey: Excuse me?
[19:38:41] <nlsthzn> better than windows vista
[19:38:43] <inetpro> Maaz: minutes so far
[19:38:43] <Maaz> Minutes available at json: :: txt: :: html:
[19:39:02] <inetpro> nuvolari: you still here?
[19:39:03] <nuvolari> hmm, think we need to end the meeting? :P
[19:39:09] <nuvolari> wait, closing
[19:39:19] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:39:19] <Maaz> Current Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting
[19:39:27] <nuvolari> I'll chair if I'm around
[19:39:29] <Kilos> is everything decided?
[19:39:39] <kbmonkey> Thanks nuvolari for being so awesome
[19:39:52] <kbmonkey> I'll be around too by the way
[19:39:52] <inetpro> +1 for nuvolari
[19:39:55] <nlsthzn> see the e-mail... if enough people are up for it we go for it... if not we don't
[19:39:58] <nuvolari> that's not true :P I've just been lurking mostly
[19:40:06] <Kilos> +1 for nuvolari
[19:40:06] <nlsthzn> +1 for nuvolari
[19:40:42] <Kilos> and nuvolari more irc time from you
[19:40:44] <Kilos> no excuses
[19:40:53] <inetpro> kbmonkey: you can do the next one again
[19:41:04] <kbmonkey> yes
[19:41:23] <nuvolari> eh? after the next, so Dec?
[19:41:24] <nlsthzn> so are we aiming for the novmber or december council meeting?
[19:41:41] <nlsthzn> cause we need to move our meeting for that month to before
[19:41:49] <nlsthzn> or will we see how the wiki edit goes?
[19:41:54] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed nuvolari to chair November
[19:41:54] <Maaz> Agreed: nuvolari to chair November
[19:41:56] <nuvolari> yeah
[19:42:03] <nuvolari> I think that's wiser nlsthzn
[19:42:05] <Kilos> ya sort the wiki then we decide
[19:42:08] <kbmonkey> Yes let us edit first
[19:42:11] <nlsthzn> k cool :)
[19:42:20] <nlsthzn> then we all have something to do (even if it is to go to bed)
[19:42:26] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed kbmonkey to chair December
[19:42:26] <Maaz> Agreed: kbmonkey to chair December
[19:42:28] <kbmonkey> next meeting 18 Nov?
[19:42:38] <nuvolari> 25 Nov
[19:42:41] <inetpro> 25
[19:42:45] <Kilos> 4th tuesday
[19:42:48] <kbmonkey> ok
[19:43:05] <Kilos> only the december one must be early
[19:43:14] <nlsthzn> night all... I really need to get into bed, still got to get up early as the daughter had school :'(
[19:43:22] <Kilos> night nlsthzn ty
[19:43:40] <kbmonkey> night nlsthzn thanks for joining
[19:43:52] <inetpro> good night nlsthzn
[19:45:09] <Kilos> anything else to do guys?
[19:46:10] <Kilos> dont all answer at once
[19:46:19] <kbmonkey> Nope, I'm good.
[19:46:32] <kbmonkey> Going to read that wiki page when the meeting ends
[19:46:40] <Kilos> nuvolari, you can close up then
[19:46:55] <nuvolari> ok
[19:47:02] <nuvolari> Maaz: topic Next meeting date
[19:47:02] <Maaz> Current Topic: Next meeting date
[19:47:16] <nuvolari> Maaz: agreed next meeting date 25 November 2014
[19:47:16] <Maaz> Agreed: next meeting date 25 November 2014
[19:47:27] <kbmonkey> Noted
[19:47:27] <nuvolari> Maaz: end meeting